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Jackson Family

Showdown Video --

Friendly Before Fight

7/24/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

TMZ has obtained the unedited full video of what turned into a confrontation at the Jackson family compound Monday in Calabasas, CA.

It starts out friendly enough, with MJ's kids Paris and Prince getting out of their SUV and shaking hands and hugging a few of Michael's siblings who arrived in the SUV behind them.

But moments later, things turned ugly.

The footage shows Janet confronting MJ's daughter Paris ... and during the standoff, Janet swipes for Paris' cell phone twice.

Paris charges past Janet ... and when Janet attempts to go after Paris, Janet is restrained by her brother Randy.

Randy and Janet proceed to hold up their cell phones and record Paris.

After the video ends, there was a physical altercation at the home between two family members. Cops arrived to the scene and took a battery report.

According to the MJ Estate, Michael's children have since been moved away from the home and into a secure location.


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Who is leaking this information to TMZ? If the sheriff department feels "used," how do you guys feel? Someone is feeding all this information to TMZ. What is their motive? Don't say money because Janet has her own.

828 days ago

mj fan forever    

The Estate is commendable!!! This bunch of delinquents have nothing to do with the Estate and have nothing to do with Michael Jackson and his children!!!

828 days ago


It's all about the money, this family could care less about the kids

828 days ago


Paris Jackson is so unlikeable and seems so interested in media attention more so than anyone else in that family. Whole family is screwed up though

828 days ago


This is why MJ was a drug addict. His family of too many siblings all want his money. This is about whoever things they can control Katherine Jackson thinking they can get their hands on his money that was meant for his CHILDREN, not his lazy a$$ brothers and sisters. MJ NEVER should have had his mother handle his estate or his children. He saw in life that his deadbeat siblings would take advantage of his mother and its a shame this is happening. RIP MJ and may your children be able to get away from their parasite cousins and aunts and uncles.

828 days ago


My goodness, those children would be better off in the custody of Diana Ross. Her offspring turned out way more normal than the elder Jacksons.

828 days ago


Thank goodness for the video. Who knows how Michael's siblings would have twisted this around to make it look like the kids were delusional. It's socking to me how immature and greedy Janet is...the other siblings not so much shock with them.

828 days ago


Throw those piece of **** *******s in jail! I want to beat their asses myself. How disgusting!!

828 days ago


So funny how money works. No one would give a flying F about the welfare of MJ's kids if they didn't have "money" as their middle name.

828 days ago


Paris, can't wait for the latest twitter update. Why can't y'all sit down with a mediator and work out your differences, with what is in the best interest of the children. Leave the vultures out. I hardly think Janet is after the children's money-she has her own and a filthy rich BF. Reba seems the one with the sound mind.

828 days ago


Why are they recording Paris with their phones??? They must be trying to shop a new reality show or sell video and/or photos for money! Shameful....
They really shouldn't be mad at Paris. Wasn't it Randy or Jermaine who started tweeting about Mrs. Jackson having a stroke? Paris simply responded to clear up the lie.
Say what you will about MJ BUT he was obviously a great Dad and was doing the right thing by protecting his kids from these family vultures. Now I understand why he has to distance himself for all those years. That family would drive anybody to drink and drug!!

828 days ago


It's really disgusting what they are trying to do. They have no right to that money! If MJ thought they deserved it, he would have left them some. Greedy POS get a real job to support yourself and stop trying to get money that isn't yours!!

828 days ago


I always thought Janet was the sane one in the family. But now looking at this video, I can see why Michael steered away from her as well...never understood why they were not closer as adults than they were. These kids are in danger at this point....very obvious from this ambush. Kudos to the security guards for standing their ground. I really hope the security does not sway, and continues to keep these kids safe and away from these lunatics. If anything happens to the Grandma or kids, someone on the higher level should be held accountable. Something very fishy is going on here. Wish I could go down there and just take these kids temporarily until something more stable and permanent is worked out. Poor Michael~~

828 days ago


Said it yesterday, and I'll say it again ..... greed, greed and greed ..... to the brothers and sisters of MJ, it is not your right to claim administration of the Estate or the funds. That right is of Michael's children. Stop leeching. Disgraceful behaviour.

828 days ago


Paris and her siblings were well protected and loved by their father...MJ would be FURIOUS and saddened by how hi siblings and father have behaved especially recently. Paris seemed well adjusted considering to me, and if those kids are legally and physically protected from their family they will continue to be. Can't wait for the well rehearse and pre planned upcoming interviews with the siblings using their best soft spoken voice and innocent eyes as they profess their love for MJ's kids, their mom and MJ and this all has been misconstrued by the media and poor Psris just didn't understand and was scared and confused. Cue the eye rolls. Kudos to MJ for his choice in executors.

828 days ago
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