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Prince Jackson

My Grandma Was

Mentally ABUSED

7/26/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson's eldest child is putting his relatives on blast -- particularly Janet Jackson -- by posting what he claims is an angry group text message convo about his grandmother Katherine Jackson.

Katherine returned from Arizona late last night, but a few hours later Prince Jackson sent out a tweet that included the text message, dated July 23rd (Monday). In it Prince says, "This is enough so I am texting you for the simple fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!!!"

A reply from "Janet Jackson" reads ... "Don't let them pls." It appears the message continued, but Prince did not post the rest of it.

In his tweet Prince also says, "Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt."

He continues, "For this whole time, they denied us contact to our grandmother. If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth.”

Prince added a reference to his father -- "As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways."

11:20AM PT Prince has deleted the tweet ... including the screen grab of the text message.


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This is children abuse, elder abuse, kidnapping, conspiracy.

“Jackie (son) and Trent (nephew) have done a really sound job in shielding [Katherine] from all this madness and the siblings’ desire to challenge the will and take control of the estate,”

And while head-honcho Joe Jackson appears to have stayed away from the recent wind of family drama, it doesn’t sound like that will last long.

“Joe always said to the kids when they were young, and Michael actually used this in one of his songs, ‘throwing rocks and hiding your hand’ which is like causing problems and then pretending you had nothing to do with it,” added the source. “Joe in involved and knows how to pull strings from afar. We’ll see him emerge in all of this soon.”

**LaToya has been too silent for a reason**

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785 days ago


So stupid how people 'tweet' things . . especially personal issues. As if everyone has to be a publicist for themselves for the world to see. Live your life quietly and humbly. If the kids have issues with family, call the police, don't 'tweet'.

785 days ago


I hope every single one of them are put in prison. This is ridiculous.

785 days ago


It's sad for Katherine, but I think the court maybe made the right decision removing her as guardian. She clearly loves her grandkids, but she is blind to the the 'character' of her own children and that puts them at risk.

785 days ago


What I wanna know is how Katherine could think its OK to not speak to kids she is guardian of for 10 days. And why would she leave without explaining to the kids first that she will be unreachable and witha specific return date? That's what doesn't make any sense.

785 days ago

Best Mom    

The fact that the TRUTH will not be held back about the Jackson family via Paris and Prince is called "Divine Intervention" - and its name is MICHAEL JACKSON!

785 days ago


kids are lucky neither of the executors have the last name Jackson.

785 days ago


Wow. I used to like Janet, but not so much AT ALL now.

785 days ago

Tired of Paris    

No matter what is going on in that family those kids need to be put in their place(PARIS!) Your family business is to stay in the family or call the law if you really feel harmed. These kids with all this tweeting about the relatives has to stop. If Katherine was so much under the influence of her kids and was taken away then how can she care for the children. Why can't they understand Grandma needs a break. Why in the heck would Michael leave his kids to his mom at that age. Where is Debbie? They need to go back with the blankets and sheets and whatever else on their head. Send them back to neverland. A kid needs to stay in their place!!!!

785 days ago


She (Janet Jackson) is ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the richest women in entertainment. Having sold over 100 million records worldwide, she is ranked as one of the best-selling artists in the history of contemporary music. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lists her as the eleventh best-selling female artist in the United States, with 26 million certified albums. In 2008, Billboard magazine released its list of the Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, ranking her at number seven. In 2010, the magazine announced the “Top 50 R&B / Hip-Hop Artists of the Past 25 Years”, ranking her at number five.

Net Worth: $150 million (2011)

785 days ago


If Janet Jackson is any example what nutri-systems does for you! No Thanks, I'll starve another way! Maybe she is hungry!!!

785 days ago


According to Katherine herself, she hasn't wanted to talk to anyone. Face it, kiddos, she's just not that into you.

785 days ago


Does anyone know the differences between the 2 wills? Was Michael giving any siblings money on a regular basis? Janet might not want the money herself or maybe it has to do with music and song rights - or maybe since MJ passed all family members that michael might have been supporting are now bothering her and thats why shes involved! lol.

785 days ago

Max Smart    

No wonder Janet tried to confiscate the kid's phones. Haha. The 'kidnappers' fail to grasp that it's not ok to isolate a parent (or guardian) from the kids in that person's care. There is no excuse for it. 'Blanket' is only 10! What on earth were they thinking? It sounds like Paris is becoming a handful (as do most kids at that age), but it's Katherine's moral and legal responsibility to deal with her, or else give that duty over to someone who can. You can't just run away and hide. In the meantime, Janet has destroyed whatever career she had left. There's no censorship in the age of twitter.

785 days ago


Janet Jackson is a witch in my opinion and she doesnt need money BUT greed is an ugly thing. She better stay the hell away from those kids. The aunt from hell! Those poor kids are surrounded by nothing but Jackson Nut Jobs!

785 days ago
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