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Tito Ortiz

Forrest Griffin Is a


7/27/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072712_tito_ortiz_launch_v2Tito Ortiz is coming out swinging against the guy that beat him into retirement -- telling TMZ, Forrest Griffin's use of testosterone before the fight sets a terrible example for kids ... and UFC fans in general.

In case you didn't know, Forrest underwent a controversial treatment before his July 7th bout against Tito Ortiz -- the final fight of Tito's 15-year career with UFC.

The treatment's called TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) and it's commonly been used by older MMA fighters, like Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen. The treatment's said to boost testosterone levels in older fighters to that of a fighter in his 20s.

Proponents say the treatment levels the playing field among young and old fighters alike -- but Tito disagrees ... ripping Forrest for using TRT, saying, "I don't think it was a good thing to show our kids."

Tito added, "Setting a good example is doing the right thing. And that's being drug-free."

Now the big question, will Tito seek a rematch??? Watch the video to find out.

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Blim Jameson    

Tito is always looking for an excuse as to why he lost, so the therapy controversy works out perfectly for him.

818 days ago


I'm not a Tito fan by any means, and he usually always makes an excuse but in this case he is correct. For one he WON that fight, Forrest even ran out of the ring after the fight was over because he thought he lost till he was told to go back in.

TRT is bull**** and should be banned in pro sports, if you are older and you think you can't fight at the level you want to you should either hang up the mitts or suck it up instead of taking drugs. Randy Couture was fine without TRT and even said himself there are natural ways/supplements you can take to help your body create more testosterone naturally... Most fighters that do it now take the drug and are allowed up to 6:1 ratio under most athletic commission rules which is an ADVANTAGE over mostly anyone who isn't on it. It's complete bull****.

818 days ago


While I agree that Forrest shouldn't have used TRT (No one should, IMO), Tito is just whining again. That guy is anything but a role model for kids. Look at his life, his wife (or whatever Jenna Jameson is to him) and his past behavior. He should have just said Griffin shouldn't have used it and stopped short of saying it isn't a good thing to show the kids because if kids are watching UFC, there's a problem with the parents...

818 days ago


Tito has always been an excuse maker. He argues that Forrest isn't a role model because of a medical treatment he engaged in. I guess a better role model is someone who lives with a porn star? Give me a break Tito. You're irrelevant and haven't sold tickets for years. Nobody cares about you.

818 days ago


I guess marrying a porno star who gets into car accidents because of drugs while being a mom of two is a good example of a role model. Hey Tito, a few fights ago, you made excuses right after the fight as to why you didn't have enough time to train. The crowd bood you. Stop making excuses when you lose a fight. No one likes a whiner !

818 days ago


Any idiot that though MMA and UFC specifically was a legitimate SPORT and not just another take on WWE is a fool. If you can't use it in the Olympics you shouldn't use it in this so called sport. Boxer's can't do this... ****ing Lemmings who follow this crappy nonsense....fake fake fake

818 days ago


Stop cring Tito, you LOST.. go enjoy retirement

818 days ago


Tito showed everyone he was a fool when he wanted to fight the Boss,, Dana White.

818 days ago

Matt Scott    

There will be no rematch. They already fought 3 times in the UFC. Will not happen ever.

818 days ago


Why dont you say the same thing about your slut wife, drug user, wait til the children see her getting it up the pooper. She is a perfect example for young kids you must think? Do you really think before you talk??

818 days ago

Mary P    

It's a part to play by the rules, and it's a rule. As long as it's a rule, shuddup. When they ban it, then I'll be outraged someone used it. It's definitely not even close to a perfect advantage because just doing TRT doesn't do as well as natural testosterone made by you when you are younger. It helps to even the field yes, but it doesn't exactly make a carbon copy.

It's like the guy in the Olympics who has the spring loaded running prosthetics. He is somewhat competitive because of his training, his drive and some argue it's an advantage out of the blocks but running, he has no friggin legs. Nothing is as good as your own legs but if you can get some legs to fill in, you at least have a chance.

818 days ago

mike hunt    

Setting a bad example?? Is being married to a drug addicted strung out Porn Star setting a good example?? Tito is just bad because every time he
u rinates it burns.

818 days ago


Tito has had an excuse for every single one of his 11 losses.

818 days ago

Fantastic Four    

TRT is the anabolic steroid testosterone, plain and simple.

That said, Tito is no role model... He's been conficted of theft in Huntington Beach four times, and has a drug addict wife who shows her grizzled ladyparts on screen for money.

Whether he beat her or not is still in discussion.

818 days ago


Peter Griffin is a terrible role model too. Surprised Lois hasn't left him already.

818 days ago
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