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Katherine Jackson

Had FULL Phone Access

at Arizona Resort

7/26/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
had FULL ACCESS to a working phone during her stay in Arizona and could easily have called her grandkids whenever she wanted ... so says a rep for the resort.

A spokesperson for the Miraval Resort -- where Katherine stayed for nine days, beginning last week -- tells TMZ, Katherine stayed in a luxury villa that DEFINITELY contained a working phone.

For the record ... the villa also came with a full kitchen, a private patio, its own pool ... and its own butler.

And if full phone access wasn't enough -- Katherine also had FREE WI-FI.

Bottom line ... the Miraval Resort is adamant ... Katherine wasn't as cut off from the outside world as she previously claimed.

After yesterday's court hearing, Katherine's lawyer was asked why she wasn't allowed to use a phone to call her grandkids -- and her lawyer said he was told "the section of the facility she stayed at didn't allow phones of any kind. Or computers."

The Miraval rep insists ... that's just not true.


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The blessing here is that the children tweeted and made the problem known to the world. Also, now they know who is for them and who is against them. Grandma loves them, but they must realize that she won't go against her own kids. So, PLEASE, rely on T.J. or someone appointed!!

782 days ago


Jermaine has man Tits and needs a bra

782 days ago


If these kids were actually black the public would be reading this totally differently. These children are very misbehaved, spoiled, and disrespectful. There grandmother ran away from them.

782 days ago


Prince has the whole story. I wish he'd come out with it. What a teaser

782 days ago


LOLZ. So first she says she took a break and didn't want to take or make any calls, and now this claim?


782 days ago


That isn't what her lawyer said on the feed you provided yesterday. So she lied to her lawyer or he lied to the cameras.

782 days ago


Katherine knows what's going on. I think she is being put in a position of people using guilt against her and she is at the point of not caring. She is probably thinking she will joining her son Michael and let them all fight each other because she will be gone one day. She is throwing in the towel. Maybe she knows something we all don't know.
Katherine I don't know you, all I can say is don't give up and remember Michael left you in charge of his children. They depend on you and that's what your son Michael wanted. Keep strong. I know it must be extremely exhausting for you going thru life in this mannor.My suggestion would be to go to Michael's resting place with his children and see if this gets your strength back and maybe it will help get you on track. All the best to you and your grandchildren.

782 days ago


TO: lalo_hopscotch who wrote:
"Maybe she left because of the GRANDKIDS - Maybe she didn't want to talk to them..."
All the more reason why she's no longer fit to be their Guardian, because she ABANDONED those kids when she decided to put herself FIRST and didn't even so much as tell them she'd be gone for 10 days! Obviously she worried those kids SICK! They're already scared to death of Randy, Janet and Jermaine because MJ told them EVERYTHING and told them who to stay away from in the family!
Katherine is absolutely unfit to care for the kids any longer because she's subject to be controlled by those who are after MJ's money and would kidnap and drug THEIR OWN MOTHER to get that money. I'd be afraid to think of what they'd do to the kids, after what they've already done to Katherine!

782 days ago


Just heard twitter was down... Janet, Randy and Jermaine will stop at nothing to get to get

782 days ago


Maybe that is just what "they" told her and she believed them

782 days ago

who farted    

Sounds like she might be getting dementia. She's pretty old to be raising three children, one being very young.

782 days ago


I still think her kids held her against her will. This women is 82 years old. She isn't in the best mental. This poor women is likely losing her mind. This is such a mess. I pray for her and her grand kids.

782 days ago


And i thought "The Kardashians" were all about the money but "The JACKSONS" overshadows them.. I'm starting to realize Michael Jackson was the only "Normal" one out of the bunch.. Poor kids :/

782 days ago

BB not bb    

Well I think they got some doctor to inject her with something or make her take a pill or they put something in her drink, and she was out of it for so long, they didn't dare let the kids speak to her. Then she wanting to protect her own kids, won't rat them out and maybe believes she had a stroke or something.

Who is this TJ on here now bad mouthing the kids so much. I hope that isn't the real TJ who is now their guardian. Maybe it is just someone trying to make him look bad.

Kids manipulate their elderly parents all the time over moeny and pride. The whole nursing home industry is based on that. No one gets good care in a nursing home. Nurses are a nasty bunch who are in it for the money also. Very few who work with the elderly have a heart for them or patience to deal with their problems. They are usually just desperate for anyone to talk to them because they feel so dehumanized and isolated.

Lots of parents trust their grown kids and don't have the heart to admit how rotten and dangerous they turned out.

782 days ago


I don't believe Katherine was held against her will at all. I even think she is lying to cover up for her crappy kids. LIARS! I believe the kids at this point.

782 days ago
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