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Jackson Brothers Tour

Jermaine Travels Alone

7/27/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jackson brothers are NOT living up to the name of their "Unity" tour -- despite continuing to perform together -- because Jermaine just arrived to the airport on his OWN in Los Angeles.

Tito, Jackie, and Marlon arrived together shortly afterward -- telling us they're happy their mother has finally returned home after disappearing for over a week in Arizona.

Interesting that Tito and Jermaine have agreed to work together -- considering Tito TURNED on Jermaine (and Janet, Rebbie and Randy) and denounced the plot to overthrow the MJ Estate.

TMZ broke the story ... the living members of the Jackson 5 are performing together tonight in Saratoga.

Should be an interesting show.


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Ive been reading these stories, reviewing interviews and checking out links like Twitter since the newest Jackson family drama has occurred! I have always been a Jackson fan because they are first of all a black family that faced racism and prejudices and secondly, the family made it into show business by talent and absolutely nothing else! Isn't this is what the American dream is supposed to be about? Furthermore, this family has faced so many challenges, some we probably wouldnt even begin to understand or know...MJ always discussed sensationalism and gossip when the media was involved. He was bullied by the media. We never knew the facts or the people behind the scenes. Yet, we readers pretend like we have the inside scoop! We don't know what is truly going on, nor should we be in the family's business like this! Granted media has taken it to this level, but why is the media doing this?? It's because the general public seeks it out, reads it and comments. The general media is all about ratings, business, money and nothing else! A true journalist should seek out the truth on each side and state facts, not OPINIONS or falseness. The public has and does contribute to the perception and doing of the media and paparazzi, which is so sad. We somehow have become fair weather friends which is awful...MJ always talked about how great his fans were, but in reality, are they truly fans, or did they succumb and create drama within the media?

756 days ago


are these old guys anygood at putting on a show??

756 days ago


I saw the Victory Tour and it was fantastic. If they were coming to my town, I'd pay any price to see their show. Their harmony is flawless! As far as the executives and lawyer of the estate, I'd be concerned to if I were this family. I just read the estate is now worth over $1billion. I'm sure something foul is going to happen here.

756 days ago


Katherine is 82 yrs old people! I know I wouldn't be wanting to raise teenagers when I'm 82. I think her family is concerned for her. Also, I think McClain, Branca and Weitzman are not to be trusted! Earlier I read that the estate is now worth over $1 billion dollars. Show us where that money is going! I don't blame the family for being concerned. Michael would not like his kids being in the limelight and being disrespectful of their aunts and uncles.

756 days ago


They just mad those white kid be gittin all dat jackson cash and they just gittin by and makin a lil money still
trying to hang on the their lil bubba's titty a lil longer.

756 days ago

I Was About To Say    

@Jermaine, STOP wearing tight shirts, no one wants to see your man boobs!

756 days ago


In fact, here's the summary of what the estate did, and yes they did a great job:***ent-amp-Summary-amp-Discussion?p=3680043#post3680043

756 days ago

Lies or Truth    

I so agree that the Jackson haters are ridiculous. You want them to perish. I want the kids protected from any family schemes, but the deep hatred or racism is ridiculous! When there are people who have done a whole lot worse, the economy, the housing crisis, college grads and no jobs in sight, job creation a joke, many people will lose their long-term unemployment benefits soon, people who worked hard, educated themselves, but your deep scorn is I guess your comfort. If MJ kids spiral out of control, the Jacksons will be the blame too, when it's obvious Paris has a plan, your hatred blinds you!

756 days ago


Hope you had fun at the spa ....... Heard your'e a mean Uno player ..... not a good one... just a mean one ...

756 days ago


The other 3 brothers should have given Jermaine a "special" airline ticket to some remote South American country known for being dangerous and run by ruthless terrorist drug lords ... maybe then he would appreciate what a comfortable life he has had and stop trying to terrorize his own family. Or ... he just might feel at home surrounded by kidnappers holding people against their will.

756 days ago


Yeah I've read the article about Janet "backtracking" nothing was quoted though, too late anyway..However TJ is one of the most decent people and Michael trusted him and loved him. Tj was one of the very few relatives Michael kept around and TJ does care about the kids. I'm glad that of all people he actually has the shared guardianship and hopefully full in the future, he is the lesser of all evils there. Tito was sucked into signing that letter and realized what he has done fast enough. As for TJ he's a man with values, kind and trustworthy, now Randy spills dirt on TJ too..heh. Poor Michael, such a tragic destiny and he went through hell and to see it continue 3 years after he passed is just shocking. I'm just really worried about the kids, obviously they have no love from most Michael's siblings and they will always be resented by the vultures for the money they inherited...sigh.

756 days ago


MORE LOSERS! They should have Dane Cook become their opening act!

756 days ago


LAZY BAST@RDS, allllllllllll of those low class "men" & "women"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

756 days ago

Throwback kid    

I want 24 hour a day armed guards with Paris, Prince and Blanket at all times now. I want a restraining order against Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Reebie. If Janet gets within 10 feet of Paris again I want the guards to Taze her! Respect her aunt my a-s-s! that is BS from Jackson supporters, Janet has no right to put her hands on Paris and if she does again she should be arrested for assault. Randy and Jermaine have no jobs and seem to be getting more desperate, I am concerned about these kids being physically harmed by them. It's time for the authorities to step in right now and get these three minor children away from these crazy Jacksons. This whole situation is out of hand, Michael is dead three years and this family is self destructing with their greed. These kids have a right to their childhood and it shouldn't be destroyed by the Jackson family

756 days ago


Hope people boycott the Unity Tour Deadbeats - sponging off your deceased Brother Michael.

756 days ago
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