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Katherine Jackson & MJ's Kids

Show Up for 'Unity' Tour

Despite Family Brawl

7/28/2012 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0728_kathering_jackson_tmz_videoDespite a public family showdown, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's three kids all showed up at the Jackson Brothers' "Unity Tour" ... even though one of the members, Jermaine Jackson, is actively trying to overthrow the MJ estate.

TMZ obtained footage of Katherine arriving at the concert in Saratoga, CA last night (to a small round of applause from the crowd) where Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine are continuing their tour, despite the current family rift.

Katherine wasn't there alone ... Prince, Paris and Blanket tagged along with their grams -- who just last week was reported missing after spending a week in Arizona with other members of the Jackson clan.

During the concert, Jermaine -- who is on opposite sides of the feud than his band mate brothers -- played a whole set by himself ... singing several songs as a solo act.

We're told MJ's kids, who were watching from the crowd, didn't appear to be having that much fun.



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Someone who consistantly talks about beastiality and pedophilia, must be one who participates in such activities.

Just sayin.........and her name is MiMi.


814 days ago


GONE BY TOMORROW..............................................
The genie is out of the bottle with MJ's kids
He warned them , and VOILA.
The Jackson just can't help themselves !!!!
I feel the children are far better off in a NON-Family
guardianship, where the Jackson can't use them
the way they used Michael....................................

814 days ago


Think about it: Katherine Jackson was admitted to a medical spa, and for medical recommendations had to be isolated to avoid emotions because she suffered heart attack. She couldn't speak to her grandchildren for avoid hard emotions. Then, she gone out from SPA on Wednesday and on Friday she traveled and showed up at the Jackson Brothers' "Unity Tour"??? What kind of joke is this???. So Paris was right, Kate wasn't ill??.

814 days ago







814 days ago


It's concerning that no new tweets have come out, so now I wonder if both of the older children had their phones confiscated. Hope the court-ordered interviews at school get underway sooner rather than later.

814 days ago


the courts paid kJ the way the will directed them to. She was never meant to be handed over Xpercent. If that was the case then they would have won in court anyway. Bottom line - mj had a iron clad will to keep the bros away. People can be on the opinion that mj SHOULD have left them something..but wills are for the opinion of the one who had hte money-- so mj's wishes are all that matter and none of the wills had other family in it.
also- of course the estate gets paid- they dont do all this for fun. Its a job-they did a good one and PER THE WILL get the certain percent agreed upon. That number was fully known to mj.
bottom line-- mj knew his mom was old and wanted her to be ok for the end years but didnt just hand her millions..he wanted his kids to have it and charites. That is where it went!! Bravo JohnBranca- good job so far.

also- some new story today that was posted with the letter from estate lawyer saying randy and HIS KIDS are not allowed at property- hmm..wonder where they went because i think the kids at least lived there- if you look at paris twitter there is a pic from a couple months ago of jermasty (lol @the name) in bed waking up. Hmm. Lesson learned randy- take care of your own kids and dont count on your brothers money. How can he look in the mirror as a dead beat dad??

814 days ago

mj fan forever    

Michael Jackson's children need to stay AWAY from the Jackson-leeches-parasites-delinquents and from the bad influences of greedy unnatural mother Katherine who is the maker of things like that, she just thinks about how to use them to get more,,more money!!! I'm sure she is now trying to convince them how they one day will have to "share" their money=finance the pokets of her leeches children with the pathetic excuse of the family, so dragged them there and they had to be face to face with those who tried to kidnap them and are plotting to steal their legacy, AGAIN!!! Michael Jackson named Diana Ross for a good reason and she always said she would have done it, they need to contact her according to his OWN will that everyone seem to have forgotten!!! They need to be protected really and they still are not now!!!

814 days ago


also interesting if that article is true and jermaine randy and all have been kicked out of the house- all the more defiant or just ignorant of kj to bring the kids to where jermaine was playing (randy was not part of it)..wonder if the estate is taking notes on all of this I really hope they lay it on thick this week and then randy&all will really see just how much the plan backfired

814 days ago


Here's a thought: this family is like every other, greed: especially Jermaine. Michael died and left his money to his children and the person who would be taking care of those children. Why is it that hid sibling think they are entitled to a dime of his money?

814 days ago


I have all ready submitted this but do not see my response posted, so here it is again.
Paris was smart to post "where is my grandma" and "the same Dr. who testified for Dr. Murry is my grandmothers Dr" etc.. The kids feel Dr. Murry killed their father. Then their grandmother goes off to a concert and never returns home. When the kids search for her and are not allowed to speak to he and not even told where she went. . Of course they thought something terrible happened to their grandmother! I think it was very smart of Paris to post what she did on twitter.

814 days ago


Jermaine, Janet, Randy, et al, are pissed that MJ adopted/fathered white children who are obviously not biologically his. They feel the kids’ lack of Jackson DNA disqualifies them from inheriting Michael’s estate and the sibs’ obvious proof of Jackson DNA qualifies them to cash in on Michael’s estate and even leave those d*mn white kids out of it entirely.

814 days ago


So Rocking.

814 days ago


“Everyone keeps bashing the Jackson family but did you forget that the brothers and sisters that you are bashing stood by Michaels side during the child molestation allegations. They stood by his side when he was abusing prescription drugs. Michael distanced himself from his family because they tried to intervene and get him help, but he pushed them away. I make more money that anyone in my family and I get asked for money all the time but does that mean my family is bad...NO it doesn't! They are just being family, we all have them and we love them for them. Janet and Katherine have always been very close to Michael and and he always trusted them. Janet made more money than Michael up until his death, she does not want his money are need his money, the only thing she has ever done that was bad was show her breast at the super bowl!!! Everyone is trying to make her out as a bad person..but she never slapped Paris. Janet and all of Michaels brothers and sisters have defended him for years and yes Tito, Randy,Jermaine, they may want a little money, big freaking deal!!! the people Michael have over his estate, they have enabled him for years getting him access to all those doctors, they were all enablers...his kids don't know anything about that because they were too young...Everyone should get there facts straight before you judge someones family!!”

814 days ago


OMG! So sad! Doubt the kids want to be there!! They have no choice. Wait til Paris is of age!! Paris RUN RUN RUN, get you a fast car and your own security and penthouse in NYC and do not put them on the visitor list. You can only hide in only have a few more years, play along until you can get you and your brothers out of there, your extended family are crazy your father tried to warn you guys, arm up with your inheritance and bolt!!!!!

813 days ago


I was worried when the news reported Michael had made his mother guardian. She may have tried but failed to protect him as a child. I have some faith she is trying harder with these 3 but this is exactly why I wished he had not given guardianship to his mom. A friend would have been better, perhaps!

809 days ago
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