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PSU Coach Bill O'Brien

Other Schools Are


7/25/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Penn State football coach Bill O'Brien says he's fighting to keep his team together after the unprecedented NCAA sanctions ... and claims some universities are playing dirty to get his players.

O'Brien, who has the unenviable task of cleaning up Joe Paterno's mess, was on "Mike and Mike in the Morning" to react to the NCAA rulings -- $60 million fine, vacating 111 wins, 4-year bowl ban, and loss of scholarships.

O'Brien said the hardest part of the punishment is "the fact the NCAA said these guys [Penn State football players] can transfer without penalty." O'Brien added ... he's met with the team and believes most of his players are staying at PSU.

As for the players who are leaving for other schools -- O'Brien said, "I respect the coaching profession, but a lot of coaches ... they have recruited our players without the courtesy of calling me."

O'Brien was not specific about which teams skirted him to get to his players. PSU's star running back Silas Redd is reportedly considering a jump to USC.

O'Brien said he plans to attract future recruits by "talking to them about the degree from PSU. They have to understand to have a PSU degree in their back pocket is a big deal."

O'Brien added ... the sanctions are harsh, but ... "It is what it is."

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No Avatar


Joe Paterno's mess? Real classy TMZ. Like JoePa molested those kids and this was all his doing. Jackass journalism at its finest.....

819 days ago


Surely Urban Meyer wouldn't be involved. That guys a Saint.

819 days ago


he is surprised by this?? the value of a PSU degree,,, that is tainted as well. any prospective employer will remember sandusky and the criminal coverup. besides most of them are not there for a degree, just to play ball, get noticed, and hopefully make the NFL

819 days ago


Of course the players are going to bail, PSU effectively doesn't have a viable football program, and who knows what's going on in that shower room! If my son played football and was attending PSU, I do everything in my power to get him OUTTA there! Bill O'Brien should KNOW that, and should have expected it. Nobody owes O'Brien any phone call before they protect their education, their reputation, their future football careers, and certainly the parents don't have to call O'Brien to let him know they're moving their children to a better place!

819 days ago


Hey... those kids have no reason to stay especially if they are great players. They need to get the hell out of there so they can get the best out of their college football careers. Let's face it PSU is effed for the next four years... so football staff... suck it up and deal with what Sandusky, Paterno, Spainer, Curley, and Schultz left you with... and YES "Innocentbystander" Paterno KNEW ABOUT IT... so he was JUST AS GUILTY in the disgusting acts forced on those children!!

819 days ago


get out of PSU kids as fast as you can sign the contract!!! Start fresh, don't let other people's fkups affect the rest of your lives, you don't owe PSU ANYTHING!!!

819 days ago


Get it right TMZ. Joe Pa did not do anything wrong. Jerry Sandusky molested those kids it's his mess their cleaning up!!!!!!!!

819 days ago


if this child molester hadnt done this ,they wouldnt be in this situation ,and the people that knew about it and kept their mouth shut ,they are the ones the people at penn state ,the parents ,the alumni and everyone else is should be mad at not the ncaa

819 days ago

Big D    

Why wouldn't they bail on Penn State. They will get no TV time, the players might as well play in some small community college somewhere. If the current Penn State players have any hopes of going Pro they need to transfer to another school. The current players that know they are not pro material should just drop out of the football program and get their degree. They should of just closed down the Football Program or a few years. I feel for the players and the students of Penn State, I'm not sure if a degree from Penn State will hold the same weight as before.

819 days ago

XpLzT Xpl0rAtioN    

sorry dude but no college athlete is going to a college that cannot even play a bowl game..thats what is the precursor to the NFL..cannot blame players for going to colleges they might have a draft chance from!

819 days ago


That's why it's called a SANCTION dude. Take your medicine. The schools is supposed to suffer since it enjoyed success at the expense of young children.

819 days ago


"other universities are playing dirty..." Really? Are the other universities letting children be molested in their showers and then covering it up? **** you PSU.

819 days ago


Joe Paterno's mess? Yeah, real classy TMZ. Feel free to join the jackass media outlets that are acting like JoePa molested those boys.....

819 days ago


As far as I'm concerned the punishment the university received was not enough. Those "adults" turned away when KIDS needed them the most to help them! What a horrible thing for those kids to go through, especially knowing that all of those people knew what was going on yet they nothing to stop Sandusky. Sandusky's wife is also to blame and she should also be in prison. She is an enabler.

819 days ago


I don't think you have to "play dirty" to get the players to jump ship ... for goodness sakes, the reason the players are even there is to play football at the collegiate level in the hopes that they'll get picked up by an NFL team. Since the PSU football program is effectively in the "time out" chair ... why in the world would they stay? Whatever.

819 days ago
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