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Randy Jackson

MJ Estate is Trying to

Kill My Mother

7/27/2012 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Randy Jackson believes the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate are conspiring to KILL Katherine Jackson.

Randy made the allegation in an emotional Twitter rant moments ago ... saying, "It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother’s life."

In the rant, Jackson states his case as to why he believes the MJ Estate is evil ... claiming they are trying to isolate Katherine "just like they did to Michael, in order to propagate their lies, financial agendas and to protect a fraudulent will."

Jackson continues, "It is clear that anyone who stands up against the Executors of the Estate - John Branca, John McClain and their attorney Howard Weitzman - is denied access to my mother."

Randy also says the Estate blocked Janet, Rebbie and Jermaine from the family home in Calabasas, CA ... where Michael's kids live with Katherine.


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Micheal Jackson kids need to respect there elders and stay as a family, because others are tying to get the family fortune! Keep all eyes open and listen!! Because there are 3 sides to every story. Money is the root of all evil!!!!

815 days ago


It's not the FAMILY fortune, it's Michael Jackson's fortune, and he left it to the people he wanted to have it and he left the people in charge that he wanted in charge. 1997 will or 2002 will.... it's all the same. Randy and Jermaine can't even pay child support let alone run that estate.

815 days ago

Barb. A.    

Here's my 2cents....Many have said that MJ would not be who he was if it wasn't for his dad & brothers. I strongly disagree.

Joe got them started and was having them play at night clubs & strip joints. If it wasn't for MJ they would have kept playing there and if they were lucky they would have gained a steady gig in one of them.

I say this because if it wasn't for MJ the cute little boy in an adult frame of mind they would never had been noticed. Even at his young age when people watched him preform they were in awe.

A couple of people watched him and went to Barry G. and wanted Barry to watch the group. Barry didn't want another kid group, but people kept on him about it until he agreed.

Barry was impressed with the group but he was more impressed with MJ, so he decided to sign the group on, and then a new history began. So if MJ wasn't in that group, the group that was the Jackson 5 never would have been born to the world.

Later when MJ went solo his brothers could have still continued and advancing in the group. They didn't do it, but MJ broke free and let his all poor out into his music and dance. He kept working towards perfection until nothing could hold him back.

Once he freed himself by working hard at perfecting his art, everything he made / earned was his not his brothers, it was his.

He had his reason's for not leaving anything to most his family. He knew that when he gave KJ money that she was giving it to them. He trusted her to monitor what money he gave her.

The brothers had been living off MJ for years when he was alive. Hell one of Randy's sons even called MJ dad. OUCH that had to hurt. The whole family had and still has a sense of self entitlement, and as the head of that family KJ did nothing to stop it because she never wanted to come between the siblings to take a side / stand. Everyone says she is a strong woman but to me she is not. A strong woman would have made things right between the siblings no matter what.

Just because people are blood or family doesn't mean they are entitled to your money or estate after you die. I have to say that the siblings are wrong on this matter.

815 days ago


Now if we can isolate Jermaine from the rest of the family! Every time Jermaine gets a little positive attention, here comes Randy and Katherine to mess it up! Jermaine you DO have fans! Do us a favor: drop the challenge and dump Randy Janet and Reebie! Janet has her own money. So does Randy and Rebbie! You're the only one on stage right now! Enjoy yourself, get your money pay your bills, invest in something, get your kids and when you die, leave your money to your youngest children and Hazel Gordy: the only person who treated you RIGHT!

814 days ago


To al you idiots screaming get a job to Randy Jackson, please check your facts. The Jacksons are wealthy. Their job is entertaining. Where have you all been for the last 35 years? They are not hungry for money but want to protect their family dynasty from criminal lawyers who care nothing about their brother Michael's legacy or his children. Those kids can not even fully control the estate until they reach the age of 40 which is absolutely ridiculous. Why would Michael not allow his children to have control of his money and legacy until there 40. It makes no sense. Another question, where is all the money? Michael's estate has generated at least a billion dollars. half went to pay off debt. where is the other 500 million? Why hasn't his mom and kids recieved any of that money? Why are they living in a rented mansion? I think Janet and Randy are courageous to fight the estate. In the end none of them may see any money if those criminal lawyers continue to get their way. Paris and Prince should stay out of it and not attack their family members. They have no idea about the entertainment industry and how it works. Janet and Randy has spent their lives in show business. message to paris and prince stay out of grown folks business before you get burned and find yourself 20 years from now in the same position Randy is now fighting to protect your money and father's legacy.

814 days ago


I love the Jackson Family and I usually don't post negative posts...but from what I have read and heard all I can say is SHUT UP RANDY AND GO GET A JOB OR GO BACK TO SCHOOL SO YOU CAN GET A BETTER PAYING JOB!!!!! Why do they think Michael is obligated to take care of them....and from what I hear Randy pulled Janet in because Janet was tired of being the one to take care of him now that Michael is gone. The executives are not killing your are LEAVE HER ALONE so she can enjoy Michael's kids...if left them the money...and when katherine passes on...ALL OF IT is going to the children. Listen, Michael did what he could to take care of this family while he had about 25 years to get your money right...if you didn't then you have no one to blame but yourself. LEAVE THAT MONEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop bothering your mom about it. The attorneys are not I could see if your mother and the kids were living in a trailer park eating grilled cheese sandwiches....but they are doing better than why are you complaining? Greed is horrible.

813 days ago

Israeline Yah    

Please explain how you determined "rant" were you there. Report. We do not want your opinion. Thank you.

810 days ago


The next thing will be he wants a paternity test , let the truth be told those are not michaels biological
Kids !!!! Micheal was not born with blue eyes and blonde hair. But because they are in his name
There is nothing the siblings can do because
He left the kids his estate.

So randy ... Bite the pills and chill out
You have nothing coming !!!

809 days ago


F off TMZ. it is true you gossip mongers!

771 days ago
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