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Katherine Jackson

Had FULL Phone Access

at Arizona Resort

7/26/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
had FULL ACCESS to a working phone during her stay in Arizona and could easily have called her grandkids whenever she wanted ... so says a rep for the resort.

A spokesperson for the Miraval Resort -- where Katherine stayed for nine days, beginning last week -- tells TMZ, Katherine stayed in a luxury villa that DEFINITELY contained a working phone.

For the record ... the villa also came with a full kitchen, a private patio, its own pool ... and its own butler.

And if full phone access wasn't enough -- Katherine also had FREE WI-FI.

Bottom line ... the Miraval Resort is adamant ... Katherine wasn't as cut off from the outside world as she previously claimed.

After yesterday's court hearing, Katherine's lawyer was asked why she wasn't allowed to use a phone to call her grandkids -- and her lawyer said he was told "the section of the facility she stayed at didn't allow phones of any kind. Or computers."

The Miraval rep insists ... that's just not true.


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RABID...Pray It Doesn't Happen To You.    

Well,do you foolish...RABIDS...still all l.o.v.e. the Jacksons?still think their music is great,or do you now see the truth about this crazy family,and the craziest Jackson of all,wacko Jacko?

758 days ago

Tessa C    

I knew that it was all a lie. Uh, note to Mrs. Jackson. When you are the main care giver for 3 minor children, giving up your phone is not a option ever under any cir***stances. Can you just stop and think about how these 3 children must have felt not being able to make contact with you? They were given reason to feel insecure. By not taking their calls, you only added fuel to the fire that was burning.
While I would never presume to understand the dynamics of your family, from the outside looking in, you have no business being the care taker to anyone at this time. As you are still not done being the care taker for your original children. FIND YOUR PRIORITIES LADY!

758 days ago


It's obvious that Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie prevented Katherine from having outside contact by deceiving and blockading everyone. Even going so far as to stage the taking of the lawyer's cell phone by the spa staff and having spa staff give them keys to Katherine's new room that had a phone. Oh what a tangled web we weave.....

758 days ago

bridie ennis    

maybe mike jacksons kids had to go public to highlight their plight, they were abandoned by their guardian, attacked by there fathers family effectively cut off, no parent or guardian can cut themselves off from the children they are responsible for, unless they put a standin in place. if those kids needed emergency treatment the person who is regarded as their guardian cut them off, is everyone forgetting these kids are orphans

758 days ago

bridget ennis    

Maybe mike jacksons kids had to go public to highlight their plight, kids are usually reticent about talking personally in public about very private metters children who where seen and not heard were the ones who were abused

758 days ago


If what we've already seen of Prince and Paris holds true -and it does since it's their Twitters that put them on blast- I'm sure that 82 year old women NEEDED that time away. They're in a house full of security with relatives, and the like, close by. Those kids weren't in ANY danger, and if they were, it's because PARIS kept broadcasting that they were supposedly "alone". She is going to be just like that other Paris we know -she's already an annoying spectacle. But, I digress. Katherine took a vacation. BIG DEAL. I'm sure she needed it, knew those brats were safe, and people are making a big deal from nothing. Those who defend them on this site now will condemn them in a few years as soon as TMZ starts reporting negative things about them -AND THEY WILL. Truth be told, this should be enough. Katherine and TJ have them now? Good. Every other immediate family member, especially Janet, needs to turn their backs and let the poor little rich kids fend for themselves. It's obvious that their help and guidance is not wanted, so why bother with bad ass kids who are not even blood relations? MJ left things as he wanted them, so respect that and let those children continue on their own with the warning that this is what they wanted and they can't look back when they get in trouble because :grown" people take care of themselves.

758 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

I once read that blood is thicker than water. $$$$$ turns blood against blood let alone blood against 3 adopted white kids. They are adopted right?

758 days ago

Freddie Blaqe    

Those kids are old enough to say who they want to be with. When I was 14 I made a decision on which of my parents I wanted to live with. They seem like they can do that also. MJ brothers and sisters are money hungry I don't understand Janet's greed she has millions. Those kids seem smart enough to do that and if its grandma they want to be with let them I'm sure MJ thought them well enough to make some good decisions just let them live and leave them alone.

758 days ago

ginger Ale    

I've stayed at this exact villa numerous time. While phones/computers are not permitted in most areas of this spa, you ARE allowed them and there IS wi-fi in these suites and a few other places around the area. Just saying.

757 days ago

Free Paris    

I guess unless you know the Jackson family, this wouldn't make sense...

When you factor in their threats to kill, kidnappings, druggings... ah yes, it all makes sense now.

"We were just going

757 days ago
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