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Marlon, Tito, Jackie Jackson

Unlike Jermaine & Randy

We're NOT Money Grubbers

7/25/2012 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0725_tito_randy_jermaine_marlon_jackie_gettyUnlike Randy and Jermaine Jackson ... Marlon, Tito, and Jackie have NEVER tried to suckle from the teat of the Michael Jackson estate -- this according to well informed sources.

We're told the financial motives of Randy and Jermaine have splintered the family -- because the other siblings have refused to ask the estate for a handout since Michael died.

If anything, the factionalization shows how sharply divided the family has become after being left out of Michael's will.

As for TJ's new role as temporary guardian of MJ's kids -- we're told Tito, Marlon, and Jackie fully support the court's decision.


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The problem is, Randy and Jermaine do not have the same financial status as the other three.. Jermaine left the group when he married Berry Gordy's wife.. his career tanked and he got cut off from those royalties.. Randy is the youngest and he wasn't in the group originally so he too doesn't have the same royalties.. Marlon, Tito and Jackie were around the whole time and their money is right.. sad situation.. to compound the situation Jermaine has SEVEN kids and Randy has three neither can properly take care of!! Four of which are with the same woman in common! This is a disaster waiting to get even worse!!

821 days ago


Uh, wasn't one or two of them on that "good" side also on the legal paper contesting the will ? ( if I'm wrong, sorry... so many JackAsses to keep up with and so much drama lately, it's all running together )

821 days ago


You know....if you stop talking about the Jackson's, believe this or not, they will go away!!!!!

821 days ago


It's good to know there are some in that family that don't behave like Randy and Jermaine. Those two are vulchers, and now they are kidnappers. I hope, for the sake of Michael's children if nothing else, that peace can come to this family. Keeping the bad ones out of the loop may be a good way to start. They just diminish all the good the others try to do.

821 days ago


believe this or not, but if you stop talking about the Jackson's.......they will go away!!!!!!

821 days ago


Jermaine and Randy seem to have EVERYTHING in common. From sharing baby mamas to being deadbeat broke losers and moochers.....Birds of a feather, sigh.

821 days ago


Janet lost her millions on grocerys

821 days ago


Two words------RESTRAINING ORDER! Run, don't walk, to get one and fast! Clearly, the disinherited siblings will stop at nothing to gain access to MJ's money. One has to wonder what the heck Janet did with all the money she's made that she needs to stoop so low. And why wasn't she charged with assault if she struck the daughter?

821 days ago


Sorry, I meant to say Berry Gordy's DAUGHTER Hazel, who was Jermaine's first wife

821 days ago


Poor MJ he cant even Rest In Peace ! He left all of his siblings out of his will for a reason. They are ruining the family name more than it already is. Poor Mom has been thru hell. His kids deserve the money he loved them most and thats that. His mom is gonna croak soon watch.

821 days ago

BB not bb    

Is that the same Randy Jackson who judges American Idol? Because I am sure he makes alot of money there. I don't think that they need the money, I think they just want the money out of spite to keep it away from teh kids. What does Janet need with any of that money, she still makes alot of money.

I think that these people are full of hate and that is what is driving this cabal.

821 days ago

Flying Blind    

Did the Temptations get back together?

821 days ago


Stealing money from children and elderly! Disgusting!!

821 days ago


These poor kids...being tormented by the very thing their father attempted to protect them from.. Clearly this family does not have the ability to care and make the best decisions for the children... So maybe child services should get involved.. So sad when kids need to protection from their own family.. Poor Michael never had a chance at a long life, if it wouldn't had been dr Murray, it would have been his family.

821 days ago


I never trusted Randy or Jermaine. Randy is bitter and broke and Jermaine was always mad he wasn't the star Michael was. The only brothers who seemed trustworthy to me was Jackie and Marlon. Tito is hard to figure out.

821 days ago
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