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Marlon Jackson

Breaks Down in Interview


7/24/2012 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072412_jacksons_insider_launchMarlon Jackson just broke down in tears during an interview ... and walked off the set -- after explaining how his mother has been forcibly cut off from the rest of her family.

Marlon -- along with brothers Tito and Jackie -- were sitting for an interview with "The Insider" when Marlon choked up.

Marlon explained, "We've been told that our mother is safe. She's doing well. But we have not spoken to her. We have not talked to her and I don't know where my mother is."

At that point, Marlon grew incensed, saying, "All i know is she is in Arizona, and whatever doctor is saying I can't talk to my mother you call ME!" Marlon then stormed off.

Randy Jackson -- one of the siblings who helped whisk away Katherine to Arizona -- has said Katherine was under doctor's orders to escape the constant frenzy of the Jackson home, and relax.

Clearly, Marlon didn't get the memo.


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This entire family is dysfunctional. You would think they would stay away from anything having to do with their pedophile relative, but nooooo, they want his money, fame, royalties, etc. Guess it doesn't matter he diddled little boys all his life. Just look at how F-ed up Maculey Caulken is after Michael got done with him. All his money should go to the victims (you know there are many) and to support groups.

788 days ago


WOW!!!! something is seriously going on, I think Mrs.Katherine Jackson has to be in NEED of rest and a stress free envoironment.

Get better Mrs.Jackson and DO NOT allow any of your children or grandchildren stress you enjoy the rest of your life.

788 days ago


It's so sad to see what happens to a family when huge amounts of money come into play, and those in the inner circle start to lose perspective of the difference between their want for money, and their love of family. Katherine has basically been told to get away from those in the family that have been demanding more money from her. The fact is this ..Michael set up the arrangement that is in place because he knew what would be coming from his family members if and when he passed away, and he wanted his children and the money which is rightfully theirs when they grow up still there for them. It's not meant to allow the entire Jackson family to roll around LA like they are the Royal Family. Keep Michaels wishes in place !

788 days ago


I believe there are three sides to the story . . . . Jacksons, Branca & McClain (Executors), and the truth. I find it very hard to believe MJ had no money when he died and the reasoning is because his catalog of songs were worth more than what he owed. Every time a song was played on the radio or consumer purchased, MJ would receive royalty payments. His catalog was so large & had many artists included. If indeed the will is a fraud, I hope the executors are held responsible & the truth be told. I pray for the Jackson family & hope this matter does not further divide them as a family. I pray for Katherine Jackson, Prince, Paris & Blanket for protection and hope the greater good is done for all and the truth be revealed. After all this commotion, I don't think Mike was so crazy after all as he had pressure coming from all sides. God Bless MJ & hope he is orchestrating the truth to be revealed from above as you cannot believe media sites because the powers run them.

788 days ago


Money has destroyed this family long ago. If I appointed my mother to take care of my kids and she abandoned them that would be a disgrace. Teenagers need someone to keep them safe and Michael's kids are not safe with just nannies and armed guards. Terrible situation.

788 days ago


She's probably dead.

788 days ago


who is this mysterious 'Doctor' they claim recommended Katherine go to AZ. why can't a family member request police do a welfare check. a welfare check. if thats not possilbe call DHS or some agency that protects elders from abuse. how many red flags do their have to be before a more serious crime is commited and these desperate relatives that have kidnapped her do worse to her. who is this Doctor? I submit the suggestion There Is none. they hired an actor to say he's a doctor. her own doctor lawyers and children under her legal guardianship had no idea why she was taken do you really thing she would willingly not contact her grandchidren and make them worry. these people that took her among other things need to be charged with elder abuse

788 days ago


I am dying for LaToya to crawl out of the woodwork and put her 2 cents into this crazy drama. At least she makes it entertaining.

788 days ago


The whole family is shady. However, aside from Ol' Satan (Joe Jackson) himself, Randy is the least trustworthy. Didn't he KILL his ex-wife or have her killed?
Those kids are doomed. No matter which pair of bleached Jackson hands they end up in, they are doomed.

788 days ago


Ah, the Jacksons - always with the drama....

788 days ago


In a large dysfunctional family like this (where one parent is the controller and one is submissive) the kids take on different roles and personality.
Perhaps we're seeing reincarnations Joseph in Jermaine, Janet and Randy. Rebbie and LaToya may be more passive like the mom.
Whatever it is, Jermaine and crew are "thinking" for their mother, just as their dad has done. She has been treated as a non-person the entire marriage. Joseph no doubt always told her to shut up and do what he said. She's getting old and probably has lost the will to stand up to them.
It's all really twisted and thoroughly unhealthy for MJs kids.

788 days ago


I really don't know what to expect.

WHat if MIchaels will IS illegal? And They are doing the right thing?

I just cannot for the life of me picture Randy being on the wrong side of MIchael.. They were like twins growing up, because Randy lost his twinbrother!

I do believe Kathrine is a good woman, and that is what all the kids have in common, the love for their mother, BUT it's different they show it.

And the reason Janet filmed is because Paris knows the truth about something, and Janet want it on tape..

788 days ago


The Hackson 5 were willing to escort the kids to be with Katherine but won't let them speak to her on the phone. Right. I think they were planning on bringing them somewhere else.
I wonder which nut will crack first.

787 days ago

BB not bb    

If she is under a doctor's supervision who has the right to deny people the right to speak to her, it sounds like they have her locked in a mental ward. Maybe they are trying to make her feeble so they can get control of the mansion and the money. I guess they were going to put the kids in the same place maybe.

If people want money they think they are entitled to, they will destroy whoever stands in their way. I really don't understand it or how they think they are entitled to what Michael earned on his own, espeically when he couldn't even stand to be around them.

This is a very crazy family. It might not be unique but it sure is crazy. I doubt the cabals even has lawyers because what they are doing is ill advised and illegal.

787 days ago


Here's another tinfoil hat theory:

I think the letter was sent prematurely, and the plan was to claim she had the stroke after she was in their 'custody'. The only way to get her from the kids was not to give anyone any warning she was leaving. So they hired the 'doctor' who would induce something to cause her death in AZ. No autopsy and a quick creamation. They must have been fuming when Paris tweeted that the stroke was a lie.

Plan B: After they screwed that up, maybe one of them flew off the handle and killed KJ because she wouldn't pressure the estate mgrs. to give her more of her cut now, which she would in turn sign over to them. Then they told the rest of them that they were all 'in for a pound' because they all were involved in the coercion and all had their names on the docs. They all agreed to hire some unsavory 'doctor' to bring her to AZ of all places, so there's plenty of evidence that they were all a party to it. Whoever did the deed is threatening to out the rest of them. To take the heat off of them and buy more time, they bribed the Lost Hills sheriff's dept. to say she was ok, and sent the tabs an old pic of them playing cards.

Plan C: Ambush and abduct the MJ3, bringing them to AZ, then off them. When all 4 were gone, they could claim that Katherine wanted to bring them across the border to get them away from the media spotlight. A few months later they turn up dead at some resort in Puerto Vallarta. At that point, the whole estate MIGHT revert to them, but even that's doubtful.

*Randy in the conservatory with lead piping.

787 days ago
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