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Tito Jackson

I'm Backing Out

of My Siblings' Plot

7/24/2012 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0724_tito_jackson_articleTito Jackson is backing out of the plot to turn Katherine Jackson against the Michael Jackson Estate ... he tells TMZ he wants nothing to do with it.

Tito says, "I completely retract my signature from the July 17th letter sent to the Executors of my brother Michael's estate and repudiate all the claims made against them."

He adds, "I don't want any part of that letter whatsoever."

The letter Tito is referencing was signed by Jermaine, Janet, Rebbie and Randy ... and accused the executors of failing at their job and stressing out their mother, Katherine Jackson, so badly that she suffered a "mini-stroke."

We broke the story ... Tito's son, TJ, is preparing legal docs so he can ask a judge to become the temporary guardian of Michael's 3 kids.

We're also told Jackie is having second thoughts about the plot to overthrow the Estate.


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Paging Diana Ross.......

799 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

I am NOT AT ALL SURPRISED that Tito and Jackie are getting out of this stupid and pointless plot.

Tito and Jackie are two of the only three gentlemen within that disgraceful family -- Marlon being the other one. The rest are trash.

I don't personally know where LaToya stands, but if anybody were to step out and get out from under this nonsense, it's LaToya.

That family is a disgrace!!!

799 days ago


Now that I think of it, investigators better check to see if one or more of these Jackson tards was hiding in a closet or under the bed when Michael Jackson was murked. These idoits are bad and dangerous! Keep on and you will push Paris to the pole. Blanket is already blinking and tweaking in movements so something is wrong. Only in the movies can black folks raise white kids.

799 days ago


This family needs Jesus

799 days ago


Is this all part of the ELABORATE scheme, or is the ORIGINAL unraveling. I hope to hell a judge is reading or hearing about this. Too freakin' convenient that his son is petitioning and three hours later he's backing out. SOMEONE PLEASE get them a guardian outside of the family.

799 days ago


this leopard has not changed his spots.

the children's guardian shouldn't be a jack-a$$-son.

799 days ago


Oh my god!!! Child protection needs to step in immediately! These children need to be protected from these crazy people. I am shocked by what is going on and that children are still at the house!!

799 days ago


"Estate failing at their job and stressing mom out" says nothing about money....this is a MESS!!!! get better Mrs. Katherine Jackson.

799 days ago


I am surprised at Janet. No offense to the rest of the family, but she is one of the successful ones. Why would she jeoperdize her nieces and nephews money from their father.
Leave your mother ALONE!!!!!! Obviously Michael, did not trust any of YOU sneaks, with his money or kids for a good reason. YA'LL are greedy. Go GET JOBS and leave Michaels Mom and Kids alone.

799 days ago


Paris, run like hell. Get as far away from your dad's siblings as possible. They are a bunch of no-talent do-nothing grifters who survived by pandering off your dad. Janet is leading that pack. And TITO'S son is up in it, too. Shake 'em all loose, kick 'em to the curb.

799 days ago


The Jackson family have taken greed to a whole new level...I wholeheartedly believe that Paris, if she was of age, would provide a much better parent figure for her brothers that any of the Jackson's ever could. She is an amazingly mature and thoughtful young woman...the Jackson's could learn a few things from her! Shame on them!

799 days ago


Well if Katherine had a stroke I think we ALL know who it was that gave it to her. A little too late to 'back out' now if you ask me. Their plan failed, we'll prob here in a day or two that she had another stroke or has been on life support for the week. They are covering up something it seems, and now they are getting scared.

799 days ago


This stupid family, with the exception of MJ's kids, is SO TEXTBOOK. They wanted nothing to do with Michael when he was alive, but since his death, have done nothing but try to figure out how to get their hands on his money. I wanted to puke when they were all at his funeral like they were so tight.
I hope someone other than a family member is named as guardian and I hope that whomever does become guardian, is cut off from the money as each child turns 18.

799 days ago

Yolanda Garcia-Berdecia    

There is something really wrong here. Couldn't the Jackson sit down with Michael's children and explain certain things to the children. That Mrs. Jackson was not feeling well and that she would be away for a while and she would be contact them? WHAT IS THE MYSTERY? NO, THERE ARE NO MYSTERY. THEY WANT MICHAEL'S MONEY, THAT'S ALL. AND THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET THE PIECE OF THE PIE.

799 days ago


Jackie Jackson never signed Randy's letter.

799 days ago
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