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Katherine Jackson


Returns to L.A.

7/25/2012 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson's conspiratorial siblings couldn't withstand the onslaught of bad publicity ... because Randy Jackson just revealed that his mother Katherine is finally returning to L.A. -- proof the Jackson scheme has completely fallen apart.

Katherine has been holed up in Arizona for the past 10 days ... after she was effectively kidnapped by Randy and several other Jackson siblings in what appears to be a scheme to pressure Katherine to try and overthrow the executors of the Michael Jackson estate.

But moments ago, Randy -- the family ringleader -- appeared on "Good Morning America" ... and announced his mother was finally coming home ... just one day after Tito BAILED on the plot.

It's unclear if this will affect TJ Jackson's plan to seek temporary guardianship of MJ's kids.


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Are lawyers mandated reporters of child abuse/neglects? IF Katherine's lawyer is unable to speak to her, could it be because her children know she is no longer able to fulfill her duties as legal guardian and her lawyer would be legally bound by law to report that?

790 days ago


Can't you just imagine them with their silly heads together hatching the plot? "JACKSON POWERS, ACTIVATE"! The hubris, the sheer audacity. Let's see some charges brought Mr. district attorney. Idiots.

790 days ago


I don't trust Katherine. The kids need another guardian ASAP. Katherine wants to secure money for her other kids when she passes.

There is NO separate. Katherine trust , she just receives 40% of the proceeds of the MJFamily trust which reverts to Michaels kids when she dies.

They just barely got the estate out of debt, so their priority was to be responsible and pay the debt down first. Randy et al. would pillage the principle to get their paws on the money. No way would Michael have allowed that!

790 days ago


Not one of these F-ers has a job!! Jesus Christ! Can't Janet flop her boob out now and then for a buck??? MJ was a psycho-freak but at least he earned his money.

790 days ago

Sidney Rocks    

There's an account here called JMarie i think its either Jermaine or Randy lol. What a bunch of losers tsk tsk tsk

790 days ago


There had to be a reasons why Micheal Jackson left them out of his will... His siblings are now showing why they were left out...

790 days ago


THE REPORT I READ STATED THAT Katherine Jackson is awarded 70K per month for the care of M J's children. No mention it includes care of the home, just the children. Unless Katherine has no respect for the free money her son left her, will someone please explain ? Personally, I am not financially shy nor am I tightfisted, however , 70K seems a little excessive for three young children. I would think Katherine's attorneys and tax people are responsible for the expenses and up-keep of her mansion which does not include payment for the children. Perhaps the article I read was misinformed. Could be.

790 days ago


Is there a more messed up family than the Jackson's?? Now we know why poor Michael wanted to be medicated 24/7. What a disaster!! Hopefully those kids can be placed with a normal family...they should cut all ties with the Jackson's.

790 days ago

RABID...Pray It Doesn't Happen To You.    

It's been fun.

790 days ago


He didn't answer the questions. Were the children aware that their grandmother leaving to rest?

790 days ago


katherine deserves to loose custody. she shouldnt have left. and shes too old to be manipulated by her own kids. she knows right from wrong and i dont care what she been through in her life..those kids should give her the backbone she needs to ensure their safety and well being. she clearly isnt fit. she doesnt deserve to have those kids.

790 days ago


A For Real Stroke
In ...3...2...1....

790 days ago


Unfortunately, Katherine should be removed as their guardian. She's obviously not strong enough or capable of making decisions in their best interest on her own and NOTHING should separate her from communication with them for that long.

790 days ago


And I thought my family was crazy

790 days ago


This purpose of this whole "abduction" plan could have been to show that MJ's kids were going to need a co-guardian, and Tito could see that it might be to his advantage to allow his son to take on that role, with a private agreement from his son to take care of him, financially, should he be given co-guardianship of MJ's kids, on an as-needed basis. He could stand to be awarded a stipulated amount of money for the co-guardianship status he would take on, so Tito saw a way to get some cash going this route, instead of the route he initially had taken. Katherine, an 80 year-old grandmother, could very likely have days in the future when she would need help with this guardianship role she took on, so it would make sense for the court to agree that they should have a co-guardian, instead of giving full guardianship to Diana Ross. Legally, Katherine would still be guardian, but she would have help, which is understandable, at her age.

790 days ago
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