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PR Honcho Dies

of Heart Attack

7/27/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

A key member of the Chick-fil-A public relations department died of a heart attack this morning ... this in the middle of the biggest PR crisis the fast food chain has ever faced.

Chick-fil-A released a statement saying, "We are saddened to report the news to you that our dear friend Don Perry, vice president of public relations, passed away suddenly this morning."

As Chick-fil-A came under fire for its stance against gay marriage ... Perry spoke on behalf of the restaurant chain in an effort to smooth things over with the public ... promising to "leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.”

Chick-fil-A added, "Don was a member of our Chick-fil-A family for nearly 29 years.  He was a well-respected and well-liked media executive in the Atlanta and University of Georgia communities, and we will all miss him."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."


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WOW THIS IMPORTANT NEWS has absolutely nothing to do with my life

817 days ago


I hope this guy was a supporter of them being against gay marriage. Otherwise, the stress of having to represent that might have killed him, and that is just horrible. Its great to have opinions, but sometimes maybe they should be kept to yourself.

817 days ago


That will teach him

817 days ago


RIP Mr. Perry.
This only gives more merit to the fact that fast food isn't healthy. Good business people, and famous Icons should know better than to politicize their own personal bias. Chick A- fill should learn from this experience to keep their negativity to themselves or they will be applying for a government bailout. Oh no!
The world would be a much better place with more love and less hate.

817 days ago


This proves it, hate gays, die of massive heart attack. See you in hell guys!

817 days ago


God is a loving God. He doesn't hate anyone and forgives all sins if you ask for forgiveness. Right is right and wrong is wrong and the bible is the road map. You can't change what is says to fit your own needs. And Christians please show who God truely is when handling these situations. A few misguided Christians can give the other side ammunition to say that God isn't real or isn't a loving God. RIP Don Perry.I encourage everyone to remember Christians are not perfect, it is only God that is!

817 days ago

Sick of it    

All you idiot boycotters need to remember that this business is filled with good people of all kinds, just trying to make a living. Don't yell Karma to take credit, that just shows how evil your mind really is.

817 days ago


I am so sick of you people labeling someone as evil or out of touch because they are against same sex marriage. Not everyone has given in to the brain washing of the Gay community, not everyone thinks Oh well it is just how they are. Those of us who actually follow the word of God , Go by his word, his law and not by this perverted behavior. Each of us will have to answer for what we CHOOSE to do and saying that is just how I was born isn't going to cut it. You have a choice and you will have to accept everything that goes along with that CHOICE.

817 days ago


If all Christians hate homosexuals just because they don't believe in gay marriage, then by the same token all gays must hate Christians for their religious ideals... who is the real bully here?

817 days ago


I am a liberal who is pro gay marriage. But I am not going to be happy about someones death simply because they didn't agree with me. My prayers to his family and friends, sorry for your loss.

817 days ago


See what happens when you say ugly things about people.

817 days ago


If you agree that it is completely unacceptable in the United States (or anywhere) for corrupt city officials to use their influence to shut down a business when they disagree with the owner’s religious views, please search Facebook for the group “Support Chick-Fil-A on August 1st!!” and join today!!

817 days ago


Ok I've seen the word karma mentioned here more than once. This isn't karma. This man had a job that's it. He never said anything against gay folk, he never discriminated against gay folk, he just worked for a company whose owner did not agree with gay marriage. This does not make him a villain.

817 days ago


I hear on this site a lot about when people say things that others don't agree with some will say freedom of speech, while others spew out hate filled comments, as if what they typed is any better. There is no such thing as real freedom of speech anymore because someone will bash you for being insensitive or a racist because of what you said. At least we can say these things or be who we want to be in America. Yeah there are reprecutions to these actions, but at least we don't live in some of the middle eastern countries that will chop your head off or stone you if you are even suspected of being gay. That being said, Chick-fil-A executives don't speak for everyone who work there. There are people who need those jobs and don't deserve the hate just because they need to make a living. In closing I'd like to say, hate the owners, but leave the workers alone. And don't let others try and tell you where you sould or shouldn't eat. At that point your freedom of eating chicken has been taken away too.

817 days ago


Maybe he should have cut down on the chic-Fil-A. eating unhelthy can give you a hear attack.

817 days ago
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