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Randy Jackson

MJ Executors are 'Criminals'

7/24/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Randy Jackson just came out swinging against the people in charge of the Michael Jackson Estate -- claiming the executors are "criminals" who falsified documents for their own personal gain ... but it's looking like Randy's plot is quickly crashing and burning.

Jackson just spoke with Al Sharpton on MSNBC's "Politics Nation" ... and tried to explain why he and his siblings are trying to overthrow John Branca and John McClain.

"We feel there is criminal misconduct," Jackson said ... claiming the executors had a hand in faking MJ's will ... and Randy believes he can prove it because Michael was in NY on the day he supposedly signed the document in L.A. 

Problem is ... Randy's argument has a GIANT flaw ... the "mistake" he's pointing to is based on a witness who merely forgot what city he was in at the time the will was signed.

There are witnesses who saw MJ sign the will ... and it has been validated by the court.

But even if Randy and his siblings were to get the will invalidated ... MJ's old will cuts them out of MJ's fortune too ... and it appoints Branca executor.

Multiple sources tell TMZ ... the situation is simply a money grab by MJ's siblings who know that once Katherine Jackson dies ... MJ's money goes in trusts for his kids. Randy and co. will never get a dime.

Randy kept saying they are a family.  Paris begs to differ, because she just tweeted, "'Family' they said."  Can you feel the sarcasm?    And apparently Randy hasn't read our website ... that Tito has already jumped the "family" ship.


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This all playing out in the media is like a Train wreck, you don't really wanna see it (the horror), but you can't turn your head to look away either. I just wonder why if they felt Micheal Jackson's will and trust's were falsified why they would wait so looong to make a fuss about it, Why Now? I guess desperate times call for desperate measures indeed. Where, oh where is momma Katherine? I am genuinely concerned, because the elderly and children always need someone to advocate for them so they won't be taken advantage of....Somebody PLEASE find Granny in one piece and without a case of Alzheimer's! This whole situation get's nuttier by the minute.

791 days ago

the sea    

What a bunch of leeches.

791 days ago


You know what's interesting? In Canada (and I believe the law in the US will be the same), when someone who is an executor dies, their executor steps into their shoes as executor (in other words, whomever is named Katherine's executor takes over her role as MJ's executor). I wonder whom Katherine has named executor? Maybe that's why they have her in hiding - to fix HER will.

791 days ago


***FYI....I recall a story about Michael saying he was always feeling bullied by Randy to invest in stupid projects and even had his mother Katherine sit with him because she would protect Michael from Randy because Randy would get really angry and yell at him. I do believe that one of the idiot "managers" Michael had at one point was a business partner/friend of Randy's and Michael ended up firing him because he was SHADY. **** ALSO Jermaine was responsible for a few shady people in Michael's life (muslim brotherhood for one). ***IF it's true that Janet slapped Paris...I won't be listening to her music KNOW Michael would flip the hell out if anyone hit his kids....YOU KNOW IT. Sorry but Michael worked his ass off his entire life making that money......for some reason those siblings think they are entitled to a fancy lifestyle with mansions, Bentleys and baby mommas taken care of because of it. GET A JOB....and a CLUE

791 days ago


Those poor kids , I know Debbie Rowe waved her rights as a parent or whatever but she should step up to be temp guardian until they come of age being their mother you would think she would want them to be safe and well cared for as their father would have wanted. Someone other then MJs siblings/nephews/Nieces needs to step up and care for these children.

791 days ago


bfd if Michael was in NY the day of the signing of the will.. ever hear of fax machines? the brothers are SO greedy, they're charging fraud, etc where none exists

791 days ago


Al Sharpton looking sick as hell.

791 days ago


if these a$$holes were getting some of the millions the executors have made for the estate they wouldn't be b*tching.

791 days ago

Flying Blind    

my two day rant exactually Alice. they were there at the start, their names are on some of the music the record company probably screwed them out of. Just give them some of the FAMILY money and they'll shut up. The three kids will have more money they could ever spend even with kids and grand kids.

791 days ago


Me thinks that Alejandra is gearing up to write that tell all book, that's why the BROS are freakin' and lookin for money from MJ's Estate. I also bet, dollars to donuts, that the Jackson clan, after MJ's death thought they could capitalize on it. Whenever they attempted a "PROJECT" that had to do with MJ, they were shot down by the courts via the Estate and MJ's will. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM can use Michael's name, his fame, his legacy to make a buck and it's killing them. We've seen COUNTLESS claims by this family each time they try to make money OFF of their brother. MJ might of been a little kooky in real life, but when it came to business, he had the smarts, and all the right people in his corner.
P.S., As IF anyone, nowadays is going to take Al Sharpton seriously...MEH!!!

791 days ago


you know they are going to bill Michael's estate for all this Nonsense
his Estate is in probate so it's going to drain money right out of the Estate


Probate in California Explained by LA Probate Law : LA Probate Law

Yeah that ass Oxman told them to do that and as soon as they did the courts stepped in to put the Estate under Probate.

Any time the is contentment about an Estate the Probate Courts step in and when they do the State gets a percentage of the Estate.

Any Estate that is worth 350 million or more is taxed at 55% until the dispute is over........ But it cost something like million dollars each year in legal court fees to file to stop it. So by now it would cost about 3 million even though they no longer contest.

And the court can keep taxing this way until there is NOTHING left of an Estate. Until everything has been sold off to pay the taxes.

Screwing the kids to get a piece of the action, DISGUSTING.

791 days ago


WTF their dad is dead and they stiiil want his phyuckin money! STAY strong Paris, you guys will be old enough soon. Jacksons - U should be ashamed of yourselves, Jezush H. Christ!!

791 days ago


I'm liking Paris more and more with each of the bizarre stories I read. Team Paris.

791 days ago


Surely there's no way Al Sharpton can do that thing he always does and turn this story around so it's all about him ri---...

oh look he just did

791 days ago


Michael Jackson did not leave a penny to his brothers or sisters, or so called family. He made sure that didn't happen. And it's still not happening.

Michael Jackson's Exector(s) is what he trusted. Nothing criminal about it.

791 days ago
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