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Katherine Jackson

No Grandkids, No MONEY

7/26/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Katherine Jackson is finally back in LA, but is she too late? Now that she's been stripped of guardianship ... she stands to lose a ton of money. We know how she's planning to reconnect with her grandkids. Also, the story behind her bizarre "Nightline" appearance.

Plus, "Big Brother" villain Willie Hantz gets busted for DUI ... just days after he got kicked off the show for being too violent.

Also, the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal hits someone -- besides Robert Pattinson -- really, really, really HARD."Twilight" fans (and haters) ... this one's for you.

(0:00) The Jackson family drama somehow gets weirder every day -- you gotta see the super strange "interview" Katherine Jackson did ... that Gary says looks like a kidnapping/ransom video.
(10:30) Prince Jackson finally breaks his silence -- tweeting a picture of the text message he sent to his family demanding he speak to Katherine Jackson.
(15:00) Robert Pattinson has already moved out of the house he shared with Kristen Stewart! One obsessed "Twilight" fan posted a rant video about it ... and it's amazing.
(18:00) Don't stop us if you've heard this one before -- Lindsay Lohan got into another fender bender.
(21:20) A "Big Brother" contestant got popped for DUI ... just days after getting booted from the show. And for some reason ... his brother seems to be proud of him.
(23:55) One of the guys from The Wanted is pissed ... because his ex-girlfriend says he was amazing in bed. We know ... it doesn't make much sense.
(27:25) Breaking news -- two incredibly creepy voicemails that Jerry Sandusky left one of his victim were released.
(30:00) There's a least one person who thinks Penn State got off easy in the Jerry Sandusky scandal ... Regis Philbin!?!
(32:00) Speaking of getting off easy -- Russell Brand got a slap on the wrist for destroying a paparazzo's iPhone.
(34:00) Fred Willard's wife ... standing by her man..
(37:00) Suri Cruise is slumming it ... trading her helicopter rides for a ... dare we say it ... cab ride!!! The nerve.
(40:00) We take your calls!

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How come the audio goes off during the show? Why not show commercials instead?

728 days ago


hantz wasnt on a public road so no dui just a loser and lilo is on the road crashing again whats that 4 or 5 accidents,I hope she kills a family in cali and then cali gets the **** sued out of it

728 days ago


I have a feeling that bottom feeding, money grubbing Daddy (Joe Jackson) is behind it all.

728 days ago


I feel sorry for MJ's children. I do think the grandmother is a bit old to take care of three young kids. The fact that they are all about the money is just sad. I now see why MJ kept the out of the will. I find it laughable they think they are entitled to the money he earned, not them. Those kids did not choose their family. It's not their fault and they have every right to the money he left for them to be well cared for.

728 days ago


Lindsey bumped that car just to get her name back in the news.
Wow, Harvey's gone = no Kardashian story, Coincidence??
Good show today with no overtalking each other but seems kinda low keyed.

728 days ago


Jason's GoJ comment had to be one of the funniest things I've heard on here.

728 days ago


I think it's hard to have children, because you never stop worrying about them, no matter how old they or you grow. Parenthood is a lovely thing, but is not for the fainthearted. However, this old lady is not responsible for her adult children because they are not feeble minded nor infirm or incapacitated. She has to let go. They need to reduce their lifestyle to match whatever income they've got. That's the way life is. If they had been kind and brotherly to Michael, perhaps he might have included them in his will, but I'm not sure of that. It is a normal thing to leave all your assets to your children, and maybe a parent, but usually to the children, unless you need to help out your parents, and then you do that if you can. No matter if Michael had left each sibling some money in his will, they would never be satisfied with the amount, would have already spent that and be begging and whining for more, saying it wasn't enough.

728 days ago


Mrs. Charles...I'd watch out for this one. Look at the way this one is eyeballing Charles and laughing at everything he says, even the non-funny stuff, like it's the most hilarious thing she's ever heard and how she reaches out and touches him. Classic Richard-tease moves.

728 days ago


Yes, Money...Michael let her 25%. It is just...less money.

728 days ago


yep, that statement she just made is CLASSIC dick tease..oh I love porn, I'm so okay with porn, porn is so cool...I'm the coolest chick, look at me. The same type who just loves sports, just loves out guys...once they hook you suddenly you find out they hate porn, sports and only use beer to condition their hair.

728 days ago


NO! It's NOT ok that Fred got his jollies publicly in a dirty XXX theater. GROSS! Yes, everyone does it, but limit it to appropriate venus, like the privacy of your home. Better yet, let your wife handle it. It's creepy and makes you wonder what other freaky perversions he's got going on. I would personally FREAK if my husband did this. Again, NOT OK!

728 days ago


Will the Judge take into account what the Jackson kids want?

728 days ago


I can't stand Michaels kids I just can't. I wish they would find their own family. Real Family came in here messing up the Jackson Family. Please give them kids to Debbie Rowe and who ever their daddies are.

728 days ago

jealous of kate    

'I was not kidnapped! I was not held against my will' uhm........ When a PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN is away from the children they HAVE CUSTODY OF, (and it is not like an emergency-like they were hit by a car or something like that), they are supposed to #1 PUT SOMEONE IN CHARGE OF TAKING CARE OF THOSE CHILDREN.... #2 That person must have contact #s where they can reach the parent/legal guardian. #3 It would also be good having a letter stating that 'THE GREAT PUMPKIN is in charge of LIL BO PEEP while I, THE LOCH NESS MONSTER is away for 3 weeks in the SOUTHERN OCEAN. #4 Having the health care info including policies would be great too.

ALSO-IT WOULD BE REALLY REALLY NICE if LOCH NESS MONSTER had let LIL BO PEEP know that she was going away for 3 weeks.... and when LIL BO gets upset and tries to call NESSIE... . NESSIE'S DAUGHTER-THE WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST should NOT BE TELLING THE OTHER WITCHES not to let BO and Lil JACK HORNER talk to their adopted Grandma-Nessie. Also, Nice there, NESSIE-I JUST NEEDED A REST! We all need a rest Nessie, but, AGAIN-YOU GOTTA DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!

Maybe, just maybe, NESSIES BRAIN HAS GOTTEN A LIL WATERLOGGED? Maybe a trip to the Neurologist or Phsyciatrist (sp?) would be in order. WELL, most of us know that a shrink is in order for ALL OF THE JACKSON FAMILY-INCLUDING THE GRANDKIDS. 1st-their 'dad' Michael-would check out occaissionally for a day on his 'sleep meds' and now, they are with 'grandma' who takes off and doesn't tell them nor lets them call. Meanwhile, it all looks like it is about the almighty $$$$$$$$$ . They have to know Michael was not the bio dad-do some, most or all of them-have a problem with Prince, paris and Blanket???

728 days ago


Okay, not to be rude, but doesn't Michael give her $1-million in 1987 so she wouldn't interfere with the Bad Tour? And what about Social Security?

728 days ago
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