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Gladys Knight

Paris Jackson Deserves


7/27/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soul legend and famed Jackson family friend Gladys Knight thinks Paris Jackson is a snot-nosed little brat for bashing Janet -- in fact, Gladys says Paris deserves to get her TEETH knocked out for mouthing off to her elders.

Gladys appeared on "The Talk" Thursday ... saying, "Paris is 14? How old is Janet? Who's the one to try to direct the other one here? I would think it's a good thing [Janet] lets Paris know who she is."

Gladys added, "If [Paris] called me that, she would have no teeth ... That's how we were brought up. You respect your elders."

As we reported, Paris and Janet faced off in an explosive argument at the Jackson compound this week. Sources tell us Janet called Paris a "spoiled little bitch" ... and Paris shot back, "This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!"


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I bet if Paris was "blood related" to the Jacksons she wouldnt have said that!

821 days ago


Leaving on that midnight train to knock someones teeth out

821 days ago


It's also a 2 way street, why is a elder callin a child that kind of name, And Paris right it's NOT the JACKSON HOME it is the kids home. Every action has a reaction. They are all after MJ money and the is something going on between the greedy one in all this plannig. The supposed elders are mentally abusing the kids. Let them go make there own money, they just want a cheap easy ride on MJ coat tails so that they don't have to work.....

821 days ago


Yah, just like Joe Jackson would have done. And look how his kids turned out! This is 2012 NOT 1932, Gladys. I don't care if Janet is the Queen of England, she would have and should have been JAILED for something like that. Same for would you. Don't be ridiculous. Paris is doing a great job of looking after herself amongst a bunch of abusive, dysfunctional and violent adults. And so is Prince. Each in their own way. You go kids!

821 days ago


Old senile hag

821 days ago


Geez TMZ, what a misleading headline. Glady's response was articulated well and was hardly the "knock her teeth out, snot nose brat" reply you claim.

821 days ago


Shamefull the women host's on "The Talk," agrees it's OK to Hit a child. WOW


821 days ago


Kids do and say stupid things sometimes...These kids have no dad or mom, and they're thrown into this crazy, money hungry family. No wonder they're acting out. Janet should set an example and not call her niece a "b*tch" OR try and swipe her phone away from her. Now I understand why Michael kept these kids away from everyone!

821 days ago


Well Galdys, why don't you start a gravy train for those moochers that Paris has for a family. Pay Jerlosers child support for him...and maybe Randy's too while you're at it. I am sure that your opinion means so much to her.

821 days ago


That old B*tch needs HER teeth knocked out!!!

821 days ago


Gosh these elderly black woman are sure angry a 14 year old white woman will inherit a black mans money.believe me racism is rearing it's ugly head .perhaps they could get some laws that say no white person can inherit money from a black person,if black person has relieves that want the money.bring up get my drift

821 days ago


Because one is older doesn't make one right. Paris is only 14 agreed and should respect her elders, but she can think for herself and should stand up for herself and what she believes. I am sure she knows and sees what is going on around her. Don't discount her because of her youth!

821 days ago


I just lost all respect for Gladys Knight. The children are acting like the adults, and the adults are acting like the children. The three kids are supposed to respect THAT? Janet comes at Paris, and they're supposed to respect THAT? That's okay? Respect your crazy elders who slap you because you're 'on' to them? That's insane. Stick to singing, Gladys. You don't know what the hell you're talking about otherwise.

821 days ago

James H    

A disrespectful teen? Never heard of such a thing.

821 days ago


GLADYS KNIGHT should just kiss PARIS JACKSON'S ASS!!! All these ppl saying that she's a spoiled bratt and shouldn't talk to her elders this way are full of ****. I grew up in family like hers where my dads brother and sisters were so jealous of my dads success they started to take it out on us kids by name calling and **** talking behind our backs because of all that we had. Well I couldn't take it anymore and @ 10 years old I began the **** talking right back to their miserable asses when they began treating my 4 year old brother bad. THE JACKSON FAMILY are ALL ****ing GREEDY, SHADY LEECHES and Michael warned his kids against this (those were Prince Jacksons own words) and Paris did what any human being with a 1/2 a brain would do...she STOOD THE HELL UP FOR HERSELF! The Jackson siblings and all who support them are so ****ING jealous of these kids they can't even see straight because they know when these kids come of age, they'll be swimming in money while the rest of them will still be begging for it. MICHAEL JACKSON DID THE RIGHT THING leaving everything to them. GLADYS CAN KISS THE JACKSON KIDS ASSES!!!!

821 days ago
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