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7/25/2012 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has been temporarily stripped of her guardianship over Michael Jackson's 3 kids, and an L.A. judge just appointed Tito Jackson's son TJ to become the temporary guardian.

And there's more ... Judge Mitch Beckloff advised TJ and his lawyer, Charles Shultz, to seek a permanent guardianship, after hearing stories that Katherine may have been held against her will "from third parties."  Translation -- Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie.

Before handing down the ruling, TJ's lawyer told the judge TJ got a strange phone call from Katherine yesterday.  TJ said, "I've never heard my grandmother talk like that."  TJ added, "She wasn't sharp.  The pauses, choice of vocabulary ... she has not used certain phrases like that before."  TJ thought she was talking in code.  TJ choked up as he addressed the court.

TMZ broke the story that TJ would make this move -- a move supported by Paris, Prince, and Blanket, as well as the Michael Jackson Estate.

The judge said Katherine was not suspended for wrongdoing, but that she was prevented from doing her guardianship by the third parties who are clearly Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie.

Katherine's lawyer, Sandra Ribera, added that she (Sandra) has been to the house several times recently and believes Katherine has been held against her will.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, says he would vigorously oppose any move to permanently strip Katherine of her guardianship duties.

Perry also says ... when Katherine returns to L.A., he will  file a motion to reinstate her as guardian.



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Big D    

Watch out kids, the family is trying to make a money grab

783 days ago


Katherine Jackson was the one who was there for them when Michael died. She and Michael's brothers and sisters were the ones they went to for support. Katherine might have been too old to tie their shoes, and she relied on MJ3's cousins to divert the pain of their situation, but Katherine was the one always there as their mother figure.

783 days ago


The fact that TJ has a music band involves a lot of traveling and time and focusing away from home. It's not the same when you go to the children's house and spend one or two hours with them, as when you have full responsibility. And the fact that he already have two kids of his own, I don't see how that is going to be any different.

783 days ago


Diana Ross is the legally appointed in Michael's will, if Katherine were not able to take care of them!

783 days ago



783 days ago


High blood pressure is no reason to skip town and not communicating with grandchildren you are responsible for over 9 days. Is that the best her lawyer can come up with? Also it may be digging a hole for Katherine if her health is at issue and it impacts her ability to serve as guardian. Either way...

783 days ago


1. Remove Katherine as guardian and severely cut down her allowance.
2. Do not appoint TJ or any other member of the Jackson family as guardians.
3. Pay all of Katherine and the kids bills directly, allowing them only a small allowance every month so no money can be funneled to the worthless Jacksons.

783 days ago


Those kids need someone young and vigorous who can do battle with the rest of the greedy Jacksons. Katharine Jackson may or may not have been in Arizona against her will. Her health may even be impacted from all this drama. It seems that TJ should be at least a temporary guardian, if not a permanent one.

783 days ago


I would say if that will is do***ented in court, and it is, the court would call Diana Ross, and if she refuses her right, then they will consider other options.

783 days ago


And if those three children go to court and take the guardianship from Katherine, I'm saying right now, Katherine is much better off without them! And they (the children) deserve what is going to happen to them is they do that! I am hoping and praying that everything goes back to normality. Those kids belong with Katherine!

783 days ago


Where is Debbie Rowe? Does she not care anything about the kids?

783 days ago


And someone should teach Paris and company some sense of family unity!

783 days ago


Luz, will you please STFU and STFD.. you don't know anything, not even if TJ is married or not.. please. Obviously, Katherine is not up for the challenge, and Diana Ross could not care less. SOMEBODY has to look out for these children who is capable of swimming with the sharks and remaining afloat. The court know how to protect the kids, now that it's clear there are problems. They can build in protections to watch over TJ, to ensure he is doing the right thing. Something needs to change, and TJ is the only one stepping forward. Not even Janet or any of the other losers made any effort to look out for the children directly.. go with God TJ.. if you're doing the right thing, may He help you.. but if you are not.. may God help you then

783 days ago


Jackson Family = MONEY GRAB
What a bunch of low life s***bags.

783 days ago

No comment    

So when did the leeches throw her in the spa, after the photo of them playing UNO at Rebbie's house?

783 days ago
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