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Katherine Jackson & MJ's Kids

Show Up for 'Unity' Tour

Despite Family Brawl

7/28/2012 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0728_kathering_jackson_tmz_videoDespite a public family showdown, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's three kids all showed up at the Jackson Brothers' "Unity Tour" ... even though one of the members, Jermaine Jackson, is actively trying to overthrow the MJ estate.

TMZ obtained footage of Katherine arriving at the concert in Saratoga, CA last night (to a small round of applause from the crowd) where Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine are continuing their tour, despite the current family rift.

Katherine wasn't there alone ... Prince, Paris and Blanket tagged along with their grams -- who just last week was reported missing after spending a week in Arizona with other members of the Jackson clan.

During the concert, Jermaine -- who is on opposite sides of the feud than his band mate brothers -- played a whole set by himself ... singing several songs as a solo act.

We're told MJ's kids, who were watching from the crowd, didn't appear to be having that much fun.



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This act on KJ's part clearly shows why she is not fit to serve as co-guardian. She does not have the best interest of the kids' emotional well being as a foremost consideration. On Monday they were literally abducted from their home by Jermy & co. and on Friday she takes them to come face to are with one of their attempted abductors. That is like having to face your abductor in court. What was she thinking. She may want to show family unity, but truly she is not mentally up to the task if she thinks this is OK. She should have stayed home. I would not be surprised if she gave them a choice, come with me or stay home with TJ. I suspect they are afraid to let her out of their sight. She is not thinking well.

817 days ago


I for one had been willing to concede that maybe the joint custody arrangement was OK. However, not anymore. To drag the kids to this concert where Jermaine was performing clearly shows that KJ is out of touch with reality and unwilling to do what is in the best interests of the kids. On Monday Jermaine was trying to abduct the kids and force them to go to Arizona, while blocking them from speaking to grandma. On Friday, she forces them to go to a concert to see one of their "alleged abductors" perform. No wonder they didn't appear to be having fun. Like having to face your abuser in a courtroom. She just doesn't get it. I hope the kids tell the investigator that they are afraid of Jermy and his cohorts. KJ cannot forgo her allegiance to her other kids to properly address the emotional needs of the grandchildren in her charge. She should not have any version of formal custody. Just live with the kids and enjoy them.

817 days ago


I feel that Granny give me da money guilt tripped these poor emotionally vulnerable kids into going
to this PR stunt.
I hope the investgator that the Judge ordered to interview the kidsfor the courts got to speak with them b4 they left. I doubt it but hope the Judge will see this for what it is and take the $$$$$ away from Katherine and let her just be the loving granny she claims to be.

817 days ago


I thought Michael didn't want the 3 kids around those leeches, and Grandma takes them to their concert.


817 days ago


I didn't realize there was THAT many stupid people that would pay to see them perform?!?! My only question is.....why?

817 days ago


Although Michael Jackson meant well, it is probably a huge conflict of interest, for Katherine to be the guardian of those kids. Her first loyalty and allegiance will always be to her natural born offspring-just like any mother's would be.

817 days ago


Jody #77- the reason people wear dark glasses, is because they do not want other people to see their
true emotions and feelings in their eyes. It also is a way of keeping other people at a distance. They are hiding behind the dark glasses.

817 days ago


TMZ-We're told MJ's kids, who were watching from the crowd, didn't appear to be having that much fun.

Well the Jackson 5 without Michael Jackson does suck. That's why Prince, Paris, and Blanket did not enjoy this concert one bit. It's just not the same without their daddy.

817 days ago


My friend and his buddies went to this thing and never saw Katherine or the kids and there was a small crowd. They screenshotted MJ on the big screen singing as the brothers played instruments and sang backup. WTF? They did sing themselves later on but why in the heck did they have Michael on the big screen? And it wasn't from his J5 days, it was recent stuff. Do they even have the right to do that? Still living off of Michael's legacy even in death...

817 days ago


Just what I expected, but didn't think would happen this fast - the smoothing-over. I guess this is the downside of being brought up by Katherine Jackson: Accepting hypocrisy and have to pretend nothing happened. "It wasn't so bad... oh, they didn't really mean to scare you... "

The kids love their grandma, which is great, but they have to not let her confuse them. They might have to (and want to) do what she tells them, but that doesn't mean they have to lose sight of what really happened this week, who did what, and how that felt. Truth and honesty at least to your inner self, not self-deception, will be their best friends in years to come.

817 days ago


Those poor kids, the last thing they want to do is see their uncle's play Michael's music., in addition, plot to take his money. The art of manipulation, it's a bitch to watch.

817 days ago

Keep Away     

Why is everyone acting like TJ is good for those kids? He's probably just as scheming as the rest of that messed up family. Those kids should be put with a family far away from any Jacksons.

817 days ago

Sarah Adams    

Most of all, these is a clear sign of psychological abuse. You don't expose minors to these kind of situations and moreover, toxic relationships because it DOES damage their development as children and self-esteem. What is Mrs. Jackson thinking? I regret to say, now, more than ever she is incapable to take care and manage a healthy lifestyle for these 3 kids.

817 days ago


This is my last comment on this sagaI am thankful for MJ's children sake that Paris did put out a tweet. Many may believe it was inappropriate, but few seen to realize that these children life and safety are at stake. It do not matter how famous the Jackson's are due to Michael Jackson that there are some unbalance relatives of these children who I believe are capable of anything criminal against the welfare and being of these children. Due to the hostility toward MJ's children you do not know who to trust and it would be better if the children were removed from the entire Jackson clan. The children are living under a stress environment that is not conducive to their well-being and by them being minors will start acting out in ways children have a tendency to do when under stress. Ms. Janet Jackson her intentions for the wellbeing of these children were never sincere, she did not accept MJ's children it was an act and proven it's all about his estate. Jermaine, Randy and Rebbie with the help of Janet plotted to remove their own mother (the grandmother of MJ's minor children) out of her household and left these children unattended, without communication. Common-sense what adult in their right mind would leave 10, 14, &15 year old unsupervised alone for nearly two weeks. The best interest for these children is not there. People can say all they want Mrs. Jackson did nothing wrong and should be given back the custody of the children, but the fact remains the same Janet, Jermaine, Randy and Rebbie will not stop and no telling what their next move is going to be to remove the children. All I say this is not a healthy, stable secure environment for MJ's children and this should not be taken lightly. Too many dangerous factors revealing themselves against these children even if it means putting their own mother's health at risk.
Yes, I agree this is all a PR arrangement. The children do not look happy at all. I am sure this for their grandmother's and cousin idea. After all Tito is Trents father and he is a Jackson.

817 days ago

mj fan forever    

Really I don't understand WHY on earth greedy unnatural mother Katherine is dragging Michael's children through this total mess!!! Why they have to show some kind of solidariety to a bunch of delinquents money-grubbers who tried to kidnap them with the purpose of stealing their from the legacy that Michael left to THEM ONLY???!! Katherine needs to lose definitely their custody, she should stop influencing them in such a horrible way!!!! Michael's children have nothing to do with them leeches!!!!

817 days ago
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