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Prince Jackson

My Grandma Was

Mentally ABUSED

7/26/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson's eldest child is putting his relatives on blast -- particularly Janet Jackson -- by posting what he claims is an angry group text message convo about his grandmother Katherine Jackson.

Katherine returned from Arizona late last night, but a few hours later Prince Jackson sent out a tweet that included the text message, dated July 23rd (Monday). In it Prince says, "This is enough so I am texting you for the simple fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!!!"

A reply from "Janet Jackson" reads ... "Don't let them pls." It appears the message continued, but Prince did not post the rest of it.

In his tweet Prince also says, "Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt."

He continues, "For this whole time, they denied us contact to our grandmother. If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth.”

Prince added a reference to his father -- "As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways."

11:20AM PT Prince has deleted the tweet ... including the screen grab of the text message.


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If those kids want TJ to get guardianship, then Debbie Rowe is their new BFF. If Mommy goes to court and tells the judge she supports TJ's petition for guardianship, then Katherine is hosed. CA family courts give bio parents a lot of power, even if they don't have custody and aren't involved in their kids' lives. Who ever gets Debbie on their side wins custody.

764 days ago


I feel ashamed of Janet right now. She knew her siblings,mother, and next generation were being harmed by family and did nothing. I am pretty sure she knows that her career is over now. TJ needs to be watched. It was always rumored that T.J's father Tito-his wife Delores Martes knew all about the widespread molestation among the older Jackson men.Look where she ended up. TJ is siding with the men that killed his own mom and people want him with Mike's kids? Pedophiles have low resistance to regular access to kids. Even their own.
I wonder if Janet is doing this to Katherine because she excused Joe's abuse for years? Maybe Janet snapped and thought she deserved the money for hiding the secret for so long.

764 days ago


TMZ... good grief; you couldn't fit his whole message to the public here ?

764 days ago


Jermaine, Janet, Rebbie & Randy are the closest to each other. Excluding Janet, they are all living off allowances provided to them by their mother, Katherine. These power moves they've been working on for the past 3 years is for the furture. Case & Point; If something happens to Katherine or if someone other than Katherine takes charge of the funds, "The broke ones" will be out in the cold. She supports ALL of their households with her monthly allowance, and with their mother's obvious deteriorating health with age, they fear the worse; that their money train will soon derail. Now, Tito, Jackie, & Marlon are all doing well with both personal & group business ventures, not to mention Tito's son's singing group which tours regularly. Jermaine is unemployed and splits his time living with his mom and his wealthy girlfriend. Now the most desperate motive for this attempted money grab is this-Both Jermaine & Randy have fought from day one, for MJ's estate to pay their child support obligations. Wait, it gets "better". Randy and Jermaine have children by the same woman. New definition of brotherly love, huh?

Prince is absolutely correct! His dad warned him of who the family vultures were. That's why Michael stopped paying Katherine's mortgage years ago, when he found out that he was actually supporting her and his 02 deadbeat brothers and their inbred families.

764 days ago


These poor kids haven't they been through enough ,Someone needs to take them away from this family.

764 days ago


whats done in the dark comes to light

764 days ago



764 days ago

Sir Boris    

If the siblings were not fighting tooth and nail for MJ's money. They might start looking at little sis's bank accounts.
And where's Dr. Murry / anybody checked up on him lately?

764 days ago

not buying it    

Look at the wording of Prince's tweet. Anyone who believes a 15 year old wrote that is naive. Those kids are being controlled by someone.

764 days ago

not buying it    

Look at the wording of Prince's tweet. Anyone who believes a 15 year old wrote that is naive. Those kids are being controlled by someone.

764 days ago

Maralauna Brown    

Wow what the hell is going on here :( smh

764 days ago

not buying it    

Look at the wording of Prince's tweet. Anyone who believes a 15 year old wrote that is naive. Those kids are being controlled by someone.

764 days ago


I find it funny that as soon as it is reported that the Estate is basically in the black (i.e., most of the debts are now paid off, and the Estate is making money) that this game is put into play. As some pointed out, maybe Michael was the level-headed one in this family, and had every reason to isolate himself! He wanted his Estate left to his kids...what is wrong with that? Shoot, default probate where I live...if there isn't a will...automatically gives the Estate to the kids if there is no spouse! I can even understand taking care of momma...but the siblings need to butt out! If their careers failed, that is their own problem! They are adults and need to get off of their lazy butts!

764 days ago


again you can see MJ didn't trust his family and even told his kids to not ttrust them. Hopefully the court will help get them away from this phoney family. I don't know what to think of the grandmother now. I don't think she is the best person to take care of them anymore, was she really that blind to what they are doing, And she didn't even wonder why she had not hear from the kids??? Hopefully the court will come up with someone to REALLY care for them.

764 days ago

Alex B Indianapolis    

Janet's lack of having relevent music in the last 10+ years automatically qualifies her to join the rest of the kooks to fight over money!

764 days ago
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