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Lindsay Lohan

Another Day ... Another


7/25/2012 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Call Guinness ... Lindsay Lohan was just involved in her 5,412th car accident -- but luckily, this one didn't require tow trucks or ambulances.

Here's the blow-by-blow: accident-prone Lindsay chose to get behind the wheel of her black Porsche Panamera after a shopping trip in Bev Hills this afternoon.

A short while later, while cruising down Sunset Boulevard, Lindsay tapped the back of a silver Mustang ... that wasn't moving.

A woman in the Mustang says, "We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us."

The woman says a male passenger in Lindsay's car apologized and left his phone number ... before telling her they had to keep going because paparazzi were following them.

The Mustang's damage appears to be extremely minor and cosmetic. It's unknown if Lindsay's car suffered any bumps or dings.

Considering her track record, any LiLo accident you can walk away from ...


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Rogue Warrior    

look at all the illiterate trailer park, rode ridden, train wrecked,irrational, emotionally challenged mental midgets holding trailer court again. Time for you all to JUMP!!!!!

Gotti roll douchebags

764 days ago

help this young woman    


it does ? I thought it was early November ?
It is October now. The movie poster is really cool.
Lindsay looks very pretty.

764 days ago


Lindsay:"I didnt see the mustang, while I was responding to an important text concerning a charity called "Save the dolphins".

764 days ago


Meh, wake me up when she finally gets arrested for lying to the police.

Whats up with her face? Even with the big hat and sun glasses she looks strange.

764 days ago


Paps chasing you does not excuse you to run into the back of a matter what. They were at a stop light! What kind of chase is that anyway?

764 days ago


Danielle! Glad you're safe. I read the mustang was a rental from Vegas and I was concerned Lothesome Lohan might be stalking you....

764 days ago


It wasn't her fault, she couldn't see over her herpes blisters.

764 days ago


Gawd, what a useless twit. She needs to get a tricycle, fit it with a sidecar for her whipped assistant and peddle her ass down the road. (It wouldn't be the first time.) Of course, her bumper cars antics aren't suprising with the Jacksons getting all the attention lately. She won't be ignored!!!

764 days ago


It wasn't her fault, she couldn't see over her herpes blisters.

764 days ago


This is the smartest law California ever came up with. Lindsay Lohan is now legally allowed to speed drive reclace hit and run with other cars and claim that papparazzi is following her.

764 days ago


And from the looks of those drive-thru pics from the other day......the slag lost her motel room /bathroom stall/ office, cuz that b*tch is living out of the backseat of her car.
The solution to her problem.......A van,
She would have somewhere to do her drugs (while parked) and somewhere to sleep (she won't have to drive drunk anymore), and she can offer her clientele a change of view from time to time.

764 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

The sooner Porsche gets an injunction against her driving their cars, the better. Not everyone deserves to drive a Porsche.

764 days ago


Since when is it ok to to just up and leave a scene of an accident without asking the person you hit if its ok? I would be f*kin pissed if some idiot hit me from behind got out, shoved a phone number in my hand leaving no insurance info and then drove away. How would I know if the number was legit and not just some made up number? Ahhh to be a former disney star, must be nice.

This chick gets in too many accidents. It seems like if its not a story about her violating the law its a story about her hitting someone.

764 days ago


I wonder if the people in the Mustang can call the police after the fact to report the accident?

764 days ago


So let me get this straight. If you are a "celebrity" ( I use the term loosely), you can cause an accident and leave the scene by saying "paparazzi are following me"! SMH!

764 days ago
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