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Carly Rae Jepsen


... Cops Investigating

7/25/2012 12:50 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/26/2012 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Real nude photos exist of Carly Rae JepsenCarly Rae Jepsen has told police ... she's the latest victim of a perverted hacker -- who stole XXX photos of the singer from her computer and tried to sell them to various media outlets.

No, we're not talking about the FAKE Jepsen pics floating around the Internet ... sources tell us the photos in question are the real deal and have not seen the light of day ... and the Canadian-born singer is desperately trying to keep it that way.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Jepsen's camp received an anonymous tip about the pics back in March ... and immediately called the Vancouver Police Department to report the cyber crime.

Cops jumped on the case ... and confirmed the tip was legit, Jepsen HAD been hacked.

A rep for the Vancouver PD tells us an active investigation is underway "in regards to a theft of electronic property belonging to Jepsen."

In fact, we're told cops already have a potential suspect lined up.

Sources tell us ... whoever hacked the pics stands to face some serious charges, including criminal harassment and unauthorized access of a computer ... and could spend some serious time in prison.

We reached out to Jepsen's rep for comment  -- so far, no word back.


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Sue yourself for taking the photos.

I'll be a little ticked if the police find this person yet they haven't found and arrested the hacker in the case of missing teenager - Sierra Lamar

818 days ago

Jessica Martinez    

I don't get why girls even take naked pictures of themselves. They should understand that there is a possibility that these pictures will end up on the internet or they will end up on someone else screens. I feel bad that someone hacked her computer and took her private pictures, but then again, I don't understand why she had naked pictures in the first place. I am not saying that it is right for a hacker to hack things, but she shouldn't have had those naked pictures. Well, I guess this is a lesson she had to learn.

818 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Its just funny seeing the comments about how "celebs are stupid because they have naked pictures on their phones" as if regular people don't do the same thing.

Tons of people have naked pictures on their phones but they aren't famous so they aren't being hacked and publicized because no one cares.

I remember doing student teaching years back and sitting in on a teacher's meeting where they were talking about 6th graders taking naked pictures of themselves and sending them to their friends was becoming a problem... 6th Graders!

Just look at porn online, pornstars are pretty much not needed because everyday people tape themselves and put it out there.

818 days ago

Bill Andrews    

Naughty files, on another note, Somebody should go check in with Ozzy get a fresh picture and see if he is still alive, and see who has been pulling on his bobber lately !.. "Poor ole fellow !..

818 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Many of you people are clinically brain dead. Some jackass broke into private property - that is what computer hacking is - and then stole private property. You don't comment on what a low-life the perp is, no you Bozos blame the victim of the theft. It is none of your fricking business whether she took nude shots of herself. They were private property - and they weren't on the internet - someone broke in and stole them.

818 days ago


Never even heard of her. Guess this is one good way to get her name in the news.

818 days ago


Those wacky Canadians.....

818 days ago


Even more naked picture come be found for totally free.

818 days ago


what are you talking about, she and her camp never said they were XXX pics, just personal pictures. You can't automatically assume that they were nude pictures. Man, why don't you guys report the truth, not some assumptions. Get you FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!

817 days ago


She and her Camp never said they were XXX pictures, just Personal picture. Why must you guys assume that they are nude pictures, they probably pic of Family and Friends. You guys need to report FACTS, not rumors and opinions.

817 days ago

Yu Lee    

So maybe JUSTIN also has some naked pics on his computer - or maybe not !!! LOL

Some desperate Beliebers would even sacrifice some jail time just to see them! I HOPE NOT !!! LOL

817 days ago


What gets me is this 29 year old makes one song that she calls Pop for young teenagers to dance to and shes romping around the stage acting like one too and has nude pics of herself. She lied the first time saying they are not hers but knew she had some. She is probably the hacker herself! It doesn't take a brain to make a song like the irritating one she has! Maybe repeating 3 words for her is hard to do! What an irritating woman! Act your age Jepsen!

816 days ago


LOL I saw the pic on google and it is not her! It was some stupid girl name Destiny and her hair is way short and have nose ring duh! Carly does not have Nose Ring so get it right. So many fakers fail so much these days...

814 days ago


Why making such a drama of it? She has no tits so where's the problem?

814 days ago


Another "celebrity' needing some media attention to promote sales. Pitiful.

813 days ago
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