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Tito Jackson

I'm Backing Out

of My Siblings' Plot

7/24/2012 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0724_tito_jackson_articleTito Jackson is backing out of the plot to turn Katherine Jackson against the Michael Jackson Estate ... he tells TMZ he wants nothing to do with it.

Tito says, "I completely retract my signature from the July 17th letter sent to the Executors of my brother Michael's estate and repudiate all the claims made against them."

He adds, "I don't want any part of that letter whatsoever."

The letter Tito is referencing was signed by Jermaine, Janet, Rebbie and Randy ... and accused the executors of failing at their job and stressing out their mother, Katherine Jackson, so badly that she suffered a "mini-stroke."

We broke the story ... Tito's son, TJ, is preparing legal docs so he can ask a judge to become the temporary guardian of Michael's 3 kids.

We're also told Jackie is having second thoughts about the plot to overthrow the Estate.


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wtf is Janet doing involved in this s#!t? I always gave her mad credit for being so much better than her s***my clan. Guess I was wrong.

771 days ago

just thinking    

just wondering

771 days ago


do do do , da da do do, Pressure.. comin down on me, This is either the smartest move he's ever made ( if it's real ) or the dumbest ( if he's up to no good )

771 days ago


Too little,Too all had no regard for the fearful state these children are in,THAT YOU PUT THEM you want in because your son is applying for guardianship..bunch of thugs....SP PROUD OF PARIS....

771 days ago


If Michael's Brother spent as much time looking for steady employment as they do trying to figure out how to get their hands of his money they would have $$$ of their own.

771 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

So I see Tito has plastic surgery himself huh? Having that Derby permanently attached to his " bald heeeead" like an human advertisement for the Brown Derby...oops, just gave him an idea to go cash in on!! lol... I hate to see this family disgrace themselves like this but it does reveal that anyone would crack under the enormous pressures Michael Jackson was under Sony hoping he croaks so they can get his Beatles catalog, and his family pumping him like Weekend at Bernies, his fans screwing him, the kids screwing him over for their greedy azzzed lowlife s*** of the earth P O S parents and I'm no Jackson hugger but anyone can see that poor guy was used and abused like a redheaded black step child named Obama by the very people closest to him he thought he could trust. Now they're pulling at his corpse like vultures picking at a dead cow including these little monsters his kids are growing into, they know what's what. Sending out missing persons reports when Granny runs with the checkbook because they're all again picking at it like crack addicts looking for that last hit on the floor... and of course Jackson like all these 'icons' is worth trillions dead and was trillions in debt alive... now they got him out of the way of spending it all on himself they can divvey it up themselves they thought... what a bunch of ****roaches. And they're all talented too, that even makes it worse, they could go earn the money on the Strip doing a Jackson 5 minus one deal.. but they don't wanna work.. sounds familiar nowadays;...

771 days ago


Yeah NOW you back out after YOUR SON is trying to be their guardian! YOU WILL BE GETTING MONEY THEN VIA YOUR SON! How stupid do you think people are???? You're ALL greedy BA$TARD$!

YOU are not to be trusted just like the rest of the Jacksons!

771 days ago


Wise decision..but if he was part of the plan, he should know where his mother is--why doesn't he say where she is? Why doesn't he disclose what the "siblings plot" is? He needs to help his mother. Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie are probably headed to an arrest for kidnapping.

771 days ago


Tito is doing the right thing. I must say I'm shocked that Janet is in on the plan to get Michael's money. I expected more of her.

771 days ago

just thinking    

in mjs will it said it anything happened to the kids his 3 nephews Titos sons will be next in line

771 days ago


Time for the court to put Diana Ross in charge of the kids. Grandma is too old and the aunts and uncles are nitwits.

771 days ago


You know ironic? Their tour is called 'UNITY TOUR' but there's no unity in this family

771 days ago



771 days ago


Is this also part of the 3 year plan? The pieces fit nicely into TJ's plan

771 days ago

just thinking    

I wont trust any of them

771 days ago
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