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Katherine Jackson

I'll SHARE Guardianship with TJ

7/27/2012 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says she's had a change of heart ... and is now ready to SPLIT guardianship of MJ's 3 children with her grandson TJ.

Katherine's attorney, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ ... TJ and Katherine  will file a request for JOINT GUARDIANSHIP with the court early next week ... and they expect it will be approved.

Perry tells us, "That pleading will essentially now legally reflect how Mrs. Jackson and TJ have often shared  responsibilities of raising the children since Michael Jackson's tragic passing."

Katherine's lawyer says the new arrangement "reflected the wishes of [Michael Jackson's] children" ... Paris, Prince and Blanket.

If the court grants the joint request, Katherine's lawyer says TJ will be able to assume a lot of the day-to-day responsibilities that have been stressing Katherine out ... including management of household personnel and security.

"It will also make clear for school personnel and anyone else coming into contact with the children that TJ is authorized to act on their behalf," Perry tells TMZ.

"Mrs. Jackson will then be freed up to focus on the more personal everyday decision making related to the lives and activities of the children."

Katherine's lawyer says the agreement would still empower Katherine to CONTROL THE FAMILY'S ALLOWANCE ... which is $70k per month.

The arrangement also seems to make TJ a shoo-in to become the SOLE guardian of the children if Katherine dies while they are still minors.

Katherine's lawyer concludes, "Mrs. Jackson is extremely pleased with the prospect of enjoying the pleasure of raising Michael's children without the day-to-day tedium of items such as managing the large staff that goes with such a high profile family and focus her attention on being a grandmother and raising Michael's children."

Perry tells us ... TJ will file a petition to become the sole permanent guardian later today ... but that's just a formality because of a court imposed deadline. The joint petition will TRUMP that filing.

10:50AM PT  TJ just filed his petition for permanent guardianship ... and TMZ obtained a copy.



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THE OPERATIVE WORDS ARE: "Katherine to control the family's allowance." She can now relax and collect while TJ does ALL the important work. Pretty good set-up !!! QUESTION: When will DADDY JOE stake his claim ???

826 days ago


Katherine is still vulnerable and has demonstrated that she cannot protect MJ's children.

Paris, Prince and Blanket will continue to be at risk unless TJ is the sole executor.

Several orders of protection are also in order to protect the children from Katherine's kidnappers.

826 days ago


Let's see. Katherine is conceding that supervising the staff is too much for her, BUT she's more than able to control the allowance money. Here's hoping the judge doesn't buy into this one..

826 days ago


Where dat money? Gives mes dat money momma.

826 days ago


Here's what I don't understand: If Katherine got 40% of Michael's estate in the will, why isn't she spending her 40% on her deadbeat leech children? Does she not have access to her 40% of the estate? There must be some kind of restrictions on it, because whatever's left when she dies goes to the kids, and there would be nothing left if she could spend it on those despicable 'boys' of hers...

826 days ago



826 days ago


I don't hear much discussion of something Katherine herself talked about. While she was gone, she said somebody fired the cooks, the maids, and other household staff at the home she lives in with the children. She says she was not aware of this. I believe it was some of the same group that tried to hold her without communication with the rest of the world. They wanted to get rid of all the household help who would help look after the children. Katherine mentioned that she left the kids with the nanny, etc., but someone has fired the nanny while her back was turned. Then Janet tried to get the security team who protects the kids fired and replaced with her own security, but they wouldn't do that, because the security team is controlled by the executors, not the family, and they answer only to them. This was a great safeguard and one that needs to be maintained. This dangerous family needs outside controls from the court and executors to keep the wicked ones at bay. The judge mentioned that, going forward, there would be court oversight of any guardianship of these children, and good for him.

826 days ago


This is absolutely disgusting and unfair. So TJ get's stuck with all the major responsibilities while Katherine Jackson still gets an allowance of 70k for basically doing nothing? And now we can all rest assured that the Jackson siblings can keep pumpin out babies and not taking care of their responsibilities 'cause mama jackson will always be there to let them leech whenever they want! Yay!

826 days ago


Hmmm...It looks like she's not trying to compromise with the court, she's trying to compromise with TJ! Realizing that after her impromptu "vacation" she would be unlikely to regain FULL custody, and especially with the judge urging TJ to petition for permanent custody, seems like she figures this is the best compromise, especially since it would mean she'd still control that $70,000 a month stipend!
But then again, she aldready gets 20% of Michael's estate, so the stipend shouldn't mean much to her. I mean, she's too old to be THAT greedy!

826 days ago


Katherine most likely had a long talk with Joe Jackson. I bet he is behind this! He's so worried about
not having enough money. Doesn't sound like Katherine can make her own decisions anymore.

826 days ago


Does " Blanket" have a real name?

826 days ago


I don't like Katherine having total control of the money, and don't think the judge will approve that. If TJ is going to be a co-guardian, he will have expenses also just in doing the job, so should have access to sufficient funds to cover that and his own living expenses. The money is there from the estate for that purpose. No guardian should be expected to pay out of his own pocket to sustain himself while taking care of the children. You only do that when there is no money available. In that case, CPS probably provides funds for that. In this case, there is plenty of money.

826 days ago

king Leonidas    

The Jackson family are trailer trash. Nobody cares about them. Money this custody that same ol ****. TMZ Can we move on to other news worthy stories? Like which network will pick up the "Paris and the other two" reality show. Cause the rest (Jackson family) are on their last string.

826 days ago


Why is everyone OK with Tj having custody? The might be the one trying to scam the estate. Just because the kids want doesn't mean its right.they are kids who are naive and can't see through people true intentions yet.

I'm not saying tj has bad intentions but at the end of the day we just don't know his intentions are the rest of the families.

826 days ago


Anything to hold onto the money for those leech crap son's of yours eh, Katherine?

826 days ago
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