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PSU Coach Bill O'Brien

Other Schools Are


7/25/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Penn State football coach Bill O'Brien says he's fighting to keep his team together after the unprecedented NCAA sanctions ... and claims some universities are playing dirty to get his players.

O'Brien, who has the unenviable task of cleaning up Joe Paterno's mess, was on "Mike and Mike in the Morning" to react to the NCAA rulings -- $60 million fine, vacating 111 wins, 4-year bowl ban, and loss of scholarships.

O'Brien said the hardest part of the punishment is "the fact the NCAA said these guys [Penn State football players] can transfer without penalty." O'Brien added ... he's met with the team and believes most of his players are staying at PSU.

As for the players who are leaving for other schools -- O'Brien said, "I respect the coaching profession, but a lot of coaches ... they have recruited our players without the courtesy of calling me."

O'Brien was not specific about which teams skirted him to get to his players. PSU's star running back Silas Redd is reportedly considering a jump to USC.

O'Brien said he plans to attract future recruits by "talking to them about the degree from PSU. They have to understand to have a PSU degree in their back pocket is a big deal."

O'Brien added ... the sanctions are harsh, but ... "It is what it is."

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No Avatar


OMG, boo hoo hoo, these people are such whinners..who would want to play for PED STATE, the coaches raped little boys in the locker room showers..its amazing that no one in that town has any morals or shame...courtesey to call him???? ewww. its probly a gay porn line anyway....

728 days ago


ok cry baby, lets see "poaching players" or raping little boys....???? i'm gonns go with raping little boys in your showers is worse....so STFU..you are now one of the disgusting ones too....

728 days ago


Mr. O'Brien should have known not to step into the shoes of a (formerly) great man. It is ALWAYS a mistake, always a transitional position that aways leads to a permanent replacement. Bill O'Brien was hired to show that Penn St. was still conducting business as usual. Not. O'Brien is merely a team babysitter, a turnstile through which any worthy player will leave PSU and transfer without penalty to another school.

728 days ago


Your players are getting poached? It's probably because that coach raped those children........so shut up.

728 days ago


That's what you get when you mess with an uninformed, ignorant and punitive AmeriKKKan society. The hate trickles down and destroys everything in its path. Only the Nazi's "register" their citizens.

728 days ago


Boohoo. School should have been given the death penalty.

728 days ago


"Poaching your players" is part of the punishment.

728 days ago


what a dic, its now official, all males at PED State are dic's and love when little boys get raped in their showers, is it football tapes they watch up there, or is child porn? and then get this, their women "stand by their men and coaches.....disgusting

728 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

PSU gets everything it deserves and then some. Boo hoo

Defenders of Paterno...WTF are you thinking? He COVERED UP CHILD RAPE.

728 days ago


Who can blame the players? You would have to be nuts to want to play for that football program now. It's forever tainted. Those that should have protected the reputation of PSU instead destroyed it with their conspiracy of silence.

728 days ago


I think people forget who really did this....It was Jerry Sandusky...It really seems like people hate Paterno more than they hate Sandusky. I really do not think Joe Paterno was a evil person. I think he made a big mistake and honestly..at this point..I wish a victim with that compensation they are going to be getting.....but I think people should be more concerned about Sandusky and not so much Paterno.....

728 days ago


A "miistake" is forgetting to return your library book. Actively protecting or ignoring the acts of a child rapist so that he can continue to victimize, is a crime. No institution is more important than a child.

728 days ago

Penn Not Penn State    

A degree from Penn State in your back pocket is a big deal?? Bwahahahaha! Funniest thing I have read on TMZ in a long while!

728 days ago

South Beach    

A football coach focusing on the academic side of going to college..That's almost unheard of..Well, when that's the last card to be played...

728 days ago

an intelligent person    

f**k you tmz, this "mess" has nothing to do with Joe Paterno...the only person responsible for this mess is jerry sandusky. period,

727 days ago
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