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Katherine Jackson

I Wasn't Kidnapped

... I Just Needed a Break

7/25/2012 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0725_katherine_jackson_tmzKatherine Jackson has finally broken her silence ... claiming the reason she hasn't checked in with her grandkids for the past 10 days is because she simply didn't feel like using the phone.

She also sounds like she's full of crap.

Jackson just finished up an on-camera interview with "ABC News" ... and talked about the family drama that's transpired since she mysteriously ditched MJ's kids 10 days ago ... and wound up in Arizona.

"There are rumors going around about me that I have been kidnapped," Jackson said ... adding, "I am here today to let everybody to know that I am good and fine."

"My children would never do anything to me like that."

Sure they wouldn't ...

When asked why she felt it was OK to leave 3 minor children in a house without a guardian .. Katherine explained she just felt like taking a "short vacation."

"One reason I didn't call is I just gave up my phone and I didn't want to have any phone calls while I was here."

It's unclear why she didn't TELL HER GRANDKIDS FIRST!

Still, Katherine says ... "I am devastated that while I've been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me, and I'm coming home."

So, we gotta ask ..


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If katherine jackson left for 9 days because "she needed a break" and didn't bother to tell the kids, then she's not capable of taking care of them & needs to be removed as Guardian.

821 days ago


The judge felt like there was a 3rd party to these actions. If Mrs. Jackson tells the judge that she just "needed a break", and went on vacation on her on, I doubt she'll ever get custody back. And, rightly so.

821 days ago


I mean this annoys me. She needed a break from 3 mnor children she was entrusted to care for??????? If she is being manipulated by her grown chldren she doesn't need to be guardin of MJ's children.

821 days ago


Bubbles (born 1983) is a common chimpanzee, known for being the one-time pet of American recording artist Michael Jackson, who adopted the primate from a Texas research facility in the early 1980s. The animal was a frequent travel companion to the singer, whose attachment to the animal led to media mockery and, among other factors, to a public perception of Jackson as an eccentric. During the Bad World Tour, for example, Jackson brought Bubbles with him to Japan, where they both drank tea with the mayor of Osaka.

Bubbles was initially kept at the Jackson family's Encino, Los Angeles, California, home, but was moved to Neverland Ranch in 1988. There, he slept in a crib in Jackson's bedroom, used the singer's toilet, and ate candy in the Neverland movie theater. It was later revealed in 2003 that Bubbles had matured into an aggressive adult chimp unsuitable as a companion animal. He was sent to a California animal sanctuary, where he was reported to have attempted suicide. When the sanctuary closed in 2004, Bubbles was moved to the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida, where he has been kept for several years.

Jackson's attachment to Bubbles resulted in media mockery. For instance, the media reported that the chimpanzee would be the ringbearer at Elizabeth Taylor's October 6, 1991 Neverland Ranch wedding. The report was not true, but was, according to The New York Times, "an idea that some newspapers found too delightful not to report".[11] The Bubbles' companionship was a source of comfort to the singer and formed, writes journalist Steve Huey, a public perception of Jackson as a "bizarre eccentric, obsessed with recapturing his childhood".[12][13][14] "This is when the weirdness began to reach mythic proportions", wrote Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University.[15]

Their human-animal bond, as well as the entertainer's other alleged eccentricities, contributed to the media epithet "Wacko Jacko", a nickname Jackson would eventually come to despise.[13] The media often focused on Bubbles, rather than on Jackson's music, and published many false stories regarding the animal. One such story was an allegation that Bubbles was not a single ape, but one of several.[16][17] A later claim suggested that Bubbles had died. Commenting on the untrue avowal, Jackson's press agent Lee Solters quipped to the media that "when Bubbles heard about his demise he went bananas". He added, "Like Mark Twain, his death is grossly exaggerated and he's alive and doing well."[18][19] Another story, reported in The National Enquirer, claimed that Prince, Jackson's longtime rival, had used extrasensory perception to turn Bubbles crazy. "What kind of sicko would mess with a monkey?", Jackson was reported to have asked. "This is the final straw. Poor, poor Bubbles."

821 days ago


I suspect she has been heavily coached to fall on this sword in an attempt to defray the fallout on the four that were instrumental in the plan. Regardless, if this is way she chooses to play this, she should not be given custody back. She essentially threw herself under the bus for the likes of Rebie, Janet, Jermaine and Randy. Shame on her. She just lost the public''s trust and sympathy.

821 days ago


Whats the Fuss?? Katherine hasn't Lost the Grandchildren ( MJ's Kids) she can still visit anytime... all she lost was the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
She needed rest, now she can rest......

821 days ago


I am sure she needed a break from her children and grandchildren.... I do not think that she left without telling anyone where she was going and she thought the grandchildren were told that she was on vacation.
Just because Paris wanted to speak with her grandmother and Mrs. Jackson had her phone off and did not want to be disturb on her retreat...It was NOT an emergency or any danger so Paris should have waited until grandma returned...Janet tried to take her to visit with grandma since she was tweeting all this mess and she refused...sounds like a HUGE MESS.
MJ was extremly private and he would be disappointed in Paris behavior.I do not believe Janet slapped Paris where is the tape for that?

821 days ago

I Was About To Say    

I'm sure Michael would be so proud of his mother...jumpin' the responsibility ship to go to a spa while his SHARK siblings are trying to get his hard earned money. MICHAEL WAS THE ONLY SANE ONE OF THE WHOLE BUNCH.

821 days ago


Man that lady is like 80 something man... let her enjoy her last years in peace. I hope they find a new guardian because she shouldn't have to bear the burden of three teenagers when she's had to bear the burden of these greedy despicable jackson children.

821 days ago


Question, why did Katherine want to fire the security guards and put in Janets security guards/ team ?

821 days ago

BB not bb    

She really sounds incoherent now. Nothing she is saying is making sense. She is just saying what she thinks will keep her kids out of trouble. Maybe they come before the grandkids in her heart or maybe they have her so confused, she is just not even thinking about what she is saying.

Maybe those Jacksons were just plain jealous of these kids living a nice peoaceful life with their mother in a mansion. They are not entitled to that money no matter what schemes they try to pull. It seems they let Joe in the back door to bring more hell into their lives.

Even if their mother keeps covering for them, their evil actions will come back on them somehow.

821 days ago


The judge felt like there was a 3rd party to these actions. If Mrs. Jackson tells the judge that she just "needed a break", and went on vacation on her on, I doubt she'll ever get custody back. And, rightly so.

821 days ago


"the reason she hasn't checked in with her grandkids for the past 10 days is because she simply didn't feel like using the phone."

Are you kidding me? You just didn't feel like it? Those kids were worried sick, and you did nothing? That explains why your own children are so messed up. WTF does that to kids?

Someone get those kids as far away from the Jackson Clan as possible!

821 days ago


since when do legal guardians have to be present with their minor kids 24/7? Is she not allowed to have a "break from the kids?" People do it all the time. I doubt the kids were left all alone with no "trusted" adults around. This is just a bunch of silly nanniness.

821 days ago

M. Jones    

Katherine wants her own kids to share in Michael's fortune even though he intentionally left his siblings out of the will. Hopefully someone is looking out for those kids. They have every thing, and no one.

821 days ago
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