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Feuding Jackson Bros.

Family War Be Damned ...

We're Still Performing!

7/26/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing brings the Jackson brothers together like a payday -- TMZ has learned, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie still plan to perform a concert together tomorrow night ... despite a war raging between Jermaine and the rest of his siblings.

As we reported, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie have drawn a line in the sand -- aligning themselves with the Michael Jackson estate ... while Randy and Jermaine continue to claim the estate is defrauding the family.

Now, sources close to the brothers tell TMZ, the Jackson Unity concert scheduled for tomorrow at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA will still take place as scheduled.

According to sources, the brothers have decided to put their problems aside for the sake of the fans.

We're guessing the paycheck doesn't hurt either.


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So long as they're making their own money, and not mooching off the kids, who cares what they do, so long as they have a job!

784 days ago



784 days ago


Notice at the top they list Michael, is he alive and on tour with them ?

784 days ago


I bought a ticket to this concert and I gave it to James Holmes. He promised me to do a good job with The Jacksons.

784 days ago


One thing is clear in this whole mess... MJ LOVED white people cuz he left them in charge and all of his fortune. Not one dime for any Black family members, Black charities, Black scholarships NOTHING!!! & unless his 82 year old Momma take care of his white kids she get nothing. That says ALOT. that's why his family is feuding over that money AND THEY DAMN WELL SHOULD!!! A billion dollars??? ****!!! HE DIDN'T BUILD HIS NAME BY HIS SELF.

784 days ago


What is up with the "boobs" on Jermaine Jackson on the new video???????

784 days ago


I just checked. Tickets still available @ $39. See the Battlin' Bros. in person (although I don't know why you'd want to). Wonder if they do any of MJ's material or stick to Jackson 5 stuff?

784 days ago


TMZ! TMZ! TMZ! If JANET JACKSON filled in for Michael with the other brothers THEY COULD ALL MAKE MILLIONS! Janet can move like Michael, sing like Michael and is as loving and generous as Michael was. The Jackson 5 could be back together, only in different form.

784 days ago


I am surprised Saratoga Ca has them at the Mt Winery. I have gone to several concerts there.
Please everyone boycott.

784 days ago


I hope half the fans dont show up and the other half boo them off the stage.

784 days ago


I'm suprised they can do a show without stroking out, Randy keep s large supply of Depends handy.

784 days ago


The so called fued only exist in the media's mind. They have a family conflict that needs to be addressed away from the media and away from brats making comments on their "twitter page"

784 days ago


Doesn't anyone find it interesting that once Katherine Jackson supposably found out that her grandchild thought she had been kidnapped and where distraught over her disapperance that she not only took her sweet time in returning to LA, but she stopped off to do an interview with ABC. I would think that CPS would find that this type of behavior would show that the welfare of MJ's children does not come first. There is something so wrong here. I hope that unbiased officials are truely paying attention to this and intervene. This is a highly disfunctional and distructrive family. Who would have thought it would be MJ's death that would show the world that he was not as off the rails as maybe everyone thought he was. Esstrentic yes - crazy where is family was concerned. proobably not!!

784 days ago


TO: Teri who wrote:
"The so called fued only exist in the media's mind. They have a family conflict that needs to be addressed away from the media and away from brats making comments on their "twitter page""
Brats? Where'd you get that, from the dis-inherited siblings of Michael Jackson?
Those "brats" are the ones who have all the money that Randy, Janet and Jermaine want! Brats my azz!
Even if they were "brats" they still deserve to know where their primary caregiver is, and NOT be abandoned!

784 days ago


This place is not that far from me, maybe I should go there and throw rotten tomatoes at them

784 days ago
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