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Michael Jackson's Kids

Get a New Guardian

7/25/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Katherine Jackson's been removed as guardian of Michael Jackson's children -- and now T.J. Jackson is in charge -- but for how long? After a crazy day in court ... we'll tell you why this Jackson family feud is just getting started ... and yes, it DOES involve money.

Plus, did Kristen Stewart own up to cheating on Robert Pattinson because she's genuinely sorry ... or just because she got caught? Of course, there's already a juicy conspiracy theory brewing!

And you gotta see boxer Adrien Broner's post-fight celebration -- it's either hysterical or humiliating (to his gf) ... or both!

(0:00) The Jackson family drama gets crazier by the minute -- we'll tell you all the latest on the war that's tearing the family apart.
(12:00) The "Batman" shooting could have been completely avoided -- because the shooter sent his plans to someone in the mail ... but they never got the package. Plus, Christian Bale visits the victims.
(16:00) The paparazzo who chased Justin Bieber is being charged with four crimes ... and Evan thinks he's the dumbest guy ever.
(20:00) Kristen Stewart actually admits to cheating on Robert Pattinson -- we'll tell you the story behind why she confirmed the scandalous story.
(26:00) Russell Brand could be a little trouble -- we found out he's going to be charged for taking someone's cell phone and smashing it.
(29:00) A Greek Olympian tweets out what seems to be a racist statement -- and gets kicked out of the games.
(32:00) Carly Rae Jepson has nude photos on the market -- we'll tell you how they got there.
(34:00) Bruce Springsteen was at one point suicidal ... shocking.
(36:00) A pro boxer pulls one of the most ridiculous stunts ever -- fake proposing to his girlfriend in the ring, then making her brush his hair.
(38:00) We take your calls!

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You guys are so cynical! Kristen Stewart is gushing her apologies because she is a girl in her twenties who messed up and trying to let her boy know it. He's probably not taking her calls or texts and she feels like crap. This is not about a movie, it's young love drama.

827 days ago


What about the fact that the director's wife (Liberty Ross) played Kristen Stewart's mother in Snow White?

827 days ago


Actually some African countries are now richer than Greece ..lmao..

827 days ago


Ryan sexy??...barf.

827 days ago


the show is SLOPPY today!

827 days ago


When I saw this I thought Kristen was gonna be the guardian. Lol!! :D

827 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I wil skype if I can insult Fat Mike for a minute.

827 days ago


Janet Jackson manipulates herself.

827 days ago


Hs anyone considered that Katherine Jackson could be having some dimentia issues? She is quite old and a person could have episodes where they don't think straight even before they completely lose their capacity. If she could be persuaded to go away and not speak to important people, there is something going on with her reasoning abilities

827 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

come on TMZ, the wide angle lens ain't makin' it for fat Mike... go cinemascope or something.

827 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I bet White Charles' dreads smell like Fritos. Those things usually stink and rot off.

827 days ago

sky pee    

Where is that s***-bag Joe Jackson in all of this? He usually has his nose and hands in all $ related matters

dcom 3g

827 days ago


Harvey, please stop interrupting your staff members...especially the women. You need to rest your voice, for all our sakes.

827 days ago


Hey Harvey, and the TMZ crew, Keep the stories Hot Off The Presses, for me popcorn addiction is becoming expensive. $6.99 for a jar of Orville Reddenbachers and $11.99 for a bottle of sunflower oil PRICEY!!!!!

826 days ago
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