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Gladys Knight

Paris Jackson Deserves


7/27/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soul legend and famed Jackson family friend Gladys Knight thinks Paris Jackson is a snot-nosed little brat for bashing Janet -- in fact, Gladys says Paris deserves to get her TEETH knocked out for mouthing off to her elders.

Gladys appeared on "The Talk" Thursday ... saying, "Paris is 14? How old is Janet? Who's the one to try to direct the other one here? I would think it's a good thing [Janet] lets Paris know who she is."

Gladys added, "If [Paris] called me that, she would have no teeth ... That's how we were brought up. You respect your elders."

As we reported, Paris and Janet faced off in an explosive argument at the Jackson compound this week. Sources tell us Janet called Paris a "spoiled little bitch" ... and Paris shot back, "This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!"


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Wow, Ms. Knight, those are some strong words directed at a 14 year old child. No wonder black children are so mean and little bullies. With mamas like you knocking their teeth out and all they can't help but to be mean. I bet MJ is spinning in his grave. He would never treat his children like this and he would never expect this old black bitch to talk like that . Bunch of two faced hypocrits. No wonder MJ didn't want to be black and he purposely had white children. He was no dummy that's for sure.

803 days ago

Carrie Elaine    

Paris had every right to stand up for her brothers and their home!

803 days ago


I am surprised to hear those words come out of Gladys Knight's mouth. I don't think knocking someone's teeth out is the answer. Paris is young and has a lot to learn, but that's not the way to teach children. Besides, it sounds like the adults were not exactly behaving maturely.

803 days ago


Maybe Blanket should get his name changed.
How about Fred, Mike, Jim
All are better than "Blanket" ????
Really, Blanket!
Somebody was high.

802 days ago


Some of these comments are amazing. The same reasons I see kids talking back, in public acting the ass and blatantly disrespectful not only to elders but to their parents. I wish Mine would, yes their teeth would be in their hands. Look at who the kids are that shooting up colleges, and movie theaters. Teach them early, and get their crazy butts psych help. Don't be blind to it. Hell they not Mikes kids anyway, he was born black and they don't have a Tinge of black in them. DNA them bad, spoiled brats.....Mike wouldn't touch a Coochie even if he was paid.

799 days ago


Gladys needs to get a life, I think Paris has been raised so poorly she seems to have survived sane. Good luck to her and the other children..

799 days ago


Child abuse is never acceptable, Gladys! By the way, your new face lift is horrible.

798 days ago


really gladys! I thought that elders are also supposed to be wise

798 days ago


Do we really know the whole story ? What pushed her, what was said to take that child there. They took her from her Grandmother Them kids did not ask to be moved. Do they even really know Janet? How often has she been around them personally? If they was just left with there grand mother we would not be having this drama !! Leave them babies alone.

798 days ago


Gladys Knight should be ashamed for saying she would knock Paris's teeth out of her mouth! That is just pathetic!!!

797 days ago


STFU, Gladys. Were you in the type of family that had a Joe Jackson in it, or where two brothers married the same cousins? Or raised by someone like Michael, who had no life, ever, and hid behind drugs and alcohol? And now you're left with greedy relatives, trying to force their way into a now solvent estate.

797 days ago


Paris is RIGHT!

796 days ago


Go, Paris, go ! ! ! Don't let those s***-suckers push you around. Your dad would be proud that you stand your ground.

796 days ago


Okay Gladys. I guess all the abused, sexually assaulted, tortured, and murdered children at the hands of their elders got their just desserts. I used to admire you. Now I think you are just another idiot.

796 days ago


All I have to say is get out of dodge, Paris, Prince, and Blanket when you have reached 18. Although you have to wait to obtain most of your share, it doesn't mean you have to live with greedy quacks.

796 days ago
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