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TJ Jackson

The Perfect Guardian

For Michael Jackson's Kids

7/25/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just appointed TJ the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's three kids and suspended Katherine Jackson's guardianship.

There's a reason TJ Jackson had a lawyer prepare legal papers to make him the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's kids -- he has already partially assumed that role ... and he even has the Kim Kardashian stamp of approval.

TMZ broke the story ... TJ became alarmed when Katherine Jackson -- the current legal guardian -- disappeared for more than a week. 

Jackson sources tell us ... TJ -- the 34-year-old married son of Tito -- has had a strong connection to Paris, Prince and Blanket for years, but was especially comforting after MJ died.

One example ... at the Michael Jackson tribute show in Wales, Katherine was by herself in a private area, far from the kids.  TJ was in full dad mode, helping Blanket tie his shoes, helping Prince tie his tie.  He made sure the kids were fed during the concert, which lasted for hours.

Kim Kardashian, who dated TJ for 4 years, tells friends, of all the Jacksons ... TJ was the closest to Michael and his kids.  She says TJ had a "father-like" relationship with Michael's kids, adding, "He's a very honest and trustworthy person and everyone knows he'll do the right thing."

Paris, Prince and Blanket adore TJ and are behind the temp guardianship move, and that's something that will weigh heavily with the probate judge.
We're told TJ is in wait mode -- to see what happens with Katherine.  But the papers are drafted and he's ready to make his move in court.


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Maybe "missing" is what they need so that they reconsider their doings, and start behaving like a family. The Jacksons are very strong people and no matter how much disagreement, they will always be the tight knit family they've always been. They have been through thick and thin and always remained a family. That's one of the qualities I admire most in the Jacksons.
What I am thinking is that maybe the Michael Jackson Estate is not only Michael's work (which is most of the estate), but also includes the work of the Jackson 5 and The Jacksons, which is still around and generating royalties. And maybe, that's why the siblings are claiming money from the estate.
I love Michael Jackson! Undoubtedly, his work was the work of a genius, and he was a pioneer and opened many doors; but I don't think he did the right thing when he took the family trust and left the collective hard work of 40 years to his mother, children and charity, leaving everyone else out in the cold. I would say this was a callous action on his part. And this is what happens, it breaks the family. I think they should all sit down as a family, and reconsider the distribution of the estate, which has enough money to satisfy everyone's needs.
And as for respecting Michael's wishes go, he was very clear in his will, his mother is the sole guardian, and as long as she's not dead, and we all know she is not, then everyone should respect that and stop been so hysterical.

828 days ago


At least he looks like he could be the progenitor.

MJ had children in a very selfish way, whatabout adoption ? I am not saying they won't be happy
I am just saying kids are not dolls.
Maybe they know better about who they are and where they come from than we do, hopefully.

828 days ago


Thank GOD! Finally someone with a soul to help these kids. Keep those demon Jacksons away from Paris Prince and Blanket!

828 days ago


First, I read MJ's will online. He nominated Diana Ross to serve as alternate guardian if his mother couldn't do so. What happened to Diana Ross? Did she ever tell MJ that she'd be willing to act as the kids' guardian? It's protocol to ASK someone if they'd be willing to do it before they prepare their will

Secondly, TJ and some cousins are listed as contingent beneficiaries under the Family Trust which I have not read (or found online). The question is what if the kids all die during the pendency of the trust and have no children of their own?

TJ sounds like the closest thing to loving family that these kids really have. Mom is just too old to deal with rebellious teenagers (as many a grandmom across this country has sadly found out).

I wouldn't place those kids health, safety and welfare in anyone who has even the remotest contingent interest in that money.

Lastly, what a frigging nutty family. I'm disappointed in Janet but maybe she's looking at it like this: if the brothers' lapping from the gravy train ends up terminated, they'll all come to HER for the money. She should be caring for the kids themselves but she really had no role model for good parenting growing up, did she?

828 days ago


Well, if Kim gives her stamp of approval - then HELL NO!!

828 days ago


And let's not forget it was Katherine Jackson and family who made sure those kids always had a roof over their heads and had the feeling of belonging to a family. There's no money that can buy that kind of emotional stability. Paris should reconsider her doings and her words towards her family. It was Katherine, not TJ, who tried very hard to make those children residents of Calabasas so they could be alone with her.

828 days ago


Kim Kardashain recommending someone for fatherhood?. She should stick to buying 10K shoes and chasing Tim Tebow.

828 days ago


I also agree Diana Ross should become guardian as stated in the last will & testament because that is what Michael Jackson wanted

828 days ago


Nothing should be done without Katherine first hand say so & approval..............if she doesn't say so then we know the rest of the family is just after the money

828 days ago


This story just lost all creditability, it's fake

828 days ago


you lost me with the KK connection

828 days ago

Trooper Tom    

So you can't post an article without including the tramp Kim Kockroachian she is irrelevant in every sense of the word, a cheap no class media whore

828 days ago


If Katherine herself does not say so herself & give approval herself firsthand then no do not give TJ or anybody else in the family guardianship because they are only in it for the money.........the only person other than Katherine who should be guardian is Diana Ross as stated in Michael Jacksons last will & testament........the last will & testament of a dying person or dead person used to mean something

828 days ago


Sorry Kim Krdashian, TJ may very well be a great guardian but you giving him an endorsement of being honest, and straight up..... Give me a break. Tat from a person who had a bogus marriage and a sex tape she put out with her permission. Kim K has NO CRED!

828 days ago


I can't seem to find out what TJ does for a living. Could some of you folks making comments weigh in and reply to me letting me know what TJ's current career is. Thanks.

828 days ago
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