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Gladys Knight

Paris Jackson Deserves


7/27/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soul legend and famed Jackson family friend Gladys Knight thinks Paris Jackson is a snot-nosed little brat for bashing Janet -- in fact, Gladys says Paris deserves to get her TEETH knocked out for mouthing off to her elders.

Gladys appeared on "The Talk" Thursday ... saying, "Paris is 14? How old is Janet? Who's the one to try to direct the other one here? I would think it's a good thing [Janet] lets Paris know who she is."

Gladys added, "If [Paris] called me that, she would have no teeth ... That's how we were brought up. You respect your elders."

As we reported, Paris and Janet faced off in an explosive argument at the Jackson compound this week. Sources tell us Janet called Paris a "spoiled little bitch" ... and Paris shot back, "This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!"


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The person ultimately to blame for the Jackson kids situation is MJ himself. He brought 3 kids into this world without dealing with the issues that put him in the ground before his kids reach their majority. He also left them at the mercy of his crazy family. His mother is too old, and she didn't do anything to protect him from his father. Little wonder she can't keep the rest of the buzzards from picking the bones of Michael's estate. The only other person to blame is that stupid Debbie Rowe. Why any woman would sell her kids to a drugged out weirdo is beyond me! As for MJ's kids, I don't believe it when they say how great a dad MJ was. Maybe he had days when he could function as a half-way decent parent, but how many of those could there have been? It was reported that he spent days drugged up. Those kids probably spent a lot of time with nannies who probably tried to hide how bad their father really was. That said, the kids probably learned how to take care of themselves like a lot of kids of addicts. Paris, Prince, and Blanket may tell the whole world that MJ was a great father, but that doesn't make it true. Like a lot of kids, they learned
to defend the only parent they've ever known. I pity them because of the mess their father left them.

740 days ago


wow! I'm disaapointed in Glady's Knight. I thought she would've has a better prospective then that. Those kids did nothing wrong. How about bitch slapping those Jackson siblings.

739 days ago


I am with the kid. These people are fighting over "their" money as if it belongs to them. It belongs to the children. People only bring up that "respect your elders ****" when it is convenient. These kids are watching these vultures go after the money that belonged to him, not to them, greedy bastards.

739 days ago

Jamie Cormier    

Gladys is the one who deserves her teeth knocked out. Seriously? physical abuse on a minor...niceeeeee!

448 days ago

Jamie Cormier    

Gladys is the one who deserves her teeth knocked out. Seriously? physical abuse on a minor...niceeeeee!

448 days ago


Alright, I am not making any excuses for the child, but really? She is still young. She has a long way to go before she grows up, and being in that home won't help her. If you are treated as a child, the you will know nothing other than that. The girl is her own person. She needs room to grown and explore all the possibilities in life, and she needs to learn from her mistakes. Her attempted suicide; she obviously learned not to do that anymore. Anyone that is taken and held for 72 hours because of that **** should learn right quick. Also, if you raise the child properly, and teach them better cooping methods, maybe she wouldn't be so crazy!

444 days ago
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