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Katherine Jackson Case

Judge Orders Investigator To Interview Children

7/27/2012 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Katherine Jackson case needs help deciding to whom he should award permanent guardianship of MJ's children -- so he's ordered an independent investigator to interview the kids ... and report back asap.

According to court documents, obtained by TMZ, Judge Mitchell Beckloff has ordered a probate court investigator named Cary Ornelas to "prepare an investigation report addressing the status of the minor children and their currently suspended guardian, Katherine Jackson."

According to the court order, Ornelas has been authorized to interview the Jackson children at their school ... without notice.

Once completed, Ornelas' report will be submitted to the judge ... for his eyes only.

Michael Jackson's nephew TJ Jackson is currently the kids' temporary guardian, and he has already filed documents asking to make the guardianship permanent.

For her part -- Katherine says she has reached an agreement with TJ under which they will SPLIT guardianship of the kids.



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The longer I keep reading, the more Mike's words make sense. Can't help recolecting "Money" and "This time around" lyrics...

"Bet you sell your soul
Cuz your God is such
You don't care
You kill for the money
Do or dare
The thrill for the money
Are you infected with the same disease
Of lust, gluttoney and greed?
Then watch the ones
With the biggest smiles
The idle jabbers...Cuz they're the backstabbers
If you know it's a lie
Then you will swear it
If you give it with guilt
Then you will bear it
If it's taking a chance
Then you will dare it
You'll do anything for money...

Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil
Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil"

"This time around I'll never get bit
Though you really wanna fix me
This time around you're making me sick
Though you really wanna get me
Somebody's out
Somebody's out to get me
They really wanna fix me, hit me
But this time around I'm taking no s...
Though you really wanna get me
You really wanna get me

He really thought he really had
Had a hold on me
He really thought he really had
They thought they really had control of me
He really thought he really had
Control of me
He really thought he really had
They thought they really could control me"

781 days ago


It's July; why are they in school? Also, I thought Pin Cushion was home schooled.

781 days ago



781 days ago


It is very creepy to see Blanket staring at his "Grandmothers" breasts? That boy is going to have major issues one he hit puberty.

781 days ago

Dee Madison    

what's weird is the video of the helicopter over the property when Paris and them were leaving Janet and her other brother were taking pix of the kids with their phones.. huh?

781 days ago

Dee Madison    

it's always about the almighty buck with that family greedy leaches

781 days ago


I'll bet Janet, Randy and Jermaine wish they hadn't stirred this hornet's nest up. If TJ is made the guardian, HE deserves the money Katherine was getting for his contribution! The rest of those clowns should be BARRED from EVER benefitting financially from his estate. The mother is obviously not mentally or physically able to take care of three young children any longer. Let her enjoy her retirement in peace with the stipend she was given for herself.

781 days ago


Glad to hear the courts are doing what they can to eliminate outside "pressures" from altering the truth.

Now they need to do the same thing with Katherine to make sure she wasn't abducted, manipulated and drugged into last weeks spa disaster by Randy, Janet, Rebbie and Germaine ...

781 days ago


1st- Umm guys, those are 2 separate pictures placed together, Blanket is not staring @ his Gma's boobs!
2nd- I'm glad the judge is doing the right thing. I think it should be more than one evaluators, somehow I have a feeling one would not be unbiased enough, or possibly could be influenced. I believe the 2 older kids will be honest with the evaluator, they have proven it already.
3- Biology does not make family. MJ's BIOLOGICAL family did enough harm to him. He adopted those kids to have love unconditionally. They are his kids regardless of the biology. (although sometimes I look at Blanket and wonder if there is possibly a lil MJ biology in the mix)
4- 82 is not old for some people. I believe Gma is easily influenced, tired and stressed out, but do not believe for a minute she is not all there. Our 94 year old gma was more with it than her 60 year old son!
5- MJ made the decisions about his estate, he left no money for his siblings for his own reasons. Who cares what his kids do with it later, they were the loves of his life. We do not know what their father told them about his family, their impressions of the Jacksons are based on what the saw and what their father told them. Did not seem that the siblings that want to intervene now were there to intervene when MJ needed them and was alive.
SMARTEST thing Gma can do is at least work something out with TJ. If she were to drop dead tomorrow, it will only become a disaster for the children if nothing is in place. I think if MJ knew the stress it would cause his beloved momma, and if TJ really spent alot of time with MJ and his kids, he may have made different guardianship choices. The kids are getting up in age to become emancipated minors, aren't they? I think that's where this will go next...

781 days ago


I think the Jackson family are doing just publicity. This is a BS film

781 days ago


I think this is just another Jackson publicity.

781 days ago

Psychic Whiteowl    

I am relieved to hear that a judge has ordered an independent person to review this fiasco within the family. I definitely sense that the elder Jackson siblings who were involved with this situation are not being truthful to Katherine Jackson. It all comes down to money and greed; and the way things were handled with MJ's children (who are being absolutely truthful) is disturbing. I admire their spirit and for standing up for themselves. Whenever large sums of money are involved in a family, these kinds of things happen but those kids are smart and aren't easily fooled. I feel as if the judge will allot joint custody between Katherine and TJ (which feels right to me). And, Katherine really loves those children and is not at fault. I feel a lot of anxiety and exhaustion and a need for peace. I would advise MJ's kids to be totally honest with the judge about EVERYTHING and what their wishes are and they will prevail.

781 days ago


Smart judge.

781 days ago


How can TJ make a "deal" with the kids' money? He can't. He must have told her that crap just to get her to sign off on his guardianship. Now if TJ does that, The Estate may have a right to bring fraud charges against TJ for taking the kids' money and giving it away to his Momma and other family members. Looks to me like Michael was the only one helping his loser brothers and sisters cause both Katherine and Janet have loads of money but they're still going after the kids' money. What's up with all this crap?

781 days ago


Kudos to the judge! Someone acting with logic and objectively.

The executors reportedly supported a temp change in guardianship to protect the kids from any possible bullying etc. and they supported TJ as temp guardian...yes Randy et al are right the executors of MJ's estate should NOT be trusted and are obviously trying to kill Katherine (by giving her over $70K per month plus extra when she's asked and acting to make sure she was OK), they are sounding desperate and crazy and digging themselves further down the hole. Sorry, MJ's will, and previous will BOTH speak clearly for themselves. Period.

781 days ago
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