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Marlon, Tito, Jackie Jackson

Unlike Jermaine & Randy

We're NOT Money Grubbers

7/25/2012 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0725_tito_randy_jermaine_marlon_jackie_gettyUnlike Randy and Jermaine Jackson ... Marlon, Tito, and Jackie have NEVER tried to suckle from the teat of the Michael Jackson estate -- this according to well informed sources.

We're told the financial motives of Randy and Jermaine have splintered the family -- because the other siblings have refused to ask the estate for a handout since Michael died.

If anything, the factionalization shows how sharply divided the family has become after being left out of Michael's will.

As for TJ's new role as temporary guardian of MJ's kids -- we're told Tito, Marlon, and Jackie fully support the court's decision.


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At least TJ Jackson can understand MJs kids plight Their mother Delores was drowned in a pool by her boyfriend. He and his siblings were reared by their father Tito.

817 days ago


Man...I thought my family was bad! These people and Janet are a bunch of nut cases (see while she cannot hold down a relationship with the opposite sex), I feel sorry for all the kids in this family..I mean all the kids. The old saying still stands..MONEY IS THE ROUTE TO ALL EVIL. I cannot believe when someone passes in a family the VULTURES come out. And would do anything to take money that is not theirs. Make you think that Dr. Murray was right, that he didn't do it. Hell if they are drugging the mother they could have gotten to Michael as well. Just a thought, I don't put anything pass family members that are broke. They wuld do anything and don't have no remourse about it.

817 days ago


Ok, I got it. Why don't they do a reality show so everyone can make some money. Case Closed!!

817 days ago


janet you better watch out for yourself. You might been the next target with your greedy brothers when you get old and sick. If they did to their mother who gave them life they will do it to you for your money.
What goes around comes around. I hope it hits you real hard. I use to respect you; not no more.
Your career in the toilet dear.

817 days ago


I cant believe how low they went. Leaving 3 minors home alone after what they went thru their fathers death. They really are Parasites. I heard Randy, he didn't talk about the kids or the health of the mother, it was all about the will MONEY TJ should get Permanent custody.

817 days ago


My opinion, I see nothing wrong with Mr. Jackson and Michael's brothers recieving funds intead of the suited money grubbing executors. Let's remember, Michael would not be Michael if it were not for his father and brothers in the first place.. Why doesn't anyone have a problem with checking the accuracy of Randy's statement regarding Michaels' whereabouts when the will was supposed to be signed. It seems to me, that will put this whole matter to rest.

816 days ago


Janet is tired of supporting these old arse men.

816 days ago

Just saying    

Micheal and Tito Jackson are my favorites

809 days ago
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