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Katherine Jackson

'Drugged' Up

7/25/2012 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
called her home in Calabasas at 2 AM today and again at 4 AM, sounding "drugged" and ordering that the security team be fired and replaced by Janet Jackson's security ... TMZ has learned.

A lawyer in court today made reference to "an incident" last night -- this is the incident.  Sources involved in the situation tell TMZ ... people in the house were "alarmed and nervous" after hearing Katherine sounding heavily drugged.

In addition to attempting to 86 the security team, Katherine ordered Trent Jackson off the property.  You may recall, Jackson's security -- and Trent in particular -- thwarted Monday's attempt by Randy, Jermaine and Janet to take the kids to Arizona.

Our sources say the prevailing view is that Randy and company have drugged their mom.

We're also told Jackie Jackson is furious at his conspiratorial siblings for what they've done and what they are trying to do.

We were unable to get Randy for comment. 

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ ... "I'm waiting on Katherine to get back in town and I'm looking forward to getting a hold of her to ascertain what's been going on."

2:43 PM PT -- Randy Jackson has gone to Twitter ... claiming Katherine fired Trent and her security team at 9 PM last night ... NOT between 2AM and 4AM this morning.

He makes no reference to allegations she was "drugged up" during the phone call ... but Randy does say he was on the phone with Rebbie when it all went down.

Randy also claims TJ had ASKED Katherine for temporary guardianship last night ... but Katherine flat out turned him down ... saying, "NO TJ."


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Scary but not surprising the mother is drugged up. Janet, Jermaine and Randy just won't quit.

Katherine will be appointed a conservator and it WILL NOT BE THEM...the state will make certain of it.

How scary for the kids.

All I know is any will signed of Katherine's will be suspect too if these kids go to these lengths. Not that she has any real assets of her own.

Very sad.

766 days ago


Let's not jump to any conclusions but could it be MJ was killed by his own family? I would not be surprised at this point. Seems like some dark secrets are coming to light.

766 days ago


It isn't just Jackie who is furious; Marlon is spitting MAD at Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie and Janet. Randy LIED to Marlon about their mother's whereabouts. Marlon could not find his mother for days...

TJ will probably end up sharing permanent custody with Katherine; she can not deal with the situation on her own because some of her children just are not trustworthy...and these children, Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie, should face some sort of charges for their actions.

It's all about the money. Randy was after control over Michael;s estate when Michael was ALIVE--Michael told him no. And Jermaine has been putting the care of his children in his mother's hands, which means Michael's money...

This news story sounds like a plot line from Dallas or Dynasty, even King Lear and MacBeth...almost unbelievable!

766 days ago


What the hell???

766 days ago


why is trent put out of the house when he is trying to help the kids and protect them from micheal siblings, something isn't right here, is she hearing one sided story, I guess time will tell

766 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....those poor kids!...good luck greedy siblings trying too get anything now or down the road..ur really upsetting the kids and their best interests and u will estranged from them for the rest of ur lives I hope!...what a bunch of losers!!!...Seems like the kids trust TJ..and I hope he gets them permantly and gets them out of that house and away from the leechers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

766 days ago


Sounds like a stroke. Actually exactly like one. Who knew Michael was smart to keep his kid from this freak show?

766 days ago

the truth    

Janet's Q rating are going down fast

766 days ago


To follow up on the stroke thing; sounds like they want to get their hands on the 70 K a month. Right up Germaine and Randy's alley.

And as for Janet, I really believe her involvement in this is due to her being fed up with her brothers begging for money each and every day.

766 days ago


I hope they ALL end up in jail. It's where they all deserve to be. Let them beg some cell mates for money to pay their child support.

766 days ago


katherine and trent needs to get together and figure out the best thing for the kids, and have lawyers involved this way the siblings cant get to the kids or the money

766 days ago


They put Kathrine on the bus and are headed to TJ's on the plane!!

766 days ago


Where is LaToya? Missing? I smell arrests coming! The kids not involved need to get on TV soon...get the truth out..their loonie siblings are gonna end up hurting someone soon.

766 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

I don't believe this. Those kids love their mother dearly and would never drug her, especially after Michael died from the same thing. Ever think that she DID have a "mini stroke" and thus her speech is slurred?

766 days ago


I don't believe Kathrine is in LA yet, cause the papparazi are NOT going miss catching her at the airport.
I think she's even sober yet, she doesn't even know what she's saying yet either. Someone is telling her what to say. She's totally OUT OF IT!

766 days ago
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