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Randy Jackson

MJ Executors are 'Criminals'

7/24/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Randy Jackson just came out swinging against the people in charge of the Michael Jackson Estate -- claiming the executors are "criminals" who falsified documents for their own personal gain ... but it's looking like Randy's plot is quickly crashing and burning.

Jackson just spoke with Al Sharpton on MSNBC's "Politics Nation" ... and tried to explain why he and his siblings are trying to overthrow John Branca and John McClain.

"We feel there is criminal misconduct," Jackson said ... claiming the executors had a hand in faking MJ's will ... and Randy believes he can prove it because Michael was in NY on the day he supposedly signed the document in L.A. 

Problem is ... Randy's argument has a GIANT flaw ... the "mistake" he's pointing to is based on a witness who merely forgot what city he was in at the time the will was signed.

There are witnesses who saw MJ sign the will ... and it has been validated by the court.

But even if Randy and his siblings were to get the will invalidated ... MJ's old will cuts them out of MJ's fortune too ... and it appoints Branca executor.

Multiple sources tell TMZ ... the situation is simply a money grab by MJ's siblings who know that once Katherine Jackson dies ... MJ's money goes in trusts for his kids. Randy and co. will never get a dime.

Randy kept saying they are a family.  Paris begs to differ, because she just tweeted, "'Family' they said."  Can you feel the sarcasm?    And apparently Randy hasn't read our website ... that Tito has already jumped the "family" ship.


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mj fan forever    

They all have such a nerve, they are not entitled to go in that house but act as if they were!!!! They are the only real criminals here!!!

766 days ago


Paris is only what 14/15...what the heck does she know....and to all the was The Jacksons, befor it was Micheal Jacksons, by himself...and believe you me they get are getting enough *residuals* to last a life time...they are not hurting for money...Janet has her own money too...please people befor you your homework.

766 days ago


I think it's great that it is all unravelling! Good for Paris. Keep it up kiddo! She is very impressive.

766 days ago


this pos liar needs to off himself.

766 days ago

M G    

Wait a minute. If MJ left something for his mother when his mother die she couldn't leave what she got it for whom she wants to? Anyone knows how to answer that?

766 days ago


Jesus Christ... what in the hell is going on. JANET JACKSON you have enough money you should be on the kids side.... JESUS CHRIST... this is getting good. Team Paris and kids.. ALL THE WAY.. shame on janet jackson.

766 days ago


I see too many racist *** post on this thread....stop hating on Jermain, Randy and Tito...especially Janet...I stand by my comment...certain folk are foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs...and remember folks, when you all were calling MJ a pedofile...who stood by him...yes the same siblings you are dogging out now....

766 days ago


Go Paris! Im so glad shes standing up for whats right. Those greedy Jacksons need to get a job. Geeez so much drama over money.

766 days ago


The executors managed to help bring the family from financial crisis to being worth what, over $400m Randy tries to kidnap the kids and has been fighting the executors for control because he can't find any other way to milk the estate so that he doesn't have to get a job and take care of himself for a change. Sad!!

766 days ago


Janet, Jermaine, Randy, et al should be charged with attempted kidnapping; wake up Sheriff Crooked. Who knew Janet had already blown thru all her money & was a low-life like the rest (duh lol)

766 days ago


These losers just want to live off Mike's money (as before). They don't really care about their Mother . . some were using her by letting ex wives live off / with her etc . . . but now that the estate is making money again . . they all of a sudden are interested in the estate again. Just like the father. Playing all this BS out in the press or on Twitter is so stupid!

766 days ago


So basically they are trying to steal MJ's money away from his kids? WTF???

766 days ago


There is something seriously wrong with Randy, period. He never fully from that accident, years ago...
Michael wanted Branca to be the executor for a reason, and so far, Branca has done a very good job clearing debts and generating money-making deals.

766 days ago


Who is controlling Katerine's monthly allotment accounts while she is 'resting'? Somebody must write the checks and pay the routine overhead for the 3 children.

766 days ago


when sharpton is involved we know the entire story is bull****!!!! Just ask Tawanna Brawley.........

766 days ago
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