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Joe Jackson


7/25/2012 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson has been living at the famous Jackson compound in Encino recently ... but no one knows how he got in ... and it appears he's a garden variety squatter.

As we previously reported, Joe was seen entering the home today ... and yesterday, it appeared the home got a visit from some medical personnel ... presumably to perform some tests on Joe.

The house is owned by the Michael Jackson Estate. Katherine Jackson has no legal claim to the property.

Sources tell TMZ ... the Estate is paying $30,000 per month for the Calabasas home where Katherine and Michael's kids have been living.

The only way Joe could be living in the Encino house legally is if he got permission from the Estate  ... and sources connected with the Jackson family tell TMZ ... no such permission was ever given.

Sources tell us ... it ain't the Ritz because the house is currently undergoing extensive renovation.

Bottom line ... Joe Jackson + lots of sawdust = not a pretty picture.


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Joe has every right to stay there matterfactly any of the jackson have the right to stay there. That's what Mj would want. That's his family he gave the whole damn world money why wouldn't he want to take care of his family.

819 days ago


Vials of blood and urine sample...I wonder why. Also, who gets these samples taken at home?

I thought the "renovations" story was to get that mooching daughter in law out of the house.

Ugly situation at every turn.

819 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Look at Papa Joe's family tree.

Together Joseph and Katherine had ten children. Son Brandon died at birth. The other nine grew up to become professional musicians. These are the brothers and sisters to Michael Jackson:

* Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Jackson (born May 29, 1950)
* Sigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson (born May 4, 1951)
* Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson (born October 15, 1953)
* Jermaine La Jaune Jackson (born December 11, 1954)
* La Toya Yvonne Jackson (born May 29, 1956)
* Marlon David Jackson (born March 12, 1957)
* Brandon Jackson (born March 12, 1957 - died at birth)
* Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)
* Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson (born October 29, 1961)
* Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966)

Joseph has an illegitimate daughter with a woman named Cheryl Terrell
* Joh'Vonnie Jackson (born August 30, 1974)

***Third generation: And these are their kids:

* Rebbie Jackson and Nathaniel Brown have three children:

1. Stacee Brown (b. 1971)
2. Yashi Brown (b. 1977)
3. Austin "Auggie" Brown (b. 1985)

* Jackie Jackson and Enid Spann had two children

1. Sigmund Esco "Siggy" Jackson, Jr. (b. 1977)
2. Brandi Jackson (b. 1982)

* Tito Jackson and Delores "Dee Dee" Martez had three children

1. Tariano Adaryll Jackson, Jr. (b. 1973)
2. Taryll "Taryll" Adren Jackson (b. 1975)
3. Tito Joe "TJ" Jackson (b. 1978)

* Jermaine Jackson and Hazel Gordy had three children:

1. Jermaine Lu Juane Jackson, Jr. (b. 1977)
2. Autumn Joy Jackson (b. 1978)
3. Jaimy Jackson (b. 1987)

* Jermaine Jackson and Margaret Maldonado never legally married but had two children:

1. Jeremy Jackson (b. 1986)
2. Jourdynn Jackson (b. 1989)

* Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Oaziaza had two children:

1. Jaffar Jackson (b. 1996)
2. Jermajesty Jackson (b. 2000)

* Jermaine Jackson and Halima Rashid (4th wife) have no children

* LaToya Jackson and Jack Gordon had no children.

* Marlon Jackson and Carol Parker have three children:

1. Valencia Jackson (b. 1977)
2. Brittany Jackson (b. 1978)
3. Marlon David Jackson, Jr. (b. 1985)

* Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley had no children.

* Michael Jackson and Deborah Jeanne Rowe had two children:

1. Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson (b. 1997)
2. Paris Michael Katherine Jackson (b. 1998)

* Michael Jackson and an unidentified woman (reportedly a surrogate) had one child:

1. Prince Michael Jackson II (aka "Blanket") (b. 2002)

* Randy Jackson and Eliza Shaffel had one child:

1. Steveanna Jackson (b. 1990)

* Randy Jackson and Alejandra Oaziaza had three children:

1. Genevieve Jackson (b. 1989)
2. Donte Jackson (b. 1991)
3. Steven Randall Jackson, Jr. (b. 1991)

* Janet Jackson and James DeBarge had no children.

* Janet Jackson and Rene Elizondo, Jr. had no children.

* Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri have no children.

819 days ago


No worries. They are all living in the lap of luxury. Look at that opulent ,mansion estate in Calabasas!
They are the 1% that none of us will ever be. Why fret
over these wealthy ,upper crust ding dongs?

819 days ago


You can take them out of the ghetto but................

819 days ago


He needs to be evicted. Let Miss Katherine stay until her mental/medical status can be determined, and stabilized if necessary.

I read that Miss K. is not talking like her normal self.

819 days ago


She is so irresponsible. She abandoned her child-rearing duties when she allowed Joe to abuse them Now, she has abandoned her grandchild-rearing duties by allowing them to abused by Michael's leaching siblings.

819 days ago


Poor billionaire kids- boo hoo, how they must be suffering-Not.

819 days ago


I take it back,Joe you can come & stay with me,I think I have some Gold Panties that will fit you,just don't
tell my donkey.

819 days ago


All this Jackson family craziness makes Michael look like the MOST normal of them all!

819 days ago


$30,000 a month for that mega mansion? That's a steal compared to mansions half that size.

819 days ago


Now ,the people in Aurora,Colorado, who were shot in the movie theater massacre ,those people have the real problems! Many have no health insurance to pay their medical bills. NOW that is a real problem-
The cost of health care in the USA is ridiculous-why doesn't somebody solve that problem!?.

819 days ago



819 days ago


Hes coming to see why he didn't get his last check. If I was TJ I would ban them all from getting within 500yds of any of those kids. Restraining orders all around. Poor kids they don't even begin to stand a chance at normalcy any more than their father did with Joe Jackson at the helm.

819 days ago

Joe B    

BS! Mr. J and we have been there several times. The Security lets him in all the time. Get your story straight TMZ

819 days ago
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