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'Modern Family' Cast


7/24/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The cast of "Modern Family" wants out of their current contracts for the show -- all in a bold move to score much fatter paychecks.

The cast members -- Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara -- just filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox TV, demanding their contracts be declared null and void.

According to the lawsuit, the contracts violate a "7 year" law in California that bars personal service contracts with a duration longer than 7 years. As a result, the cast wants them tossed out ... presumably so they can renegotiate for more money.

The cast also wants the freedom to pursue other acting gigs outside "Modern Family" and Fox -- a freedom that's severely curtailed by their current contracts.

It's the latest in the bitter salary negotiations between the cast members and 20th Century Fox.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox recently made an offer to increase the cast's salary as follows: $150,000 per episode plus a $50,000 per episode bonus for season 4; $200,000 per episode for season 5, $225,000 for season 6, and up to $325,000 for an anticipated season 9.

But the cast reportedly rejected the offer and is now demanding much, much more.

As for "Modern Family" patriarch Ed O'Neill, he's not listed as a plaintiff on the lawsuit -- but THR reports, he has since decided to join his cast members out of solidarity.


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As a State employee, if I tried to pull a stunt like this and "demanded" more money or else I would quit.... the State would say, "SEE YA!" and wouldn't give it a second thought!!

Unfortunately, I'm not making hundreds of thousands of dollars every week like these actors so I can't afford to make such ridiculous demands of my employer!!

791 days ago


My heart is breaking for them ! NOT ! Please I won't make 50,000 grand for my next two years of work. I'm pretty sure I work a lot harder in a day then these fools do in a year.

791 days ago


Why are people calling them greedy? The money is going somewhere. It's not like you'll be charged more the watch the show if their salaries go up. By the way, you're provided with FREE entertainment. They money is going into a corporations pockets. Who is more instrumental in your enjoyment of the show? The creative artists who make the stories come to life or corporate big wigs? Stop acting like they're being greedy for demanding a chunk of the change they are instrumental in creating.

791 days ago


Some of you people are really retarded to say they are being greedy. ABC is going to make 8-9 figures off those actors, so they have the right to want more considering they are the reason that show is #1 and will be bringing in that company that money. Friends were making a million dollar per episode. Ashton Kutcher is making 750,000 per episode for a show he didn't even help get started. It's business idiots. The more money you bring to the table the more you should get in a return as well.

791 days ago


i bet these same people support obama raising their taxes.

791 days ago


I watched the show once and wasn't impressed. I seriously don't know the appeal for the show or it's untalented cast. It has won awards and I don't know how. These people make so much money considering there are a lot of "regular" people out of work. Greedy people they are. None of them will do anything besides this show trust me. Sofia is pretty, but she can't act. I don't even know the others besides Ed O'Neill who has had a great run as an actor so I'm not worried about him. I hope they all get fired.

791 days ago


they deserve more.because lets face it.acting in front of a camera is hard hard work.their job is harder than any mill worker in america..rolls eyes

791 days ago


The majority of these actors I had never heard of until this show. They better spend this undeserved money wisely, because after Modern Family ends, we most likely won't hear much about them again.

791 days ago


Whenever I read about these kinds of situations in Hollywood, I'm glad I've never had to deal with something like it simply because I probably wouldn't want to join my fellow actors/writers/whatever in a strike if I knew I wasn't struggling financially with the money I was making. It seems like a "You're with us even if you don't want/need to be or we hate you" kind of thing.

791 days ago


They should continue, it gets entertaining at some stage.

791 days ago


so the cast doesnt want to honar their word now that the show is doing good,typical and these are the kind of people idiots listen to like they are gods.people like Obama

791 days ago


Funny how this "7 year" thing didn't bother them when they initially signed their contracts. It didn't seem to bother their lawyers, either. I'm glad I don't watch the show at all. This kind of greed at a time when many are struggling to pay bills on time just rubs me the wrong way.

791 days ago


These guys were f'n' nobodies 3 years ago (except Al Bundy - the only one reluctant to complain). They have a really great thing going (which, I guess is why they feel entitled). I hope the cast caves and that they're not willing to f up a show of that calibre because they need their tits filled or for a new house.

791 days ago


OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! On the DC comic story everyone is saying they are taking people feelings into account to much...

But jump over to this one and everyone is going after actors for trying to make as much money as they can from their job because it isn't being sensitive to them because they don't make as much. They paid their dues as actors and now it is their time for the big pay day, which is what most actors hope will happen one day.

If you have a brain in your head you would be doing the exact same thing in their position and you know it, be honest with yourself. Who doesn't go for making more money at their job???

This is honestly you??? "Oh I found this loophole so I can make a ton more money at my job...but you know americans are not making much right now and the unemployment rate isn't great, naaa, I'll just wait to get paid more until everyone in the country is happy." YEA RIGHT :rolling eyes:

791 days ago


200k a week plus the MILLIONS each to come from syndication residuals. I feel really sorry them.

791 days ago
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