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Tito's Son TJ

To Seek Temp Guardianship

of MJ's Kids

7/24/2012 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Joe Jackson
, aka TJ, the 34-year-old son of Michael Jackson's brother Tito, is having his lawyer draft legal docs in a bid to become temporary guardian of MJ's 3 kids ... TMZ has learned.

People familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Paris, Prince and Blanket all want TJ to be their guardian because they believe Katherine -- their current guardian -- has effectively been kidnapped by MJ's siblings.  The kids haven't seen Katherine in 9 days.

Under California law, a judge would not grant a temporary guardian for teenagers unless the kids were on board with the selection, and we're told all 3 kids are down with it.  We're told TJ has often acted like a parent to the kids and they love him.

As we first reported ... the Michael Jackson Estate is standing by and will support TJ's bid to become the temporary guardian if asked by the Probate judge.

Just 15 hours ago, TJ tweeted to Paris, "I know it's completely unfair for them to do this to you and your brothers. We will keep trying. I love you."

By the way, TJ is married with kids and is in a band with his 2 brothers.  And get this ... he was Kim Kardashian's first love.  Check out what looks like their prom pic.

One final point ... sources connected to MJ's siblings tell TMZ Michael's brothers and sisters are turning on each other.  One brother has secretly been telling people he does not support what the others are doing to Katherine.


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Detective. LaToya    

So Randy and Janet walked in with cameras and filmed themselves assaulting their own niece? Yeah right. Delusional sheeple. Randy and Janet know full well they have security cameras at that house. If my granny was missing I would be frantic with worry. Not laughing & watching Batman like Paris and Prince both tweeted about. Lying ass kids.

766 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

From "She's missing!" to "She's kidnapped!" to "They're trying to seize the kids!" Yet a few days ago Paris was at her uncles concert dancing the night away without a care in the world for her granny and Prince watching batman! SMH

766 days ago


What is to say that TJ won't remain loyal to the remainder of the Jackson family and allow them to access the kids and money? Also, are there charges that can be filed against the three siblings who tried to kidnap the children -- like attempted kidnapping? Hope the law and courts are not asleep on this one!!

766 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Ain't it funny how Michael fanatics would slam websites like TMZ, Radaronline and X17 as "tabloid trash" when they print stories on him but now when they are lying on his family they take it as the gospel truth. Sites they used to hate they now love. Fickle MJ fans for you. Now they're calling for Diana Ross to come rescue his angel children! I bet they'd be slamming in her no time if she ever took those children in and they didn't like the way she was raising children they don't know.

766 days ago


Something weird is going on, to be sure. These kids need responsible adults to look after them, and lets face, no one in the Jackson family fits that description. I don't have any solutions but thats what I have to say

766 days ago


It's very interesting that Latoya, Jackie and Marlon are not part of contesting the will.

766 days ago


This all could just be a big publicity stunt by them, to get in the news, (A page out of the K. family's little games they play with the public, to get attention for themselves.)

766 days ago


TJ doesn't look black either, so i guess according to some morons who know nothing about genetics, that must mean he's not Tito's biological child. Get real!

766 days ago


I think the executors need to hire nannies from overseas and send the kids overseas to private schools, away from the wacko Jacksons. 2 out 3 is not a Jackson anyway.

766 days ago


Sorry, TJ may be innocent in all of this but there is no way I would trust him at this point. There is so much going you don't know who is telling the truth and who isn't. I'm glad the kids are safe though.

MJ's estate is now worth 1 billion dollars and almost out of debt so you know his POS broke siblings are going to try everything in the book to get a piece of that pie. I can't believe Janet is in on this. I can see MJ's greedy brothers doing something like this but not Janet. What will they try and pull next?

766 days ago

Real Life    

I fault Katherine, she knew she was to old to take on the responsibility of raising these kids anyway. If I were Paris I would file an assault charge on Janet for hitting me, Auntie or not. This is so sad. Why in the hell would Katherine leave three minor kids that she's the gaurdian of with no way of contacting her for 9 days? The courts should assign someone other then a Jackson to see about them. These people are stupid and money hungry. Michael's puppet chin
will never rest with this type of crap going on. Jermaine needs to go have that plastic hairdo removed so his brain can breathe, greasy nose ass. I'm shocked at Janet's squirrel cheek behavior and Randy let's let him make it. There are only two sane one's in the family and that's Jackie and Marlon and they are not going to fool with none of the bullsit. Katherine is the ring leader of all this bull****, we know she's crazy by the way she let Joe do their kids all those years.

766 days ago


The kids wanted to go with Katherine initially and look how that turned out . No offense but their new guardian needs to be a non-relative. Tito's son is to close to the fire to be objective. He's either in on it or can be coerced.

766 days ago


geez the whole Jackson family seem so despicable why couldn't those poor kids go to the 2nd choice in Michaels will. wasn't it Diana Ross. she raised beautiful nice children

766 days ago


whoa just thought Kim K might dump ugh kayne is she thinks tj has more money

766 days ago


What in the world is that family doing to those kids?? As if they haven't been through enough!! They went in and took their phone away because they don't want Paris telling everyone what they're doing because they know it's wrong!! And even IF grandmom is just resting you don't remove her from the kid's lives!!! They love her and just want to talk to and see her why won't they at least let the kids talk to her? Paris is a smart girl she knows some shady business is going on and now we know too!

766 days ago
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