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Delayed Batman Comic

Teacher Pulls Gun

On Students

7/26/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Batman Inc Comic
A teacher pulls a gun on a classroom filled with students in the latest Batman comic book -- and that's why DC Comics chose to postpone its release.

As we reported, DC Comics forbade the release of its new issue of "Batman Inc." because it "contains content that may be perceived as insensitive" in the wake of the "Dark Knight" shooting in Colorado. Now, we know exactly what that "insensitive" content is.

In addition to the teacher pointing a gun at her classroom, the issue contains several other references to gun violence -- including one moment when a character says, "Eyewitness spoke of a grisly bullet-ridden cadaver."

The issue has been blocked from release until August 22.



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Yep, that probibly would have upset quite a few people. They definitely would have been seen as insensitive and the media would have ran with it like no ones business. They made the right decision in my opinion.

820 days ago


They delayed the release out of consideration and respect for the victims and families which was morally correct in my opinion.So TMZ why couldn't you have the same moral code as the comic company???You post this page and state what is in it....guess news is more important to you then respecting all who where hurt by this tragedy.This story was a disappointment and discredits your standing in the public eye.

820 days ago


TMZ. I don't get it - you are posting that which DC Comics chose not to release, in light of the tragedy...and yet, you are posting it??? What is wrong with you?

820 days ago


Please remove the post - show some consideration and respect for the victims and families...especially since "Now, we know exactly what that "insensitive" content is"...

820 days ago


Tinkerbell and the TMZ staff (Vagina mouth, peanut butter brain, the old maid, etc) have outdid themselves this time..publishing pictures DC comics deemed to insensitive to release at this time.

820 days ago


I'm so frickin tired of this batman crap

820 days ago

Cletus Van Damme    

So... they decided it was insensitive to release it now, but TMZ decided to just go and show it anyway, as if there is really any news value. Give me a break.

820 days ago


What? There's gun violence in the latest Batman comic? You mean like in every other Batman comic ever released?

820 days ago


I hope DC Comics sues TMZ for reprinting their unpublished work.

820 days ago


Its official. The terrorist have won

820 days ago


i am a gun toting lady, but in what universe is it ever appropriate for a teacher to pull a gun in the classroom? so wrong on many levels...

820 days ago

People Annoy Me    

I may look like an insensitive a**hole here.... But honestly, I don't see how the two can relate a lot..... Yes, the shootings sucked. Yes it's sad but can we stop giving Colorado so much attention? I mean, death is part of everyday life. You don't see the world crying every second. People just need to stop bandwagoning from this event.

820 days ago


How bout you not report on it so people don't get ideas? Have some social morality as a company, AOL.

820 days ago

Rhonda C. Poynter    

I agree with West Coast Baby - and I am big on freedom of press, etc. This is garbage and worthy only of boycotting anything DC does. I've got a son their market age, in case they don't care that a middle aged woman suggested boycotting...

820 days ago


"one of you bitch students is going to have sex with me" Oh I forgot you don't have to be forced anymore, ain't womens lib great??

820 days ago
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