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Prince Jackson

My Grandma Was

Mentally ABUSED

7/26/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson's eldest child is putting his relatives on blast -- particularly Janet Jackson -- by posting what he claims is an angry group text message convo about his grandmother Katherine Jackson.

Katherine returned from Arizona late last night, but a few hours later Prince Jackson sent out a tweet that included the text message, dated July 23rd (Monday). In it Prince says, "This is enough so I am texting you for the simple fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!!!"

A reply from "Janet Jackson" reads ... "Don't let them pls." It appears the message continued, but Prince did not post the rest of it.

In his tweet Prince also says, "Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt."

He continues, "For this whole time, they denied us contact to our grandmother. If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth.”

Prince added a reference to his father -- "As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways."

11:20AM PT Prince has deleted the tweet ... including the screen grab of the text message.


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mj fan forever    

They all need to pay and being arrested!!! NONE of them Jacksons grubbers is worthy of trust!!! Michael knew them and stayed away from them and did cut them out of his will!!! He raised his children in a wonderful way and they are very smart children just like him!!!!

783 days ago


But what's hilarious is that you people commenting way to go Prince have no idea about the health problems she was suffering from. She specifically said she had given up her phone and did not want to deal with certain people. I would have protected my mother too if I were Janet! And LOL at a 16 year old calling me demanding anything!

783 days ago

jenn abbott    

good for prince! a loyal brother,son,grandson!appears he knows exactly what goes on in his baggage ridden family:(
It does now appear that his father had just cause to be paranoid,with family like that he surely needed no enemies!
Keep the truth front and center prince,and stay away from drugs and you have it made in this life.

783 days ago


These folks are idiots! Don't they realize Prince and Paris will be 18 in a few short years? They will have control of all the money? As well as Paris quickly becoming America's sweetheart? She is adorable! If they want any hope of financle gain when they are legal adults, these adults had better do right by their niece and nephews... or it could be too late at this point. Idiots bit themselves in their own behind. If I were Paris I would kick them all to the curb at 12:01 AM of my 18th birthday =)

783 days ago


I hope these kids keep standing up against them!

783 days ago


Some one take the twitter accounts for these kids. I am SURE Michael has rolled over again. He hated the press and wanted his kids out of it. Grandma is older and really should not have the kids. She is not able to keep up with them. Tj has a good relationship with them. Yes he gets cash for it but He seems better suited then Katherine. Honestly, Paris, Prince and Blanket (WTH kinda name is that) really should not be blasted all over the media.

783 days ago


Leave them kids alone!

783 days ago


I feel sorry for the kids, having to be around people who are family in name only. Shame on the adults for being terrible humans!

783 days ago


This is about to get ugly. Truth be known.
Those children and grandma should NOT be subjected to this abuse. Awful, Awful Awful

783 days ago


Jesus kid, you're mentally abused.

783 days ago


god no wonder michael kept these kids away from his family....

783 days ago


get these children away from these freaks,,,,hipefully when prince turns 18 he takes his siblings far, far away, and never has to see that aweful family again.

783 days ago

No comment    

I think TJ's lawyers need to subpoena the Spa. I got a feeling she wasn't there for 11 days, and they spa is being paid for their confidentiality. Why would the Spa employee need to be in their appearance.

783 days ago


I believe due to poor communication, jealousy and mistrust this whole situation has become overblown and has gotten out of hand. There are shreds of truth in each family member's stance. The children have been repeatedly warned about certain family members, which Michael was right to do, but as a result there is a lot of suspicion and mistrust that these minor children are forced to live with. I don't think the siblings were necessarily trying to harm their mother or the children, but the siblings are obviously jealous of the kids. Jealous of their standing through their father, which the siblings may feel is undeserved. Also jealous of the kids' place in their grandmother's life and in her heart. They wanted to take their mother away and give her a rest. Which she probably needed but it was executed poorly because the siblings are resentful of MJ3. Now Katherine is caught in the middle. She has to show loyalty to both sides. The siblings have a point in being upset about the will and I think Michael was shortsighted about how his family's bitterness at being cut out would later affect his children and turn them into scapegoats. Probably the best resolution of this whole situation in the end is make TJ and Katherine co guardians with TJ handling the main responsibility, and let Katherine function mainly as a grandmother. I know how Michael felt and its his estate, but really believe it would be in the best interest of the MJ3 children and their lifelong happiness if Branca and McLain would make a settlement with each parent and sibling that would allow them each a trust fund with a reasonable income that they can leave to their children. Otherwise the infighting and resentment will only continue to fester and grow ultimately destroying the family. Which will affect the kids the most and it is simply not worth it.. my .02.. Prayers and Godspeed to all concerned

783 days ago


to the person that said it was fake- janet has two phones probably - not a huge deal.

783 days ago
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