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TJ Jackson

The Perfect Guardian

For Michael Jackson's Kids

7/25/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just appointed TJ the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's three kids and suspended Katherine Jackson's guardianship.

There's a reason TJ Jackson had a lawyer prepare legal papers to make him the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's kids -- he has already partially assumed that role ... and he even has the Kim Kardashian stamp of approval.

TMZ broke the story ... TJ became alarmed when Katherine Jackson -- the current legal guardian -- disappeared for more than a week. 

Jackson sources tell us ... TJ -- the 34-year-old married son of Tito -- has had a strong connection to Paris, Prince and Blanket for years, but was especially comforting after MJ died.

One example ... at the Michael Jackson tribute show in Wales, Katherine was by herself in a private area, far from the kids.  TJ was in full dad mode, helping Blanket tie his shoes, helping Prince tie his tie.  He made sure the kids were fed during the concert, which lasted for hours.

Kim Kardashian, who dated TJ for 4 years, tells friends, of all the Jacksons ... TJ was the closest to Michael and his kids.  She says TJ had a "father-like" relationship with Michael's kids, adding, "He's a very honest and trustworthy person and everyone knows he'll do the right thing."

Paris, Prince and Blanket adore TJ and are behind the temp guardianship move, and that's something that will weigh heavily with the probate judge.
We're told TJ is in wait mode -- to see what happens with Katherine.  But the papers are drafted and he's ready to make his move in court.


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This is gone be a long ride' and Now the World is going to see History going down' all the Secrets will explode' and MJ will Finally be free' the only Sad thing' is them poor babies gone be deeply affected..

788 days ago


Is there anyone that Kim Kardashian has not banged?

788 days ago

The Truth Hurts    

I don't know whats going on with the Jackson mess but having kim kardashian approval is like having Joe Jackson approval. Its not worth anything and its worse too. That is a sign that TJ shouldn't be guardian

788 days ago


no way! KTramp has wormed her way into this story.
I have a sudden urge to take out the trash....

788 days ago


If I were TJ, I certainly would not want an endoresement from Kim Kardashian. She is a joke too.

788 days ago


I've never even heard of TJ Jackson before today, but the fact that he dated a self centered fame whore like Kim Kardashian for so long makes me seriously doubt his character and intent.

788 days ago


I would take the opinion of the homeless guy under the freeway overpass before I took Kim K's. Can she stay out of anything? Such a fricken famewhore

788 days ago


The greedy jacksons will go after whom ever has the kids, but TJ can stand up against it.
I think Jermaine was hoping to take the kids from Katherine himself and TJ smartly figured out his plans.

With all that's happened I think an investigation into Michael's death should be revisited and Jermaine and his slimy doc friend should be the prime suspects

788 days ago


The brothers seeking the money (not counting Tito who is doing the right thing) have no talent so I'm not surprised they are trying to score money off their late brother's talent. I'm surprised at Janet Jackson - she's wealthy in her own right - but I guess enough is never enough for her. Thank God TJ wa appointed guardian and the judge encouraged permanent guardianship.

788 days ago


Thank God the judge let TJ haeve temporary guardianship and encouraged permanent guardianship. The brothers seeking to overturn the will have no talent - so its not surprising they want money from their deceased sibling's talent. As far as Janet is concerned - she's already rich - but maybe enough is never enough for her. Kathryn is too old to be a guardian. Let TJ take over and get the scheming family out of the way.

788 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

First off, MJ must have knew he didn’t have long to live and “his ways” would catch up with him. How else could someone reasonably (then again it was MJ) expect a woman of her age to take care of three kids? Considering the family involved, we all expected there to be power struggles for the money, the kids being a big ticket item as part of it all.

What a wonderful family:
- Pedophile (actually Hebaphile)
- Child abusers
- Wife swappers
- Deadbeat dads
- Addicts
- People with serious mental problems
- Grifters
- Morons
- Opportunists
- Loafers
- Leaches
- Freaks
- And on and on

If it was anyone else, child protective services would be involved. What kicked this all off can certainly be considered abandonment. If you left three kids with a babysitter and disappeared for over a week without them (kids and caretakers) knowing where you went or when/if you’d be back, you bet there would be consequences. The simple act of the names chosen for them (yes, I know Blanket is a nickname) was child abuse.

The best thing for those kids, aside from keeping them off the internet, is to break ties with the family completely. They should be sent to live with the biological mothers that they were purchased from.

This is just a countdown to failure for those kids.

787 days ago


The Perfect Guardian
For Michael Jackson's Kids

Who says so?

787 days ago


I say let him have them. He's 34, which is closer to their age, and maybe he can talk some sense into them about using social media responsibly. In any case, it puts that 'problem' on him and not on an 82 year old woman who should be fully enjoying her golden years and not dealing with mouthy brats on a daily basis. And on the same note, it should be the siblings' cue to let it lie and walk away from those kids. It's clear that they have no respect for them and think they're grown, so let them be grown. They can turn to TJ, or whomever, when they need family. They're not an extension of Michael because they're not his biological children. There's no reason to hold on to people who don't want to be held. I'm sure some will argue that they're just 'kids', but those same people back their actions when they're fresh, disrespectful, and NOT behaving like kids. Can't have it both ways. They chose to behave this way and publicly bash their uncles and aunts. So make it easier on them -stop being their uncles and aunts and everyone will be happy.

786 days ago


God bless the children, and I hope TJ takes care of them. Grandma loves them but is elderly and surrounded by leeches.

785 days ago


It was posted in another TMZ that Katherine Jackson suffered a mini stroke. I don't know if the adult Jackson children are aware this, but a mini stroke can be a precipitating factor to a heart attack or major stroke. Jackson Family- Please stop stressing your mother. NO amount of money is worth her life. Stress kills Stress kills- STOP IT NOW!!!!!!

784 days ago
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