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Tito's Son TJ

To Seek Temp Guardianship

of MJ's Kids

7/24/2012 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Joe Jackson
, aka TJ, the 34-year-old son of Michael Jackson's brother Tito, is having his lawyer draft legal docs in a bid to become temporary guardian of MJ's 3 kids ... TMZ has learned.

People familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Paris, Prince and Blanket all want TJ to be their guardian because they believe Katherine -- their current guardian -- has effectively been kidnapped by MJ's siblings.  The kids haven't seen Katherine in 9 days.

Under California law, a judge would not grant a temporary guardian for teenagers unless the kids were on board with the selection, and we're told all 3 kids are down with it.  We're told TJ has often acted like a parent to the kids and they love him.

As we first reported ... the Michael Jackson Estate is standing by and will support TJ's bid to become the temporary guardian if asked by the Probate judge.

Just 15 hours ago, TJ tweeted to Paris, "I know it's completely unfair for them to do this to you and your brothers. We will keep trying. I love you."

By the way, TJ is married with kids and is in a band with his 2 brothers.  And get this ... he was Kim Kardashian's first love.  Check out what looks like their prom pic.

One final point ... sources connected to MJ's siblings tell TMZ Michael's brothers and sisters are turning on each other.  One brother has secretly been telling people he does not support what the others are doing to Katherine.


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Everyone that is commenting on the legitimacy of the kids needs to learn something- he was their legal parent! It doesn't matter how they were conceived. Are you trying to tell me adoptive parents aren't real parents? I completely disagree. Adoptive parents are the best parents in the world. They have to work their asses off and pay out the ass to get their children, unlike some biological parents that have their children to get more money from welfare. Blood has nothing to do with family.

760 days ago


Give those kids to the Caucasian people, then give all of Michael earnings to the Caucasian people and this problem will be over

Image all of Michael Jackson money going to these folks and nothing to his siblings; that what they want - nothing for the Jackson

760 days ago


This family is sick and the kids should be cared for by someone not involved with this money grubbing lot!!

760 days ago


Harvey, do what you're good at and get to the bottom of this fiasco.

760 days ago


Tj is the right person to take care of Michael's children. He really love those kids. Over the years, i have never heard anything bad about Tj or his brothers. Tito has done a great job, in raising his sons.

760 days ago


She has not been kidnapped she is being manipulated and very well could be sick. This is a typical thing with the elderly when it involves money. Its called isolation so that she can be taken advantage of. They playing chess.

760 days ago


Carolwood security tapes removed
Michael's cash missing after his death

"Then watch the ones
With the biggest smiles
The idle jabbers...Cuz they're the backstabbers!"

760 days ago


Prince is the smartest let him and Paris raise Blankie and shut the whole money grubbing lot out. Give grandma an allowance and send her back to the compound with the 27 other kids of the money grubbers. Prince and Paris have a far superior education than their Aunts and Uncles.

760 days ago


Paris need to her head bust to the white meat for disrespecting janet! That's why katherine need to move them out of california.....somebody got her ass thinking she wonderwoman....janet should of beat her a&& and gave her something to remember. Vulchers all around that house posing as staff, family and friends too many people and they don't need a house that big to much space for kids to fu$k around and do any and everything they want.

760 days ago


Nothing against him,but his taste in women - Kartrashian - nasty and very hairy back then. Not really a surprise though - Kartrashian has always been a star f**ker and cleat chaser I guess. She is s***.

760 days ago


Are you kidding- this is what they planned to force Katherine out so they could slip in a person who will have the money dribble down the line every month to the roaches.

760 days ago


Don't act like all this family fighting isn't about control over MJ's money and estate

760 days ago


Biological Mother is still alive. Cir***stances have changed. The Jackson family is dangerous to these kids. Who the F..... takes off with the legal guardian of underage kids and cuts off contact with them. This is Kidnapping ADULT PROTECTION SERVICES needs to be called. This is manipulation to get a different family member slipped in. I am sorry it is time for their Mother to step in.

760 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Janet shouldn't smash that lil girls phone to bits and pieces but then she would have cried to the police and filed a report. Her mean evil black aunty is ruining her freedom.

760 days ago


If only the Jackson siblings put forth as much effort into helping MJ as they have in trying to squeeze $ out of the estate through Katherine. They're worried about HER will and where her cut is going after she dies. It seems like they're trying to hasten her death. They probably put something in her drink and have her on propofol - hence the crooked doctor taking her to AZ.
Nobody know when the UNO picture was taken. The Lost Hills sheriffs dept never claimed that they talked to her. BS. Then they go to AZ and give Randy the power to turn them away? You've got to be kidding me! They will be in hot water for this before it's all over.

All the kids know is they're being lied to and stalked. They know Katherine didn't have a stroke. The scary thing to me is how they tailed them and pulled into the compound like an ambush, then demanded their cell phones and passports! Who's to say where they planned to take them?

It's time for the FBI to raid Rebbie's house and get Katherine out of there. Put her on a 5150 hold and have her drug tested. If nobody can find her, haul in all of the Jacksons on kidnapping charges. The fact that the Jackson siblings are this desperate, and obviously have no legal representation, tells me something very bad has happened that they're trying to cover up.

760 days ago
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