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TJ Jackson

The Perfect Guardian

For Michael Jackson's Kids

7/25/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just appointed TJ the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's three kids and suspended Katherine Jackson's guardianship.

There's a reason TJ Jackson had a lawyer prepare legal papers to make him the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's kids -- he has already partially assumed that role ... and he even has the Kim Kardashian stamp of approval.

TMZ broke the story ... TJ became alarmed when Katherine Jackson -- the current legal guardian -- disappeared for more than a week. 

Jackson sources tell us ... TJ -- the 34-year-old married son of Tito -- has had a strong connection to Paris, Prince and Blanket for years, but was especially comforting after MJ died.

One example ... at the Michael Jackson tribute show in Wales, Katherine was by herself in a private area, far from the kids.  TJ was in full dad mode, helping Blanket tie his shoes, helping Prince tie his tie.  He made sure the kids were fed during the concert, which lasted for hours.

Kim Kardashian, who dated TJ for 4 years, tells friends, of all the Jacksons ... TJ was the closest to Michael and his kids.  She says TJ had a "father-like" relationship with Michael's kids, adding, "He's a very honest and trustworthy person and everyone knows he'll do the right thing."

Paris, Prince and Blanket adore TJ and are behind the temp guardianship move, and that's something that will weigh heavily with the probate judge.
We're told TJ is in wait mode -- to see what happens with Katherine.  But the papers are drafted and he's ready to make his move in court.


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My concern is that he is a Jackson but other than that Michael must have been fond of TJ and his brothers because they are the only family members list along with 3 others (cousins i believe) as "contingent heirs" in his will. And yes I think it is fishy of Tito to come out after his son decides to fight for guardianship.

790 days ago


These kids need a guardian who have no family connection to the Jacksons, period

790 days ago


Keep in mind folks, you can't "will" children. Even if Michael Jackson named Diana Ross in his will as the next guardian after his mother, a judge will have to determine if it's in the best interest for the children.

A court only takes that as a suggestion. Since the kids are older, they get a bigger say than what their dad put in his will. If they don't want to go with Diana Ross, a court isn't going to make them.

790 days ago


TJ should have them if its best for them. KK is trash, and needs to be removed from all TMZ stories.

790 days ago


Pfft... when KK was with TJ, the kids were not even conceived yet.

790 days ago


TMZ you need to get over your love afair with Kim. Not everyone would consider her endorsment a good thing. Having said that if TJ can offer these children a stable and loving home (something they have lacked) I say go for it.

790 days ago


Even though TMZ obviously puts merit in KK's opinions, let's hope he is smart enough not to ask her for a reference on his credibilty in court. I would hope a judge wouldn't be impressed.

790 days ago


It makes sense. If anyone in the Jackson family can relate to what Michaels kids are going through it's Tito's sons. Their mother was murdered when they were in their teens..... over a financial dispute with her boyfriend. I have no doubts that TJ only has their best interest in mind. TJ and his brothers are seen with the kids all the time. It's obvious they're close. The harsh truth is Katherine is getting old. Her health could decline at any moment rendering her unable to care or make decisions for Michael's children. Someone younger the children trust needs to be appointed as their guardian. Good luck TJ.

790 days ago


Where is Diana Ross in all this? I thought in the will she was named a caregiver if Katherine could not be one. Shouldn't she be coming forward?

790 days ago


Am i the only one who takes a Kim Kardashian stamp of approval with a grain of salt? She should stick to buying 10K shoes and chasing Tim Tebow.

790 days ago


Kim sure does get around bet the guy that she is with have to tie a two by four to their a$$ to keep from falling in. lol

790 days ago


oh great I can sleep soundly now that fish face has given her seal of approval

790 days ago


I think he would make a good guardian. Ms jackson is too old to raise kids. She raised her kids and I don't know why Michael did not have a better plan for his children's rearing... The woman is 82 and not in the best health. And Tito got out after this episode at the house. TJ I back you!

790 days ago


@ TJ They are not after the funds, Rev Al Sharpton showed video of MJ in NY with him, Johnnie Cochran in Harlem. He also has video from the news agencies reporting on his presence.

The only thing I don't understand is WHY it took so long to bring out this information. Randy & Rev Al called out Trent by name too last night, Randy said KJ requested they pick up any grandkids that wanted to visit her and was there to ask the kids but was not allowed to talk to them by Trent and all this "information" is being put out by Trent.

790 days ago


Big deal KMZ....the witch is famous for making a water sports sex tape and we should all care what she thinks?...Harvey...are you really this lame that you need to bow down and put a Kardashian in almost every story?

790 days ago
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