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Dane Cook Apologizes

for Massacre Joke

-- 'Bad Judgment Call'

7/27/2012 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Dane Cook has issued an apology for cracking a joke about the "Dark Knight Rises" massacre ... saying he regrets telling the joke ... and admits it was a "bad judgment call."

Cook just posted a statement on Twitter saying, "I am devastated by the recent tragedy in Colorado & did not mean to make light of what happened."

"I made a bad judgment call with my material last night & regret making a joke at such a sensitive time. My heart goes out to all of the families & friends of the victims."

As we previously reported, Cook's controversial joke went something like this ... The Batman movie is so bad, had the killing spree not occurred, the people inside of the theater would have been begging for someone to shoot them.

The whole thing went down Thursday night at The Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip ... and was captured on tape. The footage was later posted to the website


No Avatar


comedy career now!

818 days ago


You couldn't pay me enough to go see one of his shows! He belongs in jail next to the nut case that did this. CAREER SUICIDE

818 days ago

Who Knew    

We have a winner for Douche of the Year. Congratulations buffoon. Also, that movie was awesome.

818 days ago


Pffft Bad bad judgement call my arse. You tried to be edgy and failed, like your career. Why not make a donation to the victims and their families to show some good faith. loser

818 days ago

Throwback kid    

Is Dane Cook and that amazing A list actress Jessica Alba ever going to do a sequal to Good Luck Chuck? I felt the film left a lot of questions unanswered, I know their fans would like a sequal. Though the film bombed at the box office and DVD sales were awful, I know about 7 people who really liked that film. I hope Dane and his crusty pizza face get more leading man roles

818 days ago


people keep passing it off as "Laughter is the best medicine". Easy to say when it wasn't your family member. If it was your 3 year old daughter who was sexually molested, if it was your husband who was shot, if it were your cousin killed by the drunk driver... how funny would a joke like this have been to you then? Especially so shortly after the tragedy of your loss? There is a woman in the hospital... pregnant... shot in the stomach... fighting for her unborn child to survive, while grieving the death of her 6 year old daughter. How funny is that joke now? Does it make you feel better about knowing that woman is still in mourning while fighting for 2 lives? Hers and her unborn baby's? when people want a laugh, they talk and joke about a person's LIFE, not the horrible, frightening way they died.

818 days ago


He should've called Gilbert Gottfried before telling that joke. He would've let him know about Career Suicide. Affleck commercials haven't been the same since though.

818 days ago


I thought dane cook died years ago?

818 days ago


to whittle to wate. shows you what the world is really like when you peel off the skin..... One big ceespool.

818 days ago


Clearly you're "devastated" Dane

818 days ago


Clearly you're "devastated" Dane

818 days ago


Dane Cook is such an ******* I personally think that he shoud be sued by the victims families the only reason Cook apoligized is so his career would not be affected by the joke i feel very sorry for the families who were affected by the incident its **** like this that makes other nations hate the U.S. we make fun of things that are very sad if Dane Cook can make fun of a Shooting and not give a **** till its is relased on the internet imagine what he would make fun of without being followed by the papparazzi If Dane Cook wants to make it in dark comedy he might as well make fun of the 911 attacks thats all im gonna say

818 days ago


Apology accepted, now go donate a couple of hundred thousand to help the families through this nightmare.

818 days ago


The only issue I have with Dane Cook is that he isn't funny. He's about controversy. He's about shock value. He's even a bit of a prick. Funny, he isn't. Not just regarding this, but in general. Dude just isn't funny.

818 days ago


It was kind of expected from him. This idiot has always made the most inappropriate comments about anything sensitive to others.

818 days ago
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