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Katherine Jackson

Had FULL Phone Access

at Arizona Resort

7/26/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
had FULL ACCESS to a working phone during her stay in Arizona and could easily have called her grandkids whenever she wanted ... so says a rep for the resort.

A spokesperson for the Miraval Resort -- where Katherine stayed for nine days, beginning last week -- tells TMZ, Katherine stayed in a luxury villa that DEFINITELY contained a working phone.

For the record ... the villa also came with a full kitchen, a private patio, its own pool ... and its own butler.

And if full phone access wasn't enough -- Katherine also had FREE WI-FI.

Bottom line ... the Miraval Resort is adamant ... Katherine wasn't as cut off from the outside world as she previously claimed.

After yesterday's court hearing, Katherine's lawyer was asked why she wasn't allowed to use a phone to call her grandkids -- and her lawyer said he was told "the section of the facility she stayed at didn't allow phones of any kind. Or computers."

The Miraval rep insists ... that's just not true.


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Katherine has Control of the Palace, Again.

783 days ago


I fully believe she was 100% involved in this plot out of her own free will and it backfired badly. And she should be permanently stripped of guardianship. She has had past problems with the estate of trying to make money over MJ's likeness, etc., without getting permission. I think she is as guilty as the rest of them, and was money driven.

783 days ago


Clearly, she is incapable of being the guardian of these children any longer, and supporting their best interests.

783 days ago


So Michael's track "Smooth criminal(s)" was actually about some family member(s)...

783 days ago


If a Jackson family member lips are moving you can bet they are lying ;-)

783 days ago

two cents    

Yuppers, their master plan blew up in their faces. I guess older adults dont' understand that children are glued to their cellphones and nothing happens withtout them blogging about it. Thank goodness. I can't imagine what's going on under that roof today. I only hope the kids are safe and that the estate has someone in place INSIDE that house to make sure. Who knows what lengths they'll go to, to get their hands on that money. Sick bastards, the whole lot of them. Poor Michael would be rolling if he knew what they were doing to his beloved children!

783 days ago


This poor lady and these poor kids. When I watched the Oprah show with the grandmother and Paris, you could see unconditional love. The rest of these snakes need to go away.

783 days ago


Everyone knows that if Mrs. Jackson gets the children back, the first order of business will be to take their phones and computers. When school starts, they'll probably give them a no-frills phone with no web access or texting capabilities. Computers will probably for school only and all social websites will be blocked.

It's not going to work.

You can try and shut them down, but as long as they have friends, the word will get out there.

Bottom line, treat them right and they won't have anything to write about.

783 days ago

Wow ...    

If only these children could be looked after by a third party! No Jacksons, no one with eyes on money, just someone who will keep the toxic people away and let them have a normal as possible of a childhood. Isn't that what Ms. Janet said she wanted for them?? A childhood?? Yet, you are involved and causing them to grow up way too damn fast. Shame, shame on all of you. All for what money? That can be gone in no time?

Honor your brother's wishes!!!! None of you did it in his life, do it in his death!

783 days ago


I worry about those kids. If Grandma just wanted to go to a spa why not just say i'm going to a spa don't contact me unless it's an emergency. Either Katherine is in on it or she is being held against her will.

783 days ago


It's obvious this poor woman is "CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE" between her "CHILDREN" and her obligations her "GRAND CHILDREN"!!! She doesn't want to have make "ANY" HARD CHOICES THAT WILL HURT "ANYONE'S" FEELING BUT KATHERINE JACKSON CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!! Openly attacking the executors of Michael Jackson's estate WITHOUT ANY "HARD EVIDENCE" IS JUST PLAIN STUPID!!! The courts have already "VALIDATED" HIS LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT!!! It was never part of his wishes to provide any income for this siblings. They need to stop "BLINDLY LASHING OUT AT THESE PEOPLE AND PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES!!! THEY HAD THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES MICHAEL DID AND BLEW THEM!!!

783 days ago


Michael's album titles seem to describe the situation quite well :
Got to be there/ Off the wall / Thriller/ Bad/ Dangerous/
HIStory past present future/ Invincible/ Maybe tomorrow/ Looking through the windows/ Get it together/ Moving violation/ Goin places/ Destiny/ Triumph/ Victory/ Back to Indiana

783 days ago


I think Kathrine has health issues and needed some rest. She is 84 years . The elderly can get sick.

783 days ago


He tweeted that he did not tweet this then it was deleted.

783 days ago


Katherine Jackson Tried To Fire Security & Boot Nephew From Home After Surveillance Video Leak

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 @ 03:00AM
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Splash News

By Jen Heger - Radar Assistant Managing Editor

Katherine Jackson tried to fire the bodyguards who protect Michael Jackson's three young children and boot nephew Trent from her swanky rental mansion after embarrassing surveillance video showing Janet Jackson embroiled in a scuffle with her niece, Paris, was released to the media, is exclusively reporting.

"Janet and Jermaine were absolutely livid and incensed that security video from the house which clearly shows Janet getting into an altercation with Paris was released," a source close to the situation tells . "They told Katherine that she needed to fire the security detail and toss Trent out of the house immediately.

"However, Katherine doesn't have the authority to fire the bodyguards because they are hired and paid for by Michael Jackson's Estate solely to protect Prince, Paris and Blanket. Security and all bills are paid for by the Estate and there was no way the bodyguards were going to leave the kids, period. Trent Jackson's name is also on the lease of the house, and it's a rental, so Katherine has no authority to order him to leave. The Estate of Michael Jackson pays the monthly rent on the house and it is up to them to decide who lives there."

As was first to report -- and as was captured on surveillance video broadcast on Good Morning America earlier this week -- Janet physically tried to take Paris' cell phone from her and the children watched in horror as Jermaine and Randy got into a physical altercation with Trent, who is Joe Jackson's nephew.

"Jermaine, Randy and Janet all went over to the house to try and get the kids to go to Arizona, and they refused to go. Janet was demanding to know where their passports were, for who knows what reason. The kids just wanted to talk to their grandmother and they don't trust their aunts and uncles. Katherine finally talked to the kids on Tuesday night, after almost 10 days of silence, and it actually caused even more concern for Paris because Katherine seemed to be slurring her words and didn't sound like herself," the source added.

Meanwhile, Randy Jackson has embarked on a tirade against the executors of Michael's Estate, accusing them of being responsible for Katherine being stripped of custody of the kids.

"It's absolutely laughable," the source says. "This is the same person that claims Michael Jackson's 2002 will is a fake as none of his siblings are included, yet fails to acknowledge that Jackson's previous will that he made in 1997 also provided for Michael's children and mother only. Michael's siblings were never left anything in ANY of his wills.

"It was the actions of Janet, Jermaine and Randy, who took their mother out of town and made her unavailable to the children who were in her care, that led to Katherine being stripped of custody. It's time for them to take responsibility for their actions. The Jacksons aren't above the law and Judge Mitchell Beckloff will make sure the kids get to live in an environment free of violence, drama and turmoil."

783 days ago
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