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Feuding Jackson Bros.

Family War Be Damned ...

We're Still Performing!

7/26/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing brings the Jackson brothers together like a payday -- TMZ has learned, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie still plan to perform a concert together tomorrow night ... despite a war raging between Jermaine and the rest of his siblings.

As we reported, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie have drawn a line in the sand -- aligning themselves with the Michael Jackson estate ... while Randy and Jermaine continue to claim the estate is defrauding the family.

Now, sources close to the brothers tell TMZ, the Jackson Unity concert scheduled for tomorrow at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA will still take place as scheduled.

According to sources, the brothers have decided to put their problems aside for the sake of the fans.

We're guessing the paycheck doesn't hurt either.


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The Jackson Geritol Tour.

783 days ago


I hope the kids are not so forgiving like MJ was at first. I hope they see these uncles and aunts have no concern for them or compassion. They are trying to find a way to cheat these children out of their fathers legacy. He helped his family at first but it just snowballed into a domino life time effect.
They have gotten millions from their brother when he was alive. Now they try to take control of KJ to siphon her money. APS needs in this. TJ needs POA over KJ also. No money to those MJ despised in the end. ESP Jermaine he hated him.

783 days ago


Question for the MJ fans...outside of taking care of the children and the allowance for that..Mrs. Katherine gets 40% of the estate of which she can spend how ever she likes, if she wants to pay off her kids child support what issue is that of yours, my question has she been receiving her 40% or has she just been receiving the allowance to take care of MJ's kids. From what I understand she's only received 1 million bucks while the executors close to 40 million dollars...where is her money..not the money for the kids because they are not the same. Thats why her children are contesting the will their mother in their eyes is being taken advantage of....forget the kids where is her money

783 days ago


Would not go see them if they were right outside my door. hey have never been as talented as michael was and never will be.

783 days ago


OMG! Is Jermaine still wearing that busted jacket from the 80's??? What a turd.

783 days ago


If there is money - you can believe they will take it. Wonder if they will pack the house.

783 days ago


I wonder if the RABID California MJ fans will take up in honor of Michael and go out there and protest the show? Wouldn't that be interesting, hell, another 52 threads of info for TMZ alone...LOL

783 days ago


Ghosts! LOL

783 days ago


I honestly think this tour is gonna be a flop , since everyone found out how cold-hearted , money-hungry this family is but you never know.

783 days ago


WHY would anyone go see these no talent clowns. It would be more authentic to go see a Michael Jackson Tribute Band. And why Janet would get involved with this is beyond me. From all reports, the Estate Lawyers have paid off nearly 1/2 Billion is Debt, are funding the Children and Katheryn as required, and are not paying Joe or the Brother's and Sisters a Dime, per, for WHATEVER reason, MJ's wishes. Perhaps it would have been nice if MJ made a video tape explaining why he did what he did, but I am guessing the various involved parties know. MJ's 3 kids will probably EACH have 1/2 Billion by the time they are 30 and the Charities MJ wanted to support, will certainly be supported. It is what he wanted and it would illegal to do anything else. There is no Will that states otherwise and I think it has been proven that this will is, indeed, legitimate! The golden goose is gone. The Victory Tour was nearly 30 YEARS AGO!

783 days ago


Where is Latoya? Haven't heard a word from her and she didn't sign the letter.

783 days ago


Nobody wants to see those lipsyncing MJ wannabe AZZES! lol

783 days ago


Of course their drawing the line in the sand, it's all about the money and it will always be about them and the money. Riding someone shirttails must be hard when your not famous enough anymore to make a living you think you deserve.

783 days ago

South Beach    

Good on them (except Jermaine) for getting out there an hustling. I'd go and support them just for that.

Janet can suck wind. I wouldn't spit on her if she ran past me on fire.

783 days ago


what do they perform? do they just dance and do background vocals?

783 days ago
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