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Katherine Jackson

No Grandkids, No MONEY

7/26/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Katherine Jackson is finally back in LA, but is she too late? Now that she's been stripped of guardianship ... she stands to lose a ton of money. We know how she's planning to reconnect with her grandkids. Also, the story behind her bizarre "Nightline" appearance.

Plus, "Big Brother" villain Willie Hantz gets busted for DUI ... just days after he got kicked off the show for being too violent.

Also, the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal hits someone -- besides Robert Pattinson -- really, really, really HARD."Twilight" fans (and haters) ... this one's for you.

(0:00) The Jackson family drama somehow gets weirder every day -- you gotta see the super strange "interview" Katherine Jackson did ... that Gary says looks like a kidnapping/ransom video.
(10:30) Prince Jackson finally breaks his silence -- tweeting a picture of the text message he sent to his family demanding he speak to Katherine Jackson.
(15:00) Robert Pattinson has already moved out of the house he shared with Kristen Stewart! One obsessed "Twilight" fan posted a rant video about it ... and it's amazing.
(18:00) Don't stop us if you've heard this one before -- Lindsay Lohan got into another fender bender.
(21:20) A "Big Brother" contestant got popped for DUI ... just days after getting booted from the show. And for some reason ... his brother seems to be proud of him.
(23:55) One of the guys from The Wanted is pissed ... because his ex-girlfriend says he was amazing in bed. We know ... it doesn't make much sense.
(27:25) Breaking news -- two incredibly creepy voicemails that Jerry Sandusky left one of his victim were released.
(30:00) There's a least one person who thinks Penn State got off easy in the Jerry Sandusky scandal ... Regis Philbin!?!
(32:00) Speaking of getting off easy -- Russell Brand got a slap on the wrist for destroying a paparazzo's iPhone.
(34:00) Fred Willard's wife ... standing by her man..
(37:00) Suri Cruise is slumming it ... trading her helicopter rides for a ... dare we say it ... cab ride!!! The nerve.
(40:00) We take your calls!

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TMZ is nothing but an evil, trashy, egotistical gossip business run by disrepectful lying youngbucks!!! Facts and truth are far off their radar. If anyone intruded into their lives like they do others, there would be lawsuits and fights. They care nothing about human lives...only money!

758 days ago


Okay, Okay....

Look, I'm late to the game here, but I've got to ask...

Is Harvey the same dude who gives commentary between segments of the "People's Court?" Ha!

758 days ago


The Jackson brothers (aka: Randy, Jermaine) and sisters (aka: JANET, Rebi) are full of crap!

They're all pissed at Paris for tweeting to the point of a confrontation with her.

Well listen to this Jacksons!

How about the next time grandma takes a vacation, she (since she's their guardian) just let the kids know before hand so they won't be worried about her, then there would've been no need for Paris to tweet about it.

For that fact, I do suspect that there was something suspicious about those Jacksons motives.

758 days ago


I'm out of here, TMZ!!!!!

The only reason why I even cared about this story was because one of my musical idols, Janet Jackson, was heavily involved in a public family feud (which is very, very unusually for her). But, I think she's got this thing under "Control." "TJ" comments on here tell me so.

See ya, I'm going back to politics where I belong. Although, I may still check in from time to time, especially since I'm convinced that Harvey is the same dude that gives commentary on the "People's Court" between court cases. Ha!

758 days ago


I believe Paris, Prince, and Blanket ALONE!!! I cannot believe some people will go as far to accuse them of lying because they are spoiled brats, THEY DID THE RIGHT THING!!! If it was your kid, CPS would have been placed them into foster care, this situation is no different; I feel sorry for Katherine but she does not deserve guardianship of thos kids no matter her 'reasons'. It is to my belief she is being manipulated by those sick kids of hers and the next target of Randy & Co is TJ!!!

758 days ago


........ I'm just waiting for the bad Jackson's , to try and get a court order stating that MJ3 can't post anything remotely related to them. ( I mean TRY to get a court order ). Sounds right up the alley of something they'd do especially since Prince not only broke his silence , but did so with the proverbial shot heard round the world ( wtg Prince).

758 days ago


Prince's Twitter account was hacked into by some of his family members, he reposet the tweet a couple of hours ago. BELIEVE IN MJ3!!!

758 days ago


I think her kids set her up so that she could lose custody & one of them would get custody of Paris & her sibs & be entitled to get the $70,000 monthly payments !!! Tito was the broker of the deal for his son to get custody & will probably split the proceeds lol !!! This is probably why he wasn't in the video w/ the others & his mom !!! Poor Paris & her bros. need an ally they can trust because this is not the end of their aunties & uncles fighting over their dad's(rip M.J.!!) money !!! Their Grandmom will have to put up a helluva fight to get them back because her kids want Mike's money bad & will do anything to get it (including backstabbing their own mother !!!) Mike if you only knew what your kids are going through....soooo sad !!!!!!!!!!!

758 days ago


I heart just goes out to Ms Jackson and her grandkids especially Michael kids. It's a dame shame how some of his siblings is acting over money, There's nothing wrong with this lady after all she did raised 9 kids and so I feel that her grandkids should be placed back in her care immediately, Michael would've wanna this for his kids without any doubt because he was very close to his mother.

758 days ago

Gary Jacobs    

the whole jackson family is a disgrace the reason michael jackson is dead is because of the whole family especially the mother who puts everything elase before her children an dmichael calling his father the devil no wonder he bleached his skin to get back at them to give them a taste of there medicine and not that i doubt he was not proud to be black the parents have played his siblings off against him because all they wanted to use hi was for his money now they dont like him and made michael there enemy michael should have mashed up his parents before they could even send him to an early grave that should never have come from a black family the level of wickedness and black mail threats these people go church or did go chursch so why are they so callous in there behaviour i dont blame michael of hating his parents and i donrt blame hime for bleaching his skin they created all these problems now they should suffer

From Gary London

757 days ago


I seriously believe this situation is about control of Michael's children and the MONEY. I hope someone
gets to talk to Katherine and let her know, if she doesn't already, that some of her kids are greedy aaaaaaaazes. I think it will be hard, because I think she is being guarded, not taken care of.

757 days ago
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