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7/25/2012 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has been temporarily stripped of her guardianship over Michael Jackson's 3 kids, and an L.A. judge just appointed Tito Jackson's son TJ to become the temporary guardian.

And there's more ... Judge Mitch Beckloff advised TJ and his lawyer, Charles Shultz, to seek a permanent guardianship, after hearing stories that Katherine may have been held against her will "from third parties."  Translation -- Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie.

Before handing down the ruling, TJ's lawyer told the judge TJ got a strange phone call from Katherine yesterday.  TJ said, "I've never heard my grandmother talk like that."  TJ added, "She wasn't sharp.  The pauses, choice of vocabulary ... she has not used certain phrases like that before."  TJ thought she was talking in code.  TJ choked up as he addressed the court.

TMZ broke the story that TJ would make this move -- a move supported by Paris, Prince, and Blanket, as well as the Michael Jackson Estate.

The judge said Katherine was not suspended for wrongdoing, but that she was prevented from doing her guardianship by the third parties who are clearly Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie.

Katherine's lawyer, Sandra Ribera, added that she (Sandra) has been to the house several times recently and believes Katherine has been held against her will.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, says he would vigorously oppose any move to permanently strip Katherine of her guardianship duties.

Perry also says ... when Katherine returns to L.A., he will  file a motion to reinstate her as guardian.



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I agree with Kari (comment 157)...for the judge to advise TJ to fill for permanent custody seems strange. I believe he would only do this because he thinks it is in the best interest of the children. Let's face it, for a guardian to think it is OK not to be in touch with kids who depend on you for security and love, is very strange. I find it difficult to think that KJ through that was appropriate. Yes, I think it is time for the children to be raised by someone younger. KJ obviously feels too pulled to keep her older children happy and I suspect they are constantly bugging her about everything including money. They also seem to think they should have a "say" in how MJ's kids are raised. That is strictly up to Katherine and they need to butt out.

769 days ago


Someone needs to call Pima County Sheriffs department in Tucson to have them do a wellness check of Katherine. If there is something fishy going on the Sheriffs department can find out.

769 days ago


TJ has shown himself to be a very concerned caretaker of those children for a long time, even though there was nothing in it for him. It it significant that the Judge actually advised TJ's lawyers to seek permanent guardianship.

I think Katherine has long been in denial about how abusive her husband purportedly was to MJ (see her interview with Piers Morgan) and also in denial about just how low some of her children will stoop.

I don't think she's up to the task of protecting MJ's children from the other family members who want control of the estate -- she apparently wasn't even able to protect herself from them.

Further, people have questioned why certain family members want MJ's will overturned when they still would not inherit. Well, anyone named executor gets a fee for that service, and it would be large for such a huge estate. BUT I SUSPECT THE MAIN BENEFIT to the family having someone or several of them appointed as executors is they could control the investments the estate makes. HENCE, they could get the estate to finance their personal business ventures, such as a recording label, a recording studio, a fashion line, a perfume deal, a movie, or pretty much whatever they wanted to create to make money. Any profits would be theirs to keep once they repaid the estate for its investments.

But the current executors are doing a magnificent job, and most of the family members have not shown themselves to be very successful in the business world by comparison. They could endanger the estate by putting it into shaky investments and leave much less for MJ's kids when they turn 25.

769 days ago


Where does LaToya Jackson stand in the debukkel

769 days ago


Katherine has lost guardianship temporarily. TJ has been instructed to seek permanent guardianship but he can share this duty with Katherine...something the California lawyer of Katherine's, not Sanders, would agree to along with estate lawyers and the guardian ad litem.

769 days ago


Attorney for Tito Joe Jackson?

769 days ago

Lamont Robinson    

This is why JOE JACKSON should have full control. He started the whole Jackson dynasty. Why does America hate fathers so much?

769 days ago

My 2 Cents    

I thought Diana Ross was the person identified in Micheal's will as te next in line to be gaurdian to those kids should anything happen to Catherine Jackson...

769 days ago


Jesus take the wheel. Money involve there is no love for those kids. The broke ass Jackson's slibings are trying hard to get that money, if MJ did not leave you any money it was for a reason. Moma Jackson is tried of her children bull ****. GET OUT HER HOUSE. you know who you are.

769 days ago


The most sickening thing about all of this is NOBODY CARES ABOUT THESE KIDS...they are trying to get the are all losers in life...and my prayer is those kids will be PROPERLY cared for until they come of age , and the money is in their hands.....Hey Janet, better be nice to Paris you might need her help someday you dried up no talent nasty good for nothing.

769 days ago


This is my take: KJ did have a stroke. They hid her out of fear of losing her guardianship. And that would give them time to have her sign her guardianship to one of them......
Paris and the children were kept out so Paris would not tweet about the situation till they had eveything done.

769 days ago


this sure is some arroz con culo

769 days ago


Was Janet planning on teaching Paris how to expose her nipple on National TV? A nipple with an earring in it? A bunch of wackos, like Wacko Jacko, should not have custody of children that are not even related to them. The 3 White Kids were just Green to the Wacksons. They knew there was no blood relation only a money relation. Even Grandma knew these 3 lab created white kids were NOT her grandchildren. Debbie Rowe was just a womb for rent. She had the Egg Seller's egg and the Sperm Seller's sperm mixed up and planted in her. She never had a connection to them either, just a money connection. As to Blanket, no one even pretended to be his mother. He was strictly Lab Created and no game was played about him having a mother, like they did with Debbie Rowe and the other 2 kids. Who is the Egg Seller? Brooke Shields? Lisa Marie? or did Wacko Jacko use the egg of strangers?? Will those kids ever find out Whose Your Daddy? or Whose your Mommy?

769 days ago


Give Diana ross a break, she has already raisedher own five children and is now a grandmother with her daughter Chudney currently expecting a baby. Also she is still performing all over the world. Diana certainly don't need those kids loot, she is worth over

769 days ago


TJ was also molested by the older Jackson men. I cannot believe they are going to harm these kids like this.
The biological parents need to step in now.

769 days ago
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