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James Holmes

Sent Massacre Plans to

Professor BEFORE Shootings

7/25/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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James Holmes spelled out gory details of his planned massacre in a notebook which he mailed to a University of Colorado professor ... more than a week before he opened fire in the Aurora movie theater.

Police and FBI discovered the notebook while searching a mail room on the Aurora campus on Monday ... but it had reportedly been sitting there unopened since July 12 -- EIGHT days before the shootings that killed 12 people and injured 58.

The package was sent from Holmes, and according to a source ... “Inside the package was a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people. There were drawings of what he was going to do in it -- drawings and illustrations of the massacre."

The source says the drawings included gun-wielding stick figures shooting other stick figures.

The notebook was reportedly addressed to a professor/psychiatrist who treated patients at the campus' psychiatry facility. It's unknown if the professor ever had contact with Holmes.

Earlier this year, Holmes dropped out of the university's neuroscience doctoral program, where he had studied mental health issues.


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It is not the college's fault that this deranged very CALCULATED psycho decided to go off the deep end. It is likely the professor would not have opened his mail until he reported for Fall Semester anyway and this crazy person would have been well-aware of that. To me, the fact that he is somewhat of a 'genious', studied neuroscience with an emphasis on mental health issues gives more evidence for the Prosecution to say he knew exactly what he was doing and this was some type of experiment he thought up and acted on and is now trying to abuse the system to claim insanity. Absolutely disgusted. They should put him in regular prison population and let nature take its course.

791 days ago


No offense TMZ, Fox gets news from YOU, not vice versa. Besides, someone could even blame his Mom for identifying him... something ABC reported, which is 40% more reliable than FOX, your parent network.

791 days ago



791 days ago


He dropped out because he just needed to learn enough to be able play off that he does have a mental illness and can use that in court

791 days ago


He's a sicko but it's not the universitys fault it wasn't opened. No one could have stopped or forseen the horrible shooting. There is no one to blame but the gunman himself.

791 days ago


Even though he shouldn't I'm sure the professor is going to regret not opening that journal and spend the rest of his life thinking 'what if'

791 days ago


You know TMZ, I, and many others have said this a few times. If you insist on covering this story so much, could you atleast include some stories about victims??

Here I will help...

Katie Medley who escaped without injury gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday. The babys father Caleb who was shot, is still in intensive care, but improving. Although shot in the head and not really responding to much, when his new born baby was brought into the room his heart rate went up, like he knew the child was there. The baby is named Hugo after a favorite charecter on "lost".

See TMZ, not so hard. You wouldn't even have to research it sense other news sources have started covering the victims extensivly.

And maybe if you put a story or two up, it might encourage a few people to go and donate to the fund for the victims. Which will be sorley needed considering the couple in that story...have no insurance.

791 days ago


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791 days ago


This guy did nothing original. He's a piece of many different killers. He clearly studied them all. A couple I can think of off the top of my head sent in letters to somebody in charge that either read it and thought it was a joke or didn't read it and the shootings happened. Open your mail and take it serious people.

791 days ago

jaycob fuchser    

he studied mental health good there can be no insanity plea just string him up and let the family of the victims deal out the justice
because he knew what he was doing

791 days ago


Being from Aurora I'm really sick of seeing his of the only outlets I have to stop thinking about this and BAM......another article. I don't want it to go away, but I don't like seeing his face and name everywhere. This has shaken me to the core. I don't even want to go to the grocery store with my one year old in tow.

791 days ago

Random Reader    

To all of the people who say the professor of the school are at fault, I hope the only reason you say this is because you are to lazy or stupid to read the actual article before making your comments.

If people actually read that the package was not not even picked up yet by the professor (most likely due to the fact that its summer break and they would have no real reason to be at the school expecting mail) which means the professor and school had just as much knowledge of this as the people sitting in the theater or the police who didn't have telepathic visions of the killings happening before hand.

Most professors have the summers off due to school being out (unless of-course they teach summer classes). This means they had no reason to be at the school and picking up mail that they didn't know was even there. Its like saying if you took a vacation for a month and someone mailed you something while you where away, you should of still known that you would be getting the mail and have read it... That is not logical at all..

This kid was a student in a neuroscience doctoral program. He studied the brain and how it works and how things can go wrong with it. He was basically being trained how to fake a mental illness that could get a crime like this a much lighter sentence.

He sounds and seems a lot more like a psychopath then someone suffering from a mental break. The fact that he did this after studying neuroscience could be a random coincidence or could mean he was a lot more planned about it and even took the class just to know how to make a pale of insanity seem legit.

He was obviously an intelligent person to be able to get into a neuroscience program at a university and if he was planning something like this for a longer time then people are thinking (which is very possible) he could of very easily sent this at the time he did knowing no one would be there to read it but also knowing it would eventually get found before his court hearing and thus making an insanity plea more likely to stick.

791 days ago


The Mailroom clerk was probably sacked do to buget cuts.

791 days ago

Robert Jay    

Harvey Levin and Writers--- Stop giving this killer notoriety, you have reported all the facts now drop it. TMZ is created for celebrity, stop making him exactly that, this man is a psychotic killer. So stop stop contributing.

791 days ago


Have yall seen this??

790 days ago
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