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Feuding Jackson Bros.

Family War Be Damned ...

We're Still Performing!

7/26/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing brings the Jackson brothers together like a payday -- TMZ has learned, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie still plan to perform a concert together tomorrow night ... despite a war raging between Jermaine and the rest of his siblings.

As we reported, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie have drawn a line in the sand -- aligning themselves with the Michael Jackson estate ... while Randy and Jermaine continue to claim the estate is defrauding the family.

Now, sources close to the brothers tell TMZ, the Jackson Unity concert scheduled for tomorrow at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA will still take place as scheduled.

According to sources, the brothers have decided to put their problems aside for the sake of the fans.

We're guessing the paycheck doesn't hurt either.


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id rather watch al jolson. you ain't preforming for me, never have "You got nothing I want"

785 days ago

Jen Williams    

Everyone in the audience should bring "Shame on Jermaine Jackson" posters & boo his butt off stage! Obviously he wants attention for showing up @ his niece & nephews' home & for keeping the kids & Tito, Jackie, & Marlon from talking to his Mom. He deserves to be boo'd. He's been mooching off his family way too long & not keeping up w/ child support!

785 days ago


Who wants to see these douches perform Michael Jackson songs after causing all this drama? Is all this to sell tickets?

785 days ago


everyone is sick of this family

785 days ago


Good for them. I saw them at the Greek in LA last Sunday and they rocked it. They sound good, the crowd was into it.

785 days ago


I'm sure they are out there, but who the "F" would pay to see these nobodies? I'd rather pay for tickets to the local high school play, at least those kids are honest.

785 days ago

bunny man    

The Jacksons have the right to entertain. I've seen the show, and it was great. These guys have been in the business for years. With or without MJ they're still The Jackson's. If MJ were alive today, he would be appalled at some of your vile comments about his
mother, and siblings. I'm sorry they're personal life's have be placed on display for all to judge. I hope MJ's estate work with family, there's enough for everyone, lawyers, the kids, and the family.

785 days ago

john johnson    

but...what about randy?

785 days ago


Even when they were the Jackson 5 and later The Jacksons, isn't it safe to say that most of the audiences they played for were there to see Michael?

785 days ago

buzz kill    

Ain't love grand.

785 days ago


This family is like a bunch of parasites that keep trying to feed of the dead remains of their brother and their son. he had a will and it stated where he wanted HIS money to go. End of story!

785 days ago


TMZ always trying to start stupid ****. they got a contract... WTF!!!

785 days ago

bringing brighter days    

Michael Jackson, you sold out your own family, you sold out black people who bought your records from day one during the first 16 years of your career from 1969-1985, you sold out an entire culture, an entire struggle, and entire experience just so you could attain the pop mantle, and in the process, you have turned your evolving fanbase over the past 25 years against your own family because all of the lies you projected to the public, and now black people raised up during the age of illusion (political correctness), now THEY are attacking your family because of the lies.......your physical transformation has cultivated the most racially ambivalent, indifferent, hostile, hate-filled, acrimonious, violent, following in modern culture, in the history of entertainment, a fanbase who acts from a position of entitlement, a fanbase who never would have excepted you if you had remained visibly black, a fanbase who enabled your lies, who upheld the lies, which caused your destruction.....

and because of the fact you upheld white people associated w/privilege in higher esteem than black people as a whole, this has caused your family to be slaves to 3 children you never fathered, and because of that, the impression is given your family is leeching off of you while in fact, YOU exploited those 3 kids, which caused commercial media to exploit them too, which caused the people running that estate to exploit them.......

and anybody who attacks this family because of the lies, an call them *****s, mother****ers, and every vile name under the sun, these sociopaths need to be rounded up and sent to prison, just like those plastic surgeons who carved away at your appearance, obliterating your blackness

this country is finished, and your international following has played a great role to in the destruction of the true value of real music and entertainment...

it stopped being about the music 25 years ago

the pop ascension of the 80s, which you represented, or I should say, what you was chosen to represent has ripped the heart out of real black musical representation, and great music as a whole.....

you should have stayed black, your life would have been so much easier, and you would not have had to retire at the age of 50, and your family wouldn't be catching the hell they are today.....

the entire situation is sorry and whoever participates in the madness is just as complicit as those who created this cir***stance

785 days ago


yeah but; they can be weird all the way to the bank !

What's up with Janet ? She looks all clingy needy grasping to moi.

785 days ago


Randy,Jermaine your child support payments are past due.

785 days ago
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